WORLD EDITION presents new thoughts on the intimate relationship people have with music and spirituality. This collection considers the timeless importance placed on music throughout the centuries. It also embraces the beauty and diversity in world music focusing on the musical calligraphy of cultures, communities, and creeds. Visionary perspectives are uncovered from composers, disc jockeys, film and television composers, improvisers, sound performance artists, turntablists, and vocalists. An outstanding blend of brilliant musicians creating many music styles including afro-funk, avant ambient, alternative folk, art-techno, avant jazz, darkwave, drone jazzcore, experimental electronica, klezmer jazz, math punk, Native American music, new wave, polka fusion, power pop, psychedelic rock, reggae rock, Sanskrit rock, Sufi trance, and video-game music. World Edition provides readers with a wonderfully holistic approach to experiencing world music.

Art Of Infinity
Cyro Baptista
Daniel Bedingfield
V V Brown
Bruno From Ibiza
Anthony Coleman
Noah Creshevsky
Marilyn Crispell
Dave Douglas
Michael Franti
Ming Freeman
Joseph Israel
Jefferson Starship
Prem Joshua
Karsh Kale
Ultra Naté
Peter Phippen
Procol Harum
Ravi Shankar
Bob Sinclar
Michael Stearns
David S. Ware
Daniel Zamir

JUSTIN ST. VINCENT is the Director and Founder of Xtreme Music, where Music meets Spirituality. He was born in New Zealand, lived in Hong Kong, the United Kingdom, and North America, and is passionate about music from around the world. His book “The Spiritual Significance of Music” (2009) is available from Xtreme Music, and features exclusive interviews with many of the world’s most visionary musicians and writers. A unique anthology that explores the dynamic relationship between Music and Spirituality, sharing incredible insights from their experience, knowledge, and wisdom. Justin St. Vincent has interviewed more than one thousand people, choosing over one hundred responses, to produce a cutting-edge and ground-breaking project for our music- minded generation. Justin lives in Auckland, New Zealand, and is also the Managing Editor and pioneer of the highly acclaimed website:
Photo: Xtreme Music

“Our spiritual values are the principles that guide us in all things, giving stability and structure to our inner world, supporting us in the symphony of life.”
- Justin St. Vincent, editor of
The Spiritual Significance of Music

H. LESLIE ADAMS is a composer, educator, and pianist from Cleveland, Ohio. Darryl Taylor and Robin Guy's "Love Rejoices: Songs Of H. Leslie Adams" (2001), and Maria Corley's "Twelve Etudes" (2004) are both available from Albany Records. H. Leslie Adams has performed with the New York City Opera, Opera North, Inc., Prague Radio Symphony, Iceland Symphony, and Cleveland Orchestra among many other symphony orchestras. His guest composer appearances and residencies include the Julliard School of Music, Manhattan School of Music, Joy of Singing, Lincoln Center, Univeristy of California Irvine, and AGO Cleveland. H. Leslie Adams is also an Artist-in-Residence with Creative Arts, Inc. Website:
Interview: April 29th 2009 Cleveland, Ohio, United States
Photo: H. Leslie Adams / Creative Arts, Inc.

“Music speaks to and connects with the soul like no other medium, and constantly makes life more interesting and fulfilling.”
- H. Leslie Adams, composer, educator, and pianist


CHRISTOPHER ADLER is a composer, improviser, and performer from San Diego, California. The Christopher Adler Trio’s “Transcontinental” (2004) is available from Nine Winds Records, Christopher Adler’s “Epilogue For A Dark Day” (2004) is available from Tzadik Records, The Alan Lechusza / Christopher Adler Duo’s “Mineralia” (2006) is available from pfMENTUM, and “Ecstatic Volutions In A Neon Haze” (2008) is available from Innova Recordings. Christopher Adler’s music essay “Reflections On Cross-Cultural Composition” appears in John Zorn’s “Arcana II: Musicians On Music” (2007) available from Hips Road. He is also an Associate Professor of Music at the University of San Diego. Websites: and
Interview: April 17th 2008 San Diego, California, United States
Photo: Vika Golovanova /

“The sensuality and persistence of musical groove gradually seduces each individual musician into a unified invocation of musical ecstasy.”
- Christopher Adler composer, improviser, and performer


AFTERLIFE is a DJ and music producer from Falmouth, Cornwall. “Simplicity Two Thousand (2CD)” (2000), and “Speck Of Gold (2CD)” (2004) are both available from iTunes and online stores via The Orchard/Subatomic UK, and “The Afterlife Lounge” (2006) is available from I-Label. Website:
Interview: September 29th 2006 Falmouth, Cornwall, United Kingdom
Photo: Steve Miller /

“When I’m creating music I’m in a different zone, very calm and deeply content and in touch with other parts of my being.”
- Afterlife, DJ and producer


AHLEUCHATISTAS (pronounced "Ah-Loo-Cha-Tees-Tas") are an avant-jazz math-punk trio from Asheville, North Carolina. "On The Culture Industry" (2003) is available from Angura Sound, "What You Will" (2006), and "Even In The Midst" are both available from Cuneiform Records, "The Same And The Other [Re-Issue CD]" (2008) is available from Tzadik Records, and "The Same And The Other [Re-Issue 12" Vinyl]" is available from Hello Sir Records. Website:
Interview (Shane Perlowin): July 13th 2008 Asheville, North Carolina, United States
Photo: Ahleuchatistas /

“My experience of music is the most convincing teleological proof of something infinite, powerful, and beautiful.”
- Shane Perlowin, guitarist in Ahleuchatistas


ALIEN INQUISITION are a psychedelic-rock duo from Detroit, Michigan. “Among Us [EP]” (2006), “Faceless [EP]” (2007), and “One Way Mirror [EP]” (2007) are all independently released and available from Radar Media. Radar is formerly from Sweet Kelly, and also produces music with Moaning Dwarf. MySpace:
Interview (Radar): February 20th 2007 Detroit, Michigan, United States
Photo: Jeph Witters / Alien Inquisition

“Music is the true language of the soul and originates from within in order to connect humankind with their spiritual selves.”
- Radar, drummer, keyboards, and vocalist in Alien Inquisition


THE ALMIGHTY are a Hard Rock band from Glasgow, Scotland. “Blood, Fire, And Love” (1990), “Soul Destruction” (1991), and “Powertrippin’” (1993) were all available from Polygram Records, “Crank” (1994) was available from EMI Records, “Just Add Life” (1996), “The Almighty (Self-Titled)” (2000), and “Psycho-Narco” (2001) were all available from Sanctuary Records, “Wild And Wonderful” (2002) is available from Universal Records, and “Anth‘f**ing’ology” (2007) is available from Sanctuary Records. Ricky Warwick’s solo releases “Tattoos & Alibis” (2003), “Love Many, Trust Few” (2005), and “Love Owes [EP]” (2007) are all available from Sanctuary Records. Websites: and
Interview: June 26th 2008 Belfast, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom
Photo: Tina Warwick /

“Music that has a soul is life changing; it can inspire, fulfill, make you dream, take you away, love, give you determination, and a sense of purpose.”
- Ricky Warwick, guitarist and vocalist in The Almighty


AMPLIFIED HEAT are a psychedelic blues-rock band from Austin, Texas. “In For Sin” (2004), and “Amplified Heat (Self-Titled) [Re-Released EP]” (2007) are both available from Arclight Records. Website:
Interview (Chris Ortiz): June 8th 2007 Austin, Texas, United States
Photo: Kate Hellenbeck / Arclight Records

“Music’s spiritual significance is in how it makes me feel... Funny how it finds its way into your blood, and it never leaves!”
- Chris Ortiz, drummer in Amplified Heat


ANTION is a Hawaiian chant musician and vocalist, healer, spiritual teacher, and yogi based in Paia, Hawaii. “One In The Goddess” (2002), “Live On Kauai: Songs Of Love, Healing, And Blessing [Live]” (2004), and “Jaap Sahib” (2006) are all available from Ant-El Productions. Antion, previously known as Vic Briggs, played guitar and piano with various music groups including Eric Burdon and The Animals, Dusty Springfield, and Rod Stewart. In 1971 he became a Sikh and recorded several albums of Sikh Sacred music. Nowadays he also performs Hawaiian chant and healing music. Antion is also an international teacher of Sound Healing, and co-Founder of Holographic Fifth Chakra Healing. Website:
Interview: July 10th 2008 Paia, Hawaii, United States
Photo: Antion /

“Hawaiian music, and the spirituality that inspires it, is also of the Earth. It is rooted in love of the land held sacred, the aina. The music undulates like a playful breeze through the coconut palms... It celebrates life and creation.”
- Antion, Hawaiian chant musician and vocalist

KIMBA AREM is a musician, performer, recording artist, sound therapist, and teacher based in Boulder, Colorado. Her recordings “Peace Journey” (2003), “Creation’s Tone” (2004), “Self-Healing With Sound And Music” (2005), with Dr. Andrew Weil, “The Healing Didjeridu” (2006), and “Gaearth Dreaming [CD & DVD]” (2008) are all available from Heartherapy Productions and Gaearth. She travels worldwide doing conferences, peace music concerts, sound therapy sessions and workshops. Kimba Arem is also Founder of Heartherapy and Gaearth, dedicated to educating and assisting the planet in gentle awakening through sound. Website:
Interview: April 13th 2008 Boulder, Colorado, United States
Photo: Lilian de Mello /

“I have witnessed throughout my life how music transcends language in a way that connects people heart to heart.”
- Kimba Arem, Founder of Heartherapy™

ARMAND & ANGELINA are composers, keynote speakers, musicians, singer-songwriters, and workshop leaders from Winter Springs, Florida. Armand and The Symptoms' "Positive Music For Humanity" (1998), Ostara's "Reiki Love Meditation" (2002), Armand and Angelina's "Hotter Than Ever [Live]" (2004), "Follow Your Dreams" (2004), and "Sacred Flute Journeys" (2004) are all available from Heyoka Angel Music, "Sing The Secret" (2007) is available from Angel Spirit Music, "Kissed By An Angel" (2008) is available from Heyoka Angel Music, and "A Time For Us" (2008) are all independently released and are available from Armand and Angelina. Armand is an ordained musical minister, flautist, pianist, and singer-songwriter. Angelina is a classically trained vocalist, classical guitarist. Both Armand and Angelina are pioneers of Posi World Popera Music. Website:
Interview: July 18th 2009 Winter Springs, Florida, United States
Photo: Armand & Angelina /

“Music has an amazing way of uniting us, opening our hearts and making us receptive to new ways of feeling and thinking.”
- Armand & Angelina, composers, musicians, and singer-songwriters


ART BEARS was an avant-garde experimental-rock band from London, England. "Hopes And Fears" (1978), "Winter Songs" (1979), "The World As It Is Today" (1981), "The Art Box [6CD]" (2003), "Art Bears Revisited [2CD]" (2004), and "The 40th Anniversary Henry Cow Box Set [2 Books, 9 CDs & 1 DVD]" (2009) are all available from Recommended Records. Chris Cutler is a composer, lyricist, music theorist, and percussionist best known for his music with avant-garde rock group Henry Cow. He has appeared on over one-hundred recordings, and has collaborated with many musicians including Fred Frith, Heiner Goebbels, Zeena Parkins, The Residents, Jon Rose, and David Thomas. His book "File Under Popular: Theoretical And Critical Writings On Music" (1984) was available from November Books and Autonomedia. Website:
Interview: March 9th 2009 London, England, United Kingdom
Photo: Chris Cutler /

“As an experience, music is in its essence irreducible - its parts can never account for its whole - and it lives, with no possibility of paraphrase, explanation, précis or translation, as its own best explanation of itself.”
- Chris Cutler, drummer in Art Bears


ART OF INFINITY are an ambient-electronica duo from Frankfurt, Germany. “New Horizon” (2000) is available from ATM Records, “Dimension Universe” (2004) is available from Prudence Records, and “Endless Future” (2008) is available from Art Of Infinity. Website:
Interview (Thorsten Rentsch): August 23rd 2007 Frankfurt, Germany
Photo: Art Of Infinity /

“The main task of Art Of Infinity’s music is to try and take you out of time, out of your daily business life, and on a trip of emotions, reflections, and spirituality.”
- Thorsten Rentsch, guitarist and keyboards in Art Of Infinity


KEVIN ASBJÖRNSON is a contemporary pianist, keynote speaker, professional leadership and performance consultant based in Littleton, Colorado. "Awakenings" (1998), "Inner Voices" (2000), and "Collage" (2003) are all available from PianoOne, Inc. He has presented many inspiring and motivational seminars with topics including "Artistry Of Leadership - Creating Meaningful Connections®", "Eight Keys To Inspired Leadership™", "Exploring Inspired Leadership Through Music", "Innovation Results From Inspired Leadership", "Inspiration Vs. Motivation", and "Transformational Leadership In The Twenty-First Century". Kevin Asbjörnson is also recognized in the 2009 Marquis Who's Who in the World of Global Citizens for his creativity with the integration of music, performing arts-based learning, and 21st century leadership. Website:
Interview: April 23rd 2009 Littleton, Colorado, United States
Photo: Kevin Asbjörnson / PianoOne, Inc.

“Through music we develop the ability to live an inspired life, imagine the possibilities of global well-being and contribute to the innovation of life itself.”
- Kevin Asbjörnson, contemporary pianist and keynote speaker

ROSEMARIE ASHLEY (aka 'tude vox Ro) is a singer, songwriter and music producer from Saint Clair Shores, Michigan. She uses the creative power of music to encourage personal empowerment, cooperation and world peace in a variety of popular styles.  Rosemarie collaborates with some of the world's finest musicians including her engineer and co-producer Scott Sumner.  An early release of her debut album "From Primal To Divine" (2009) is available through Gen-Ray Records at The song book, "From Primal To Divine Evolution Strategy", includes color pictures, song descriptions, backgrounds and lyrics FREE with purchase of every CD. MySpace: and Website:
Interview: September 1st 2009 Saint Clair Shores, Michigan, United States
Photo: Rosemarie Ashley /

“Creativity, in any form, is Divinity in action. Music is one of many ways to communicate spirituality.”
- Rosemarie Ashley, singer-songwriter


NATHEN ASWELL is an NS Stick player, vocalist, and singer-songwriter from Vancouver, Canada. His debut CD "Little By Little" (2007) is available from Brouhaha Records and CDBaby, and his 2-DVD set "Nathen Aswell In Concert: Little By Little" (2008) is available from Brouhaha Records. Nathen Aswell's musical journey began in the Catholic church and now continues in his performances at numerous New Thought churches, Kirtan gatherings and House Concerts throughout Canada and the United States. Nathen has performed at many music celebrations, including the International Folk Alliance Conference, FAR-West, Harmonizing With Humanity, and The Posi Awards. MySpace: and Website:
Interview: September 27th 2009 Vancouver, Canada
Photo: Daniel Collins /

“Music, for me, has ALWAYS been intimately intertwined with spirituality.”
- Nathen Aswell, singer-songwriter


AUSTRALIS is an ambient-electronica New Age music project by Peruvian-born composer and producer Oscar Aguayo based in Kaysville, Utah. "Lifegiving" (2005) is available from Independent Records, and "The Gates Of Reality" (2008) is available from Essential Noises. "Australis" in Latin literally means "from the South", symbolizing the source of Australis' primary musical influences. Website:
Interview: January 28th 2009 Kaysville, Utah, United States
Photo: Australis /

“Whatever our affiliations, our faiths, or philosophies may be, music is one of the most direct windows into our own individual spirituality.”
- Australis, composer and producer


ROBERT ANTHONY AVILES is a composer, 7-string electric violinist, performer, pianist, sound engineer, and Founder of Music Research Technologies based in Huntington Beach, California. Robert’s research and recordings are composed to specifically address various life circumstances such as work and study, deep relaxation, aerobic workout, general enjoyment, and more. His recordings are all available through representatives of Intention Energy International. He has also produced music for Warner Brothers Video, motion picture soundtracks, and National Geographic documentaries. Robert often travels internationally to give concerts as well as lectures on quantum-cymatics and musical applications based upon his research. Robert Anthony Aviles also performs with his award-winning band called Insight. Websites: and
Interview: April 19th 2008 Huntington Beach, California, United States
Photo: Robert Anthony Aviles / Music Research Technologies

“The ultimate intention behind the musical universe; every person contributing his or her own melody to the harmonic portrait of the Great One Song. May God’s Love Song reign in every heart.”
- Robert Anthony Aviles, 7-string electric violinist

RICHARD BAND is an award-winning film and television composer from Los Angeles, California. He has scored over seventy films including original soundtracks to “Re-Animator” (1985), “H.P. Lovecraft’s From Beyond” (1986), “Puppet Master” (1989), “Demonic Toys” (1992), and “The Resurrected” (1992). Richard Band has also scored many television episodes including “Stargate SG-1” (3 episodes, 1997-1998), “Walker: Texas Ranger” (1997-1998), “Masters Of Horror” (3 episodes, 2005-2007), and developed the campaign music for “Buffy The Vampire Slayer”, “Smallville”, and “WB’s Kids” programming (1997-2004). Website:
Interview: July 4th 2008 Los Angeles, California, United States
Photo: Richard Band /

“Music carries within itself an energy which when directed inwards can be calming or agitating, exciting or inspiring, but always affecting.”
- Richard Band, film and television composer


CYRO BAPTISTA is a Brazilian musician, teacher, and percussionist based in North Jersey, New Jersey. "Villa-Lobos/Vira-Loucos" (1997) is available from Avant Records, Cyro Baptista & Kevin Breit's "Supergenerous" (2000) is available from Blue Note Records, Cyro Baptista & Beat The Donkey's "Beat The Donkey (Self-Titled)" (2002) is available from Tzadik Records, "Beat The Donkey Beat" (2004) is available from Out Of My Mind Music, "Love The Donkey" (2005), and "Banquet Of The Spirits" (2008) are both available from Tzadik Records. Cyro Baptista has collaborated with many musicians including Trey Anastasio, Laurie Anderson, Derek Bailey, Tony Bennett, David Byrne, Herbie Hancock, Arto Lindsay, Yo-Yo Ma, Robert Palmer, Paul Simon, Grover Washington Jr., and John Zorn. Website:
Interview: July 29th 2008 North Jersey, New Jersey, United States
Interview arranged by Eleonora Alberto
Photo: Cyro Baptista /

“The human race needs music right now more than ever as a power that can transform the environment and create oceans of possibilities.”
- Cyro Baptista, percussionist

BRUCE BECVAR is a composer, guitarist, and multi-instrumentalist living in Lahaina, Hawaii. "Rhythms Of Life" (1992) was available from Higher Octave Records, "Arriba" (1993), Eight Lamas From Drepung's "Tibetan Sacred Temple Music" (1994), Nada Shakti and Bruce BecVar's "Samadhi" (1993), "Jiva Mukti" (1994), "Forever Blue Sky" (1994), "Take It To Heart" (1994), "The Nature Of Things" (1994), "Time Dreams" (1994), Bruce BecVar and Deepak Chopra's "The Magic Of Healing Music: Pitta" (1995), "River Of Gold" (1998), Bruce BecVar and Brian BecVar's "The Magic Of Healing Music: Vata" (2003), Bruce BecVar, Brian BecVar, and Deepak Chopra's "The Magic Of Healing Music: Kapha" (2004), and Bruce BecVar and Lani Star's "Mystic Jazz" (2009) are all independently released and available from Shining Star Music. Websites: and
Interview: April 24th 2009 Lahaina, Hawaii, United States
Photo: Bruce BecVar / Shining Star Music

“Music can transcend the mind, body, and emotions as a catalyst in healing through vibration.”
- Bruce BecVar, composer, guitarist, and multi-instrumentalist


DANIEL BEDINGFIELD is a New Zealand-born, British singer-songwriter. "Gotta Get Thru This" (2002) is available from Universal International, "Second First Impression" (2004) is available from Polydor Records, and there are now three albums recorded and awaiting release. He also sings backing vocals for "Every Little Thing" from Delirious?'s "World Service" (2003) available from Furious? Records. Daniel Bedingfield together with friend Steve Chalk has established Stop The Traffik, a global coalition campaigning to stop people-trafficking throughout the world. Websites: and
Interview: September 19th 2008 Auckland, New Zealand
Interview arranged by Rachael Pearce, UHT Productions
Photo: Daniel Bedingfield / Polydor Records

“Music is the deep hum behind reality,
part of the thread that ties the universe together.”

- Daniel Bedingfield, singer-songwriter

BLACK 47 is an Irish-American celtic-rock band from New York City. "Home Of The Brave/Live In London" (1989), "Black 47 (Self-Titled)" (1991), "Black 47 (Self-Titled) [EP]" (1992), "Fire Of Freedom" (1993), "Home Of The Brave" (1994), "Green Suede Shoes" (1996), "Live In New York City" (1999), "Trouble In The Land" (2000), "On Fire [Live]" (2001), "New York Town" (2004), "Elvis Murphys' Green Suede Shoes" (2005), "Bittersweet Sixteen" (2006), and "Iraq" (2008) are all available from EMI Records, Mercury Records, and Shanachie Records. Black 47's name is derived from 1847, the worst year of the Great Irish Famine. Website:
Interview: April 18th 2009 New York, New York, United States
Photo: Larry Kirwan /

“It's undeniable that music can promote spirituality... I'm always seeking that moment when I become totally fused with the music.”
- Larry Kirwan, guitarist and vocalist in Black 47


THEO BLECKMANN is a vocalist, performer, and composer based in New York City. He has forged his own sound in contemporary music today, drawing from jazz, ambient, and electronic music, often integrating extended vocal technique as well as live electronic processing and looping. Bleckmann's voice can be heard on over forty recordings. Theo Bleckmann and Kirk Nurock Duo's "Theo & Kirk" (1995), and "Looking-Glass River" (1995) are both available from Traumton-Indigo, Theo Bleckmann and Ben Monder's "No Boat" (1997), and Theo Bleckmann's "Origami" (2001) are both available from Songlines Recordings, Theo Bleckmann and John Hollenbeck's "Static Still" (2002) is available from GPE Records, "Anteroom" (2005) is available from Traumton Records, Theo Bleckmann and Fumio Yasuda's "Las Vegas Rhapsody: The Night They Invented Champagne" (2006) is available from Winter & Winter, Theo Bleckmann and Ben Monder's "At Night" (2007) is available from Songlines Recordings, Theo Bleckmann and Fumio Yasuda's "Berlin: Songs Of Love And War, Peace And Exile" (2008), Theo Bleckmann and Kneebody's "Twelve Songs By Charles Ives" (2009), and Refuge Trio's "Refuge Trio (Self-Titled)" (2009) are all available from Winter & Winter. Theo Bleckmann's music essay "The Voices Of My Voice" appears in John Zorn's "Arcana III: Musicians On Music" (2008) available from Hips Road. Theo Bleckmann has also collaborated with Laurie Anderson, Anthony Braxton, Steve Coleman, Dave Douglas, Phillip Glass, Meredith Monk, and John Zorn. Website:
Interview: December 31st 2008 New York, New York, United States
Photo: Susie Knoll

“Music by itself is not spirituality. But like music, spirituality flourishes in an environment of discipline, focus, and letting go of ego.”
- Theo Bleckmann, vocalist, performer, and composer

JULIE BLUE is a film composer, musical facilitator, and singer-songwriter from Vancouver, Canada. "Empower Your Voice", "Here Comes The Sun", "Heart Of The River" (1995), "Shining Through" (1997), "Wing And A Prayer" (2001), and "One Of A Kind Woman" (2007) are all independently released and available from Julie Blue is the Founder of Singspiration Creative Empowerment Training, directing and writing for a one-hundred voice gospel choir who perform professionally twice per year to sold out audiences. Julie also hosts musical keynotes at conferences for Noetic Science, Religious Science International, Leading Spas of Canada, and Women In Power. Website:
Interview: July 7th 2009 Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Photo: Julie Blue /

“I believe that spiritual music transcends genre and language, it is all about the intention and presence behind each note; it’s about who is playing the music and why.”
- Julie Blue, film composer and singer-songwriter


RICHARD BONE is a composer, musician, and producer living in Smithfield, Rhode Island. "Quirkwork" (1993), "X Considers Y" (1994), "Ambiento" (1994), "Vox Orbita" (1995), and "The Eternal Now" (1996) are all available from Quirkworks Laboratory Discs, "Metaphysic Mambo" (1996) is available from Reversing Records, "A Survey Of Remembered Things" (1997), "Electropica" (1998), and "Coxa" (1999) are all available from Quirkworks Laboratory Discs, "The Spectral Ships" (1998), and "Ether Dome" (1999) are both available from Hypnos Recordings, "Distillation" (1999) is available from Halcyon Records, "Ascensionism" (2000), "Tales From The Incantina" (2001), "Alternate Worlds Vol. 1 [MP3 Release]" (2001), and "Disorient" (2002) are all available from Quirkworks Laboratory Discs, "Indium" (2002) is available from Electroshock Records, "Alternate Realities" (2003), and "The Reality Temples" (2004) are both available from Spiralight Recordings, "Untold Tales" (2004) is available from Orlandomaniac Music, "Saiyuji" (2005), and "Vesperia" (2006) are both available from Quirkworks Laboratory Discs, "Serene Life Of Microbes" (2006) is available from AD Music, "Experiments '80-'82" (2007), "Infinite Plastic Creation" (2007), "Songs From The Analog Attic" (2007), "Connection Failed" (2008), "Short Waves" (2008), and "Sudden Departure" (2008) are all available from Quirkworks Laboratory Discs. Richard Bone's record label Quirkworks Laboratory Discs has released over twenty-five recordings featuring collaborations and compilations. His albums have also been nominated for several NAR LifeStyle Music Awards including Best Ambient Album, and Best Electronic Album. Website:
Interview: April 16th 2009 Smithfield, Rhode Island, United States
Photo: Richard Bone /

“I’ve been recording professionally for over twenty-five years now and this magnificent voyage that music takes from inspiration to emotion never ceases to move me.”
- Richard Bone, composer, musician, and producer


THE BOOK OF KNOTS are an experimental-rock band from Brooklyn, New York, United States. “The Book Of Knots” (2004) is available from Arclight Records, and “Traineater” (2007) is available from ANTI- Records. Joel Hamilton is a multi-instrumentalist and sound engineer at Studio G based in Brookyn, New York. He has worked with many notable artists including Elvis Costello, Frank Black, Justin Timberlake, Tom Waits, and Zeena Parkins. Joel Hamilton is also a contributing musician in Battle Of Mice, Glazed Baby, and Shiner. Websites: and
Interview (Joel Hamilton): May 14th 2007 Brooklyn, New York, United States
Photo: The Book Of Knots / ANTI- Records

“Making music for me is a spiritual event... Music IS my religion in a way. The spiritual significance of music is the significance of music as spirituality.”
- Joel Hamilton, guitarist in The Book Of Knots


BRAVE COMBO are a polka-fusion band from Denton, Texas. “Polkasonic” (1999), and “Kick-Ass Polkas” (2001) are both available from Cleveland International, “The Process” (2000), and “All Wound Up!: A Family Music Party” (2001), and “Box Of Ghosts” (2003) are all available from Rounder Records, “Let’s Kiss” (2004), “Holidays!” (2005), and “Polka’s Revenge” (2007) are all available from Dentone Records. Website:
Interview (Carl Finch): September 13th 2006 Denton, Texas, United States
Photo: Jane Finch /

“Music reinforces the belief that there’s more to the picture and galvanizes faith in that belief.”
- Carl Finch, multi-instrumentalist in Brave Combo


JACKIE BRISTOW is a singer-songwriter from Gore, New Zealand. "Thirsty" (2002) is available from Liberation Music, "Crazy Love" (2007) is available from Craving Records, and "Freedom" (2010) is available from Ode Records. Jackie's music is soulful acoustic pop with beautiful melodies and lyrical hooks. Her live performances have supported the likes of Madeleine Peyroux, Phoebe Snow, Jimmy Webb, Art Garfunkel, Daniel Lanois and many more. She now divides her time between Sydney, Australia and her home in Austin, Texas where she performs regularly at the One World Theatre. Jackie Bristow has also performed pre-concert shows for Rodney Crowell, Richie Havens, Ricky Skaggs, and Jerry Jeff Walker. MySpace: and Website:
Interview: May 12th 2010 Auckland, New Zealand
Photo: Jackie Bristow /

“Music has taken me on a spiritual journey... Music is the healer because it brings joy, excitement, love, compassion, and wisdom to our world.”
- Jackie Bristow, singer-songwriter


JAVIER RAMON BRITO is a composer, music healer, and recording artist of Spiritual Healing Music based in Bangkok, Thailand. “Expression” (2004), “Gratitude” (2005), “Trust” (2005), and “Peace” (2006) are all available online in CD and digital formats, and from his website. Javier's knowledge as a healer and practitioner encompasses Ayurveda, the Chakra system, the Meridians, Flower Remedies, Kinesiology, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), and Dowsing. Javier Ramon Brito composes meditative music to nourish the soul, facilitate sacred connections, and attain spiritual joy. Website:
Interview: January 31st 2009 Bangkok, Thailand
Photo: Javier Ramon Brito /

“Alignment with the source is the essence of spiritual music, which is also your soul’s prayer. The prayer that aims at attaining the highest joy of all: spiritual joy.”
- Javier Ramon Brito, composer, music healer, and recording artist


V V BROWN is a singer, songwriter and producer from Northampton, England. Her debut album "Traveling Like The Light" will be released on Island Records in June 2009. Under the alias "Geeki", V V has also written music for the Sugababes and The Pussycat Dolls, and continues to produce instrumental scores and collaborations. V V Brown made the Top 10 "BBC Sound of 2009" poll, alongside Frankmusik, Little Boots, and Lady GaGa. Website:
Interview: February 23rd 2009 London, England, United Kingdom

“[Music is] a beautiful catalyst, enhancing our emotional awareness and secretly touching places undiscovered. The spiritual significance of music lies in this area.”
- V V Brown, singer, songwriter, and producer


BRUNO FROM IBIZA is an international DJ and music producer from Ibiza, Spain. “Eternal Groove” (2006), “It’s Your Time” (2006), “New Orleans” (2007), and “Caracas Jammin” (2007) are all available from He has compiled over ten albums for Café Del Mar, and continues to produce his weekly radio show MixMood on Ibiza Global Radio. Website:
Interview: October 19th 2006 Ibiza, Balearic Islands, Spain
Photo: Giuseppe Chiaramonte /

“Music makes you move your body and purify your mind. When you really feel the music, you get into a trance. That’s pure spirituality.”
- Bruno From Ibiza, DJ and music producer


TERRA BUNDANCE is a musician, performer, producer, singer-songwriter, and storyteller from Portland, Oregon. Terra Bundance, also known as Tara Farmer, is Founder of "The Human Tribe", focused on co-creating a world where everyone lives their passion, and her business Raw Bliss provides tools for transformation including raw chocolate, food, books, music, and guided journeys. MySpace: and Websites: and
Interview: July 5th 2009 Portland, Oregon, United States
Photo: Terra Bundance /

“When music is around me and flowing through me in a consciously aware state, I am free... I am present, I am alive on so many levels. For me, Music IS Spirituality.”
- Terra Bundance, singer-songwriter


CAHILL & DELENE are musicians and singer-songwriters from Valley Center, California. Their debut album "Songs For Humanity" (2005) is available from One of the songs "Time To Go Home", was recently featured on the Emmy Award-winning CBS drama "The Young And The Restless". Barry Cahill is a self-taught multi-instrumentalist and vocalist who plays flute, keyboards, soprano, alto, and tenor sax. Delene St. Clair is a vocalist-guitarist and has received formal training in acting, dance, music, and has a performance background in commercials, industrials, voice-overs, vocal-overs, and being a session singer. Together as husband and wife for twenty-one years, Barry Cahill and Delene St. Clair also founded and perform in their cover band The Hot Pursuit Band. Websites: and
Interview: May 16th 2009 Valley Center, California, United States
Photo: Jeff Kassebaum /

“Music is the ultimate spiritual experience. When creating and writing music or lyrics, one either consciously or subconsciously “opens” to be inspired – to be in spirit.”
- Barry Cahill & Delene St. Clair, musicians and singer-songwriters in Cahill & Delene


AMY CAMIE is a professional harpist, recording artist, public speaker on “Vibrational Awareness”, Founder and Executive Director of the Scientific Arts Foundation in St. Louis, Missouri. Her solo harp recordings “New Love: Awaken To Yourself” (2000), “The Magic Mirror: Inspired Reflections” (2002, 2006), “I Will Always Be With You [Book & CD]” (2003), “Christmas Love: Celebrating The Child Within” (2003), “A Space Within” (2004), “Love And Gratitude” (2006), “Dreams: The Love Within” (2007), and “3 Gateways: Body, Mind, Spirit” (2008) are all produced through Blue Star Productions, Inc. and available online. Her collaborative recordings “Simply Beautiful” (2004) and “Gossamer Wings: Free To Just… Be” (2008) are both available online. The Scientific Arts Foundation supports the value of creative expression through research, education, and community outreach programs. Websites:,, and
Interview: January 29th 2009 St. Louis, Missouri, United States
Photo: Julie Enstall /

“I believe the music that flows from and through us offers insights into who and why we are, if we are willing to explore those depths within.”
- Amy Camie, harpist and recording artist


ROY CAMPBELL JR. is a composer, educator, flutist, and jazz trumpeter from New York City. His albums “New Kingdom” (1991), and “La Tierra Del Fuego” (1993) are both available from Delmark Records, “Communion” (1994), and “Pyramid” are both available from Silkheart Records, “Ethnic Stew And Brew” (2001) is available from Delmark Records, “It’s Krunch Time” (2001) is available from Thirsty Ear Recordings, Marc Ribot’s “Spiritual Unity” (2005) is available from Pi Recordings, and Other Dimensions In Music’s “Live At The Sunset [2CD]” (2006) is available from Marge Records, featuring Roy Campbell with Daniel Carter, Hamid Drake, and William Parker. Website:
Interview: January 23rd 2008 New York, New York, United States
Interview arranged by Aaron Fuchs, Emcee Artist Management
Photo: Margarita Gorzata /

“Music is such a universal force for humanity and appeals to all people regardless of race and culture.”
- Roy Campbell Jr., composer, flutist, and trumpeter


SHEILA CHANDRA is a vocalist from London, England. Monsoon’s “Third Eye” (1983) was available from Polygram/Universal Records, Sheila Chandra’s solo releases “Out On My Own” (1984), “Quiet” (1984), “Nada Brahma” (1985), “The Struggle” (1985), and “Roots And Wings” (1990) were available from Narada Records, “Weaving My Ancestors’ Voices” (1992), “The Zen Kiss” (1994), “ABoneCroneDrone” (1996), and “Moonsung: A Real World Retrospective” (1999) are available from Real World Records, “This Sentence Is True (The Previous Sentence Is False)” (2001), and “The Indipop Retrospective” (2003) were both available from Narada Records, the song “Breath Of Life”, with film composer Howard Shore, features on the soundtrack to “The Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers” (2002) is available from Reprise/WMG Soundtracks, and the songs “Ouses, ‘Ouses, ‘Ouses” and “Welcome Sailor” feature on The Imagined Village’s “The Imagined Village (Self-Titled)” (2007/2008) available from Real World/Rykodisc Records. Website:
Interview: June 16th 2008 London, England, United Kingdom
Photo: Aditya Bhattacherya /

“Music can magnify emotion, so that we are properly grounded in it and thereby stimulate us to see the significance in things.”
- Sheila Chandra, vocalist

PURBAYAN CHATTERJEE is a world-renowned sitar player from Calcutta, India. “Vibemaster” (2002), “New Dawn Mind” (2003), “Nirman” (2005), “Samwad” (2005), “Rasayana” (2005), “Talaash” (2006), and “New Horizons” (2006) are all available from Sense World Music. Website:
Interview: August 28th 2006 Auckland, New Zealand
Photo: Shambhu Hazra /

“Music automatically focuses the mind in such a way that all other thoughts are purged and the musician or even listener automatically looks inward.”
- Purbayan Chatterjee, sitarist


JACOTTE CHOLLET is a creator and developer of Multidimensional Music based in Paris, France. Multidimensional Music induces multidimensional self-healing through vibrational music and quantum journeys in altered states of consciousness, facilitating cellular communication, bio-energetic field restructuring, brain hemispheric synchronization, and DNA activation. Jacotte Chollet is also Founder of the Institute For Development and Expansion of Consciousness, and has produced over fifty documentary films presenting ancient civilizations and cultures with cutting-edge researchers. Website:
Interview: July 4th 2008 Paris, France
Photo: Jacotte Chollet /

“The spiritual significance of music lies in its power to transform and transmute matter through a vibrational healing operation performed by spirit.”
- Jacotte Chollet, creator and developer of
Multidimensional Music


SUZANNE CIANI is a classical and electronic music composer and pianist based in Mill Valley, California. "Seven Waves" (1982), "The Velocity Of Love" (1985), "Neverland" (1988), "History Of My Heart" (1989), "Pianissimo" (1990), "Hotel Luna" (1991), "The Private Music Of" (1992), "Dream Suite" (1994), "Pianissimo II" (1996), "A Very Green Christmas" (1997), "Suzanne Ciani And The Wave Live! [DVD]" (1997), "Turning" (1999), "Pianissimo III" (2001), "Meditations For Dreams, Relaxation, And Sleep" (2002), "Pure Romance" (2003), "Silver Ship" (2005), "Natura Poetica [DVD Re-Released]" (2008), and "Galapagos: A Musical Odyssey [DVD]" (2008) are all available from Seventh Wave Productions. Suzanne Ciani's many recognitions include five Grammy nominations for Best New Age Album, three Indie nominations and one award for Best New Age Album, and Keyboard Magazine's “New Age Keyboardist of the Year”. She has scored television commercials for AT&T, Coca-Cola, General Electric, composed the jingle themes for Columbia Pictures and Columbia Pictures Television, and even created the electronic sound effects for Meco's disco version of the Star Wars soundtrack. Suzanne Ciani has also published four books of original piano music: "Suzanne Ciani: New Age Piano", "Suzanne Ciani: Dream Songs", "Suzanne Ciani: Turning", "The Best Of Suzanne Ciani" all available from the Hal Leonard Corporation. Website:
Interview: February 16th 2009 Mill Valley, California, United States
Photo: Suzanne Ciani / Seventh Wave Productions

“Music exists in a spiritual world, a universe parallel to the nuts and bolts practicalities of “reality”.”
- Suzanne Ciani, composer and pianist


CLAIRAUDIENT are a sound performance collective from Chicago, Illinois. They specialize in long-form improvisational sound pieces using innovative production techniques to generate soundscapes. Clairaudient is Stephen Hastings-King on prepared piano, and Brett Ian Balogh on assorted electronics and synthesizers. Their recordings “Autopoeisis Iteration 14”, “Spurious Landscape 4”, and “Spurious Landscape 5” are all freely available online. Website:
Interview (Stephen Hastings-King): February 26th 2008 Chicago, Illinois, United States
Photo: Clairaudient /

“Close, active listening involves rates and types of activity that are outside those characteristics of our normal, language-mediated perception.”
- Stephen Hastings-King, pianist in Clairaudient


GEORGE S. CLINTON is a film and television composer, music arranger, professional songwriter, and session musician living in Los Angeles, California. He has composed film scores for several movies including “Mortal Kombat” (1995), “Austin Powers: International Man Of Mystery” (1997), “Wild Things” (1998), “The Santa Clause 2” (2002), and “The Love Guru” (2008). George S. Clinton has also composed many concert works, three musicals, and serves as an adviser at the Sundance Composers Lab. Website:
Interview: May 15th 2008 Los Angeles, California, United States
Photo: George S. Clinton /

“Emotions and spirituality are part of the same ascending scale. Music is the perfect metaphor for human life: a melody unfolding in time and space.”
- George S. Clinton film and television composer


WILL CLIPMAN is an artist, musician, and poet from Tucson, Arizona, United States. His Grammy nominations include several album releases; “In A Distant Place” (2000), “People Of Peace” (2005), “Heart Of The Wind” (2006), and “Beyond Words” (2006). His solo album "Pathfinder” (2007) has been nominated for a 2009 Grammy Award in the Best New Age Album category. Will Clipman has recorded over fifty albums, including twenty-one releases for Canyon Records. Website:
Interview: May 3rd 2007 Tucson, Arizona, United States
Photo: Steven Meckler /

“Music is the sound of the soul freeing itself.”
- Will Clipman, artist, percussionist, and poet

CLOUD CULT are an experimental indie-rock band from Minneapolis, Minnesota. "The Shade Project" (1994), "Who Killed Puck?" (2000), "Lost Songs From The Lost Years" (2002), "They Live On The Sun" (2003), "Aurora Borealis" (2004), "Advice From The Happy Hippopotamus" (2005), "The Meaning Of 8" (2007), and "Feel Good Ghosts (Tea-Partying Through Tornadoes)" (2008) are all available from Earthology Records. The name "Cloud Cult" originates from the ancient prophecies of indigenous North Americans. Website:
Interview (Craig Minowa): November 24th 2008 Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States
Photo: Cloud Cult /

“Historically, music has been intimately tied to spirituality.”
- Craig Minowa, singer-songwriter in Cloud Cult


COIL are a post-industrial experimental-drone-noise band from London, England. Coil Presents Black Light District’s “A Thousand Lights In A Darkened Room” (1996), and Coil’s “Time Machines” (1998) were both available from Eskaton, “Astral Disaster” (1999) is available from Threshold House, “Musick To Play In The Dark, Vol. 1” (1999), and “Musick To Play In The Dark, Vol. 2” (2000) is available from Chalice, “Constant Shallowness Leads To Evil” (2000) is available from Eskaton, “Black Antlers” (2004), and “The Ape Of Naples” (2005) are both available from Threshold House. Peter “Sleazy” Christopherson is a musician, songwriter, and co-founder of Coil, Psychic TV, and Throbbing Gristle. He has produced documentaries, TV commercials, and directed music videos for Jerry Cantrell, Coil, The Crystal Method, Paul McCartney, Ministry, Nine Inch Nails, Rage Against The Machine, Sepultura, Silverchair, and Van Halen. Website:
Interview: June 16th 2008 Bangkok, Thailand
Photo: Peter “Sleazy” Christopherson /

“In the brief flash that is the last thousand years of music, we have barely started to take our first baby steps towards perception of... extraordinary processes and powers.”
- Peter “Sleazy” Christopherson, musician, songwriter, and
co-founder of Coil


ANTHONY COLEMAN is an avant-garde composer and jazz musician from New York City. Anthony Coleman’s “Sephardic Tinge” (1995), Nathanson and Coleman’s “I Could’ve Been A Drum” (1997), Anthony Coleman’s “The Abysmal Richness Of The Infinite Proximity Of The Same” (1998), Sephardic Tinge’s “Morenica” (1998), “Our Beautiful Garden Is Open” (2002), Anthony Coleman’s “Pushy Blueness” (2006), and “Shmutsige Magnaten: Coleman Plays Gebirtig” (2006) are all available from Tzadik Records. Anthony Coleman’s music essay “That Silence Thing” appears in John Zorn’s “Arcana: Musicians On Music” (2000) available from Granary Books, Inc. He also teaches Contemporary Improvisation, Jazz Studies, and Composition at New England Conservatory in Boston, Massachusetts. MySpace:, Websites: and
Interview: April 6th 2008 New York, New York, United States
Photo: Michael Kneffel /

“Music is like our dreams, our pre-verbal imagistic core. Abstract and real... it does seems to create an invisible spiritual bond between performer and listener.”
- Anthony Coleman, composer and pianist


COLOSSEUM are a progressive jazz-rock band from London, England. "Those Who Are About To Die Salute You" (1969) was available from Dunhill Records, "Valentyne Suite" (1969) was available from Vertigo Records, "The Grass Is Greener" (1970), and "Daughter Of Time" (1970) were both available from Dunhill Records, "Colosseum Live" (1971) was available from Bronze/Castle Records, "The Collectors Colosseum" (1993) is available from Sequel Records, "Bread And Circuses" (1997) is available from Intuition Records, "Tomorrow's Blues" (2003) is available from Sanctuary Records, "Colosseum LiveS: The Reunion Concerts [2CD Live]" (2004) is available from Intuition Records, "Colosseum: The Complete Reunion Concert Cologne 1994 [DVD Live]" (2005) is available from Msi Music, "Live05 [2CD]" (2007) is available from WHD Entertainment, "Anthology [2CD]" (2008) is available from Sanctuary Records, and "Theme For A Reunion [2CD Live]" (2008) is available from Music Avenue. Jon Hiseman is a drummer, music publisher, recording engineer, and record producer who has made music with John Mayall's Bluesbreakers, Jack Bruce, Tempest, Colosseum II, and has released two solo albums "A Night In The Sun" (1982), and "About Time Too!" (1991) both available online. From 1979 to the present Jon played on and produced more than twenty albums for his wife's band, Barbara Thompson's Paraphernalia. Website:
Interview (Jon Hiseman): January 10th 2009 London, England, United Kingdom
Photo: Temple-Music /

“We, the performers, get a spiritual gift from our audiences that is without compare.”
- Jon Hiseman, drummer in Colosseum


STEVEN CRAVIS is a composer and pianist from San Francisco, California. "True Reflections (Solo Piano)" (1992), "The Sound Of Light (Solo Piano)" (1995), "Lavender Dreams" (2004), and "Meditation Music" (2005) are all independently released and available from Steven Cravis. Websites: and
Interview: January 28th 2009 San Francisco, California, United States
Photo: Steven Cravis /

“Sound has intangible aspects that create tangible effects in the listeners’ bodies: effects of resonance, transportation, and emotion.”
- Steven Cravis, composer and pianist


NOAH CRESHEVSKY is a hyperrealist composer from New York City. Hyperrealism is an electroacoustic musical language constructed from sounds that are found in our shared environment ("realism"), handled in ways that are somehow exaggerated or excessive ("hyper"). “Man & Superman: Electronic Music By Noah Creshevsky” (1993), “Auxesis: Electroacoustic Music” (1995), and “Who: Electroacoustic Music” (2000) are all available from Centaur Records, “Hyperrealism” (2003) is available from Mutable Music, “The Tape Music Of Noah Creshevsky 1971-1992” (2004) is available from EM Records, and “To Know And Not To Know” (2006) is available from Tzadik Records. Noah Creshevsky’s music essay “Hyperrealism, Hyperdrama, Superperformers, And Open Palette” appears in John Zorn’s “Arcana II: Musicians On Music” (2007) available from Hips Road. He is also former Director of the Center for Computer Music, and Professor Emeritus at Brooklyn College of the City University of New York. E-mail: noahcreshevsky[@]
Interview: April 11th 2008 New York, New York, United States
Photo: Noah Creshevsky

“For me, the surest path to spirituality
has been primarily through music.”

- Noah Creshevsky, hyperrealist composer


MARILYN CRISPELL is a jazz composer and pianist from Woodstock, New York, United States. She has performed with Anthony Braxton’s Quartet, the Reggie Workman Ensemble, the Barry Guy New Orchestra, the Henry Grimes Trio, the Europea Quartet Noir, Anders Jormin’s Bortom Quintet, and the NOW Orchestra. “Santuerio” (1993) is available from Leo Records, “Breaking The Wheel Of Light And Death” (2001) is available from Anami Records, “In Winds, In Light” (2004) is available from ECM Records, and “Pola” (2005) is available from Les Disques Victo. Website:
Interview: November 6th 2007 Woodstock, New York, United States
Photo: Marilyn Crispell /

“Music is a universal language without words by which all beings can communicate and understand each other's deepest essence.”
- Marilyn Crispell, jazz composer and pianist


VICTOR CROWL is a choreographer, entrepreneur, filmmaker, mentor, motivational speaker, music producer, singer-songwriter, and writer from Toronto, Canada. His albums "Can't Stay Away" (1989), "The Healing" (1996), "Freedom Odyssey" (2006), and "Transform A Dream" (2008) are all available from Smile Music and His novella "The Kitarraps" (2006), and feature documentary "What It Takes" (2006), and feature film "Many Seasons" (2006). Victor has also just returned from Africa, where he shot four music videos from "Transform A Dream" (2008) all available from iTunes, Smile Music & Film Productions Ltd, and Victor Crowl created Smile Music & Film Productions Ltd as a promotional and production conduit for himself and many emerging artists. Over the last twenty years, Victor has cultivated a creative environment for developing his film, music, and writing projects. His music has been synchronized to television and films which have been viewed by millions and continue to be aired in syndication throughout the world. Websites: and
Interview: July 1st 2009 Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Photo: Victor Crowl /

“Nothing crosses language and culture barriers like music. Therefore, music, above all other arts, has the power to unite humankind more effectively in joy, love, understanding, friendship, rhythm, and spirituality.”
- Victor Crowl, singer-songwriter

HEATHER DALE is a musician, producer, and songwriter from Toronto, Canada. "The Trial Of Lancelot" (2000), "Call The Names" (2001), "This Endris Night" (2002), "May Queen" (2003), "The Road To Santiago" (2005), "The Hidden Path: Live & Rarities" (2006), and "The Gabriel Hounds" (2008) are all available from Amphisbaena Music. Heather Dale is a proficient multi-instrumentalist performing music on the bodhran drum, bowed psaltery, hammered dulcimer, harp, mountain dulcimer, percussion instruments, piano, recorder, tin and low whistles. Her music is inspired by Celtic folklore, history, and mythology, and influenced by Celtic folk, jazz, and world music. "The Hidden Path" was nominated for a 2007 Aurora Award, and her songwriting skills earned her a double nomination for the 2005 Pegasus Award. Website:
Interview: April 22nd 2009 Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Photo: Heather Dale /

“If music isn't a fundamental expression of our common spirit, then what else makes it so universal?”
- Heather Dale, musician, producer, and songwriter


DANÚ are a traditional celtic-folk band from Waterford, Ireland. "Danú" (1997), "Think Before You Think" (2000), "All Things Considered" (2002), "The Road Less Travelled" (2003), "Up In The Air" (2004), "When All Is Said And Done" (2005), and "One Night Stand [DVD]" (2005) are all independently released and available from Danú, and "Dual" (2008) is available from Machair Records. Danú has received dozens of awards, hundreds of five-star album reviews, and performed on over a thousand stages worldwide. Website:
Interview: April 23rd 2009 Waterford, Ireland
Photo: Colm Henry /

“Music is my life and whether in good times or tough times it has been a powerful enhancement on my well-being and frame of mind.”
- Benny McCarthy, accordionist in Danú


DARKMIRACLE are an alternative-rock band from Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. “Emotional Distress” (2001), “Roulette [EP]” (2004), and “A Better Tomorrow” (2006) are all available from Darkmiracle. MySpace:
Interview (Robbie Cabral): September 30th 2006 Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
Photo: Carmen Pichardo

“In my own words, Rock would be my religion...
like a ritual in my every day life.”

- Robbie Cabral, vocalist in Darkmiracle


DAVID DARLING is a Grammy-nominated cellist and composer from Goshen, Connecticut. "Epigraphs" (2000), with Ketil Bjørnstad, "96 Years" (2000), with Patrick Leonard, "Musical Massage - Balance" (2000), with the Adagio Ensemble, "Musical Massage - In Tune" (2001), with the Adagio Ensemble and John Marshall, "Cello Blue" (2001), "River Notes" (2002), with Barry Lopez, "Refuge" (2002), with Terry Tempest Williams, "The Tao Of Cello" (2003), "Open Window" (2003), with John Marshall, "The Darling Conversations, Volume 1 [3CD]" (2007), with Julie Weber, "Tao Of Poetry" (2008), with Chungliang Al Huang, and "The Return Of Desire: Improvisations" (2008), with Eve Kodiak, are all available from David Darling is also co-founder of Music For People, a not-for-profit organization that seeks to promote music-making as a means of self-expression through improvisation workshops. Websites:,, and
Interview: November 1st 2008 Goshen, Connecticut, United States
Photo: David Darling /

“We are born into musical sound, and we pass to the next dimension with music as our friend and guide.”
- David Darling, cellist and composer


SNAKE DAVIS is a saxophone, flute, and shakuhachi player from Buckingham, England. "Snakebites" (2001), "Hysteria" (2003), and "Adder Lessons" (2005) were all independently released, and "Talking Bird" (2008) is available from Skin Records. Snake Davis has performed with Ray Charles, Jamiroquai, Tom Jones, Beyoncé Knowles, M People, Paul McCartney, George Michael, Kylie Minogue, Motörhead, Pet Shop Boys, Primal Scream, and Spice Girls, and has also worked on several television adverts in the United Kingdom and abroad. Website:
Interview: September 9th 2008 Buckingham, England, United Kingdom
Photo: Snake Davis /

“The music simply runs through me: my body and my instrument are merely vessels through which the music travels.”
- Snake Davis, saxophone, flute, and shakuhachi player


PETER DAVISON is a composer, musician, and producer from Santa Monica, California. He has composed the music scores for over forty-five of the GAIAM best-selling Yoga, Meditation, Relaxation and Life-Style DVDs. GAIAM has also released ten of his music CDs, including "Presence", "Exhale", and "Yoga". He has also orchestrated music for several television series including Batman: The Animated Series, Chicago Hope, and SeaQuest DSV among many others. Peter Davison has composed music for A&E, Biography, Bravo, Disney, PBS, The History Channel, Warner Bros. Website:
Interview: April 17th 2009 Santa Monica, California, United States
Photo: Peter Davison /

“When truly listening to music we vibrate and get in touch with the frequencies of all time.”
- Peter Davison, composer, musician, and producer

DEAN AND BRITTA are an lyrical-folk duo from New York City. “L’Avventura” (2003), and “Sonic Souvenirs [EP]” (2003) are both available from Jet Set Records, “Words You Used To Say [EP]” (2006), and “Back Numbers” (2007) are both available from Rounder Records. Dean and Britta scored the film soundtrack to Noah Baumbach’s Academy Award-nominated film “The Squid And The Whale” (2005), and to Morgan Freeman’s film “Just Like The Son” (2007). Britta Phillips was also the singing-voice for the cartoon rockstar JEM. Website:
Interview (Britta Phillips): November 21st 2006 New York, New York, United States
Photo: Michael Lavine Photography /

“Everything significant or meaningful about music is spiritual... Music enhances the flavor of our experience.”
- Britta Phillips, vocalist in Dean And Britta


DECEMBER WIND are a Native American alternative folk-rock band from the Akwesasne Mohawk Nation, located on the border of New York and Canada. “Second Wind” (2005) is available from Strong Wind Records Productions, “Sacred Voices [Re-Released]” (2007) is available from Canyon Records, and “December Wind (Self-Titled) [Live DVD]” was independently released and is available from December Wind. “The Ancient Ones: Call To The Ancients” (2005) by Atsiaktonkie (pronounced “Ah-jack-doon-gay”) is available on Strong Wind Records Productions. Websites: and
Interview (Atsiaktonkie): April 28th 2007 Akwesasne Mohawk Nation, Hogansburg, New York, United States
Photo: Atsiaktonkie /

“Music is a prayer. It is a prophecy for people who hear with their hearts... Our music is spirit. A voice from the wind.”
- Atsiaktonkie, multi-instrumentalist in December Wind


STEPHEN DERUBY is a composer, flautist, and flute artisan from Oakhurst, California. "Passion Flute" (1994), "Mystic Flute" (1997), "Rhythms To Accompany The Native Flute" (2001) are all independently released and available from, and "Sacred Spaces: Acoustic Revelations" (2004) is available from Domo Records. In 1989, Stephen DeRuby established his flute artisan business Native Love Flutes, and has devoted his life to "Music, Crafts and Healing for Spiritual Expression, Service and Right Livelihood". He has over forty years experience as a craftsman and musician with a life-purpose "to uplift, inspire and feed our Souls through Music". Stephen has also produced a series of articles exploring the music and spirituality of the Native American flute, all freely available online via Website:
Interview: April 16th 2009 Oakhurst, California, United States
Photo: Stephen DeRuby /

“Music is in us and waiting to be expressed. Every cell vibrates, grows, and evolves with sound. The rhythms of our heart, our breath, and entire being is harmonized through the power of music.”
- Stephen DeRuby, composer and flautist


DEVO are a New Wave band from Akron, Ohio. “Q: Are We Not Men? A: We Are Devo!” (1978), “Duty Now For The Future” (1979), “Freedom Of Choice” (1980), “New Traditionalists” (1981), “Oh, No! It’s Devo” (1982), and “Shout” (1984) are all available from Warner Brothers Records, “Total Devo” (1988), and “Smooth Noodle Maps” (1990) are both available from Enigma Records. Gerald Casale has also directed music videos for A Perfect Circle, Devo, Foo Fighters, Silverchair, and Soundgarden. His music project with early-Devo guitarist Peter Gregg is called Jihad Jerry & The Evildoers. Websites: and
Interview (Gerald Casale): May 12th 2008 Beverly Hills, California, United States
Photo: Jay Spencer /

“True spirituality seeks to re-unite a thread that connects all of us to the rest of life and, thus, brings us together. Music has the potential transformative power to make us feel that connection.”
- Gerald Casale, bassist, vocalist, and co-founder of Devo

DON CABALLERO are an instrumental-rock group from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. “For Respect” (1993), “Don Caballero 2” (1995), “What Burns Never Returns” (1998), “Singles Breaking Up (Vol. 1)” (1999), “American Don” (2000) are all available from Touch And Go Records, and “World Class Listening Problem” (2006) is available from Relapse Records. Don Caballero take their name from the character Guy Caballero, played by Joe Flaherty on the comedy sketch show Second City Television. MySpace:
Interview (Damon Che): October 12th 2007 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States
Photo: Shawn Brackbill

“We are in fact the only beings in the universe that can create, appreciate, and understand music.”
- Damon Che, drummer in Don Caballero


SUZANNE DOUCET is a New Age music composer, musician, and producer from Los Angeles, California. Doucet & Miraz's "Resonance [Re-Released]" (2005), Suzanne Doucet and Tajalli's "Tantra Zone" (2005), "Shasta: Sacred Mountain [Re-Released]" (2006), "The OM Sound" (2006), "Reflecting Light [Re-Released]" (2007), Suzanne Doucet and Christian Buehner's "Transformation: A Journey To Glastonbury [Re-Released]" (2007), Suzanne Doucet and Chuck Plaisance's "Sounds Of Nature [22 CDs Re-Released]" (2005-2007), and "Tranquility Series [22 CDs Re-Released]" (2005-2007) are all available from Only New Age Music. Suzanne Doucet is also a recording artist, singer-songwriter, leading expert, and pioneer in New Age music. Websites: and
Interview: April 27th 2009 Los Angeles, California, United States
Photo: Suzanne Doucet / Only New Age Music, Inc.

“Certain types of music have always been used as essential elements in sacred ceremonies by religious and spiritual leaders, by medicine men, healers or shamans.”
- Suzanne Doucet, composer, musician, and producer


DAVE DOUGLAS is a jazz trumpeter and composer from New York City. “Leap Of Faith” (2000) is available from Greenleaf Music, “Soul On Soul” (2000), “Witness” (2001), “The Infinite” (2002), “Freak In” (2003), and “Strange Liberation” (2004) are all available from RCA Records, “Mountain Passages” (2005), “Meaning And Mystery” (2006), Dave Douglas Quintet’s, “Live At The Jazz Standard [2CD Live]” (2007), Dave Douglas and Keystone’s “Moonshine [Live]” (2008) are all available from Greenleaf Music. His collaborations have included recordings with Bill Frisell, Don Byron, Henry Grimes, Ikue Mori, Joe Lovano, John Zorn, Marc Ribot, Myra Melford, and Tom Waits, among many others. Dave Douglas’ music essay “Little Steps” appears in John Zorn’s “Arcana II: Musicians On Music” (2007) available from Hips Road. He is the Founder, Director, and co-curator of the Festival of New Trumpet Music in New York City, and has been the Artistic Director of the Banff International Workshop in Jazz and Creative Music since 2003. Website:
Interview: April 18th 2008 Croton-On-Hudson, New York, United States
Interview arranged by Emily Rosenblum, Tony Margherita Management
Photo: Dave Douglas / Greenleaf Music

“Music is a profound expression. But it is not more or less profound than anything else. For me personally, music is prayer.”
- Dave Douglas, jazz trumpeter and composer


ANDREW DOWNES is a classical composer born in Birmingham, England. His CDs "Czech Philharmonic Horns" (2000), "Old Love's Domain" (2000), "The Marshes Of Glynn And Centenary Firedances" (2000), "The Lord Is My Shepherd" (2001), "Concerto For Guitar, Bass Guitar And Strings" (2001), "Pastorale Sounds" (2001), "Sounds And Colors II - Music For Flute Choir By Andrew Downes" (2001), "Schlosskonzert" (2001), "Messen Und Sonaten" (2002), and "Piano Sonatina And Piano Sonatas 1 & 2" (2005) are all available from Lynwood Music, "Brahms Trio Prague" (2008), and "Andrew Downes: Music For Horns And Wagner Tubas Played By The Horns Of The Czech Philharmonic Orchestra" (2008) are both available from ArteSmon. Andrew Downes has studied music at St. John's College, Cambridge, and the Royal College of Music, and was Head of the School of Composition and Creative Studies at Birmingham Conservatoire between 1992 and 2005. Website:
Interview: October 8th 2008 Birmingham, England, United Kingdom
Photo: Andrew Downes /

“I hope that the spiritual journey taken each time I compose is communicated to performers and listeners alike.”
- Andrew Downes, composer


KAREN DRUCKER is a conference speaker, singer-songwriter, and workshop facilitator from Mill Valley, California. "Songs Of The Spirit I" (1999), "Hold On To Love" (2000), "Songs Of The Spirit II" (2001), "Beloved" (2002), "All About Love" (2004), "Chants And Sing-A-Longs For All Kinds Of Gatherings [Book & CD]" (2005), "Songs Of The Spirit III" (2005), "The Heart Of Healing" (2006), "Shine" (2007), "Power Of Women" (2008), "Songs Of The Spirit IV" (2009) are all available from Karen Drucker has been the Music Director of three New Thought Churches in Northern California, as well as the National and Regional Conferences for United Centers for Spiritual Living and Religious Science International. Karen was rewarded with an Honorary Doctor of Music, and Beloved Musician Award by the United Church of Religious Science, a "Grace Award" from Unity Churches, and a Marin County Volunteer Of The Year Award for twenty-two years of faithful service to Bread and Roses: an organization that offers free live entertainment to hospitals and institutions. Website:
Interview: July 7th 2009 Mill Valley, California, United States
Photo: Karen Drucker /

“Music and Spirit - the two go together like hand in glove. I wouldn’t even think about writing a melody or a lyric to a song without first tapping into that infinite wellspring of Spirit.”
- Karen Drucker, singer-songwriter and speaker


CATHERINE DUC is a composer and producer of ambient-electronica celtic-world music from Melbourne, Australia. Her debut album "Visions And Dreams" (2005) was independently released and is available from,,, and Catherine Duc's has received several awards including the Philips Australia Song Competition Best Dance/Electronica Song (2002), Los Angeles Music Awards Instrumental Artist Of The Year (2006), and International Music Online Awards Best Instrumental Artist (2007). Website:
Interview: January 31st 2009 Melbourne, Australia
Photo: Catherine Duc /

“Whether we are creators or listeners of music, music provides a private sanctuary for peace and personal reflection.”
- Catherine Duc, composer and producer


CHINMAYA DUNSTER is a British-born sarod player of Celtic-Hindustani music based in Goa, India. Chinmaya Dunster & Vidroha Jamie's "Celtic Ragas" (1998), "Feng Shui: The Eight Fold Path" (2000), "Yoga: On Sacred Ground" (2001), "Sacred Temples Of India" (2002), Chinmaya Dunster & The Celtic Ragas Band's "Karma Circles" (2003), "Fragrance Of The East: Live In India [Live]" (2005), Chinmaya Dunster & Niladri Kumar's "Yoga Lounge" (2005), and Chinmaya Dunster's "Buddha Moon" (2007) are all available from New Earth Records, Bhakti's "The Beloved: Yoga Of Devotion" (2002), Akasha's "Om Shanti" (2007), "Yoga Spirit" (2005), and "Yoga World: Music For Your Practice" (2006) are all available from Malimba Records. Chinmaya Dunster & The Celtic Ragas Band's multimedia documentary film "Concert For India's Environment [Live DVD]" (2004) is freely available online. Websites: and
Interview: February 1st 2009 Goa, India
Photo: Chinmaya Dunster /

“Whenever I return to Indian classical ragas I feel something deeper opening: a tremendous sense of space; a silence behind the sound.”
- Chinmaya Dunster, sarod player


EMCEE LYNX is an anarchist hip-hop artist from Oakland, California. His solo releases include "Soundtrack For Insurrection I" (2001), "Soundtrack For Insurrection II" (2002), "The Black Dog EP" (2003), "The UnAmerican LP" (2004), and "Living In The Shadow" (2005). He has also released two studio albums and one live album with his band, Beltaine's Fire; "Beltaine's Fire: The Weapon Of The Future" (2007), "Beltaine's Fire: Liberty" (2008), and "Beltaine's Fire: Live At Puck's" (2009); as well as more than a dozen compilations released as benefits for local activist groups around the world. Lynx holds a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and views his music as both an avenue for self-expression and a weapon in the revolutionary struggle for a better future. He has performed at dozens of anti-war demonstrations, along with fund raisers and community benefits for radical causes all over North America. He has also recorded songs in support of various groups, including the Anarchist Black Cross and Iraq Veterans Against the War. All of Emcee Lynx's music is independently released and is available from his Websites: and
Interview: April 16th 2009 Oakland, California, United States
Photo: Emcee Lynx /

“The fact that music brings us together and strengthens those common bonds has made it an indispensable element of virtually every faith in human history.”
- Emcee Lynx, hip-hop artist


MARC ENFROY is a composer and pianist from South Lyon, Michigan. "Unbounded" (2008), and "Awakening" (2009) are both independently released and available from Enfroy Music. Marc's debut album "Unbounded" was the winner of the 2008 Best Neo-Classical Album in the New Age Reporter 2008 Lifestyle Awards, where Marc Enfroy also received a nomination for Best New Artist. "Unbounded" also appeared in the Top Ten on the New Age Reporter Album Chart during August and September 2008. Website:
Interview: April 1st 2009 South Lyon, Michigan, United States
Photo: Marc Enfroy /

“There is a special place within each of us that only MUSIC can reach, and when it takes hold that experience is SPIRITUAL.”
- Marc Enfroy, composer and pianist


ESTARYIA is an international Sacred Dance Artist and Vocalist, Movement and Sound Healing Educator, Shamanic Breath Educator, Speaker, Ceremonial Leader, Intuitive Healer and Channel, based in San Rafael, California. Her sound healing CDs “Quieting The Mind: Entering Alpha, Theta, And Delta Brain Wave States” and “Divine Union: Balancing The Feminine And Masculine Energies” are both available via Estaryia, formerly known as Estara, gives presentations at conferences, also leading workshops and retreats in vibrational healing, teaching her “Light Body Movement and Sound System”, a breakthrough system of integrating breath, movement, and sound. She is the Founding Director of Earth Consciousness Institute, dedicated to “inspiring the awareness of humanity’s interconnection with the Earth and all life through educational programs, media content, and multi-media transformational worldwide events uniting people and cultures globally”. Websites: and
Interview: April 25th 2008 San Rafael, California, United States
Photo: Estaryia /

“Music is a vibrational gateway that transcends all space and time and can bring us into direct access with our higher spiritual nature.”
- Estaryia, Sacred Dance Artist and Vocalist


ESTRADASPHERE are an avant-jazz world-fusion band from Santa Cruz, California. “It’s Understood” (2000), “The Silent Elk Of Yesterday [EP]” (2001), “Buck Fever” (2001), “Quadropus” (2003), and “Passion For Life [DVD]” are all available from Mimicry Records, and “Palace Of Mirrors” (2006) is available from The End Records. Website:
Interview (Kevin Kmetz): July 7th 2006 Soquel, California, United States
Photo: Estradasphere / The End Records

“The most spiritually significant moments of our existence must be those in which we create a connection and bond with others whether it be through love, music, play, friendship, work or even rivalry.”
- Kevin Kmetz, Tsugaru Shamisen musician in Estradasphere


EVANGELISTA are an ambient-noise experimental-rock band from Los Angeles, California. Carla Bozulich's "Red Headed Stranger" (2003), and "I'm Gonna Stop Killing" (2004) are both available from Dicristina Stair, Carla Bozulich's "Evangelista" (2006), and Evangelista's "Hello, Voyager" (2008) are both available from Constellation Records. Carla Bozulich was lead singer of The Geraldine Fibbers, a founding member of Ethyl Meatplow, and has collaborated with The Book of Knots, Shahzad Ismaily, Carla Kihlstedt, Christian Marclay, and Thurston Moore among many more musicians. MySpace: and Website:
Interview: February 24th 2009 Los Angeles, California, United States
Photo: Lissa Ivy /

“Some people were born open for sound and love to move through them, morphing into the changes.”
- Carla Bozulich, guitarist, samplist, and vocalist in Evangelista


FACEPILOT are a hardcore-punk band from Portland, Oregon. Their 2007 demo recordings are independently released and available from Backline Records. MySpace:
Interview (Eric Wallace): March 2nd 2007 Portland, Oregon, United States
Photo: Facepilot

“[Music is]... Energy feeding energy. Soul food!”
- Eric Wallace, guitarist and vocalist in Facepilot


FAITH are a Afro-Funk-Reggae-Rock band from New York City. “Time To Fall In Love Again” is available from the iTunes Music Store, and “A Place Where Love Can Grow [CD-R]” (2007) is available from Website:
Interview (Felice Rosser): May 25th 2008 New York, New York, United States
Photo: Felice Rosser /

“Music is a key for me to contact my spirit...
music is like a meditation.”

- Felice Rosser, bassist and vocalist in Faith


ARLENE FAITH is a composer and violinist from Hendersonville, Tennessee. "Spirit Of The Celtic Violin" (2000), "River Of Dreams" (2002), "Suite Moments" (2003), "Luna Wings" (2007), and "Heart's Desire" (2008) are all independently released and available from Wooden Stone Music. Her New Celtic music combines country and western songwriting together with a blend of Celtic violin and New Age music. Arlene Faith's music has been featured in the PBS series "The Appalachians", her songs have been recorded by George Jones and Charley Pride, and she has enjoyed time in the country music industry in addition to writing Celtic compositions for the violin. Website:
Interview: April 21st 2009 Hendersonville, Tennessee, United States
Photo: Arlene Faith /

“Music is a powerful and beautiful thing, one of the precious gifts that life has to offer us.”
- Arlene Faith, composer and violinist


BOBB FANTAUZZO is composer and flautist from Minneapolis, Minnesota. Bobb Fantauzzo's "Sirocco: Winds Of Passion" (2003), and JazZen's "Explorations" (2008) were both independently released and are available from Bobb Fantauzzo and CD Baby. Bobb is passionate about blending the soul of the Native American flute with the spirit of jazz. His music influences include Ornette Coleman, John Coltrane, Miles Davis, Charles Mingus, Thelonius Monk, R. Carlos Nakai, and Kenny Werner. Bobb Fantauzzo is also a member of the International Native American Flute Association (INAFA), and acts as facilitator for the Ten Thousand Lakes Flute Circle. Website:
Interview: April 9th 2009 Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States
Photo: Bobb Fantauzzo /

“Music is the deepest and most profound expression of the spirit. It has the power to transcend time and space in a single breath.”
- Bobb Fantauzzo, composer and flautist


JULIA FELDMAN is a composer, educator, and vocalist from Jerusalem, Israel. Julia Feldman Ensemble's "Words Are Worlds: A Tribute To Billie Holiday" (2006) is available from Hed Arzi Music. Julia Feldman's singing combines free improvisation, modern classical music, and multiple jazz genres. She has collaborated with many musicians including Arnie Lawrence, Judy Lewis, Bob Meyer, Ed Schuller, and Yitzhak Yedid. She also fronts the Julia Feldman Jazz Quartet, and has performed at various festivals including Shuni Jazz Festival, Tel Aviv International Jazz Festival, and the Israel Festival. Website:
Interview: April 23rd 2009 Jerusalem, Israel
Photo: Julia Feldman /

“Music has the power to connect between people by crossing borders created by mankind, be it language or cultural differences, and by that music makes us better human beings.”
- Julia Feldman, composer, educator, and vocalist


SIMON FISHER-TURNER is an actor, composer, musician, producer, and songwriter from London, England. "Simon Turner (Self-Titled)" (1990) was available from Creation Records, "Sex Appeal" (1992), "The Many Moods Of Simon Turner" (1993), "Revox" (1993), "Blue" (1994), "Nadja" (1995), "Shwarma" (1996), "Loaded" (1996), "Still, Moving, Light" (1999), "Oh Venus" (1999), "Eyes Open" (1999), "Travelcard" (2000), "Riviera Faithful" (2002), "Swift" (2002), and "Lana Lara Lata" (2007) are all independently released and available online. In the 1980's, Simon Fisher-Turner released several singles as The King of Luxembourg, many of them receiving airplay by BBC Radio DJ John Peel. During this time Simon also started to record film soundtracks, most notably for Derek Jarman's "Caravaggio" (1986). He has continued to compose many film and television soundtracks, including David Lynch's "Nadja" (1995), "Jerusalem, City Of Heaven" (1996), "Shabbat Night Fever" (1997), "Trance" (1998), "My Kingdom" (2001), "Angel" (2003), "Resurrection" (2004), "Sweeney Todd" (2006), "Burning Light" (2006), and "Stanley Kubrick's Boxes" (2008). In 2009, Simon Fisher-Turner also produced Polly Scattergood's self-titled debut album available from Mute Records. Website:
Interview: May 10th 2009 London, England, United Kingdom
Photo: Simon Fisher-Turner /

“Music is always spiritual... It is the very fabric of my life, like breathing... Sound is the spirituality of the soul.”
- Simon Fisher-Turner, composer, musician, and songwriter


JOHN FLOMER is a composer and musician from Minneapolis, Minnesota. "ONE" (1991) was independently released, "Mysterious Motions Of Memory" (1997), "Night In The Vapor Jungle" (1999), and "Of A Stranger Light" (2002) are all available from and Spotted Peccary Music. John Flomer has played guitar and toured with Archangel for almost a decade, before enrolling in a design program at the Minneapolis College of Art & Design where he explored his passion for film music as a visual experience. John Flomer writes music "to satisfy a constant need for the sublime, mysterious and exotic experiences that lie just beyond human comprehension". Website:
Interview: May 12th 2009 Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States
Photo: John Flomer /

“For me, music is prayer, it is a portal, a destination never arrived at, an attempt to answer unclear or impossible questions, to re-connect with connections long broken...”
- John Flomer, composer and musician


ANDREW FORREST is a composer and musician living in Nelson, New Zealand. His albums "Starseed" (1997), "Alpha-Omega" (1998), "Alchemy" (2002), and "Infinite Octaves" (2009) are all available from Alchemy Arts and Andrew Forrest Music. Andrew creates cinematic ambient soundscapes of deep space and manifests this into sound through his music. He is continuing to compose and record more music, with a new release expected towards the end of 2010. Website:
Interview: April 13th 2010 Nelson, New Zealand
Photo: Andrew Forrest /

“Throughout history, sound and music have been a window into other worlds; a universal medium to journey inwardly to other more refined dimensions.”
- Andrew Forrest, composer and musician


GREG FOX is a composer from Peterborough, England. "Six Soundcard Sonatas" (2005), "Sinister Symphony" (2005), "Parliament Of Demons" (2006), "Pompa Funebris Series [4CD]" (2006), "Malhaus Series [6CD]" (2006), "The Trinity [3CD]" (2006), "The Ramugen Project [3CD]" (2007), and "Carmen Of The Spheres [2CD]" are all freely available online via The Internet Archive and Greg Fox's website. Greg Fox's "Carmen Of The Spheres" (2006) is an octave-equivalence modelling approach to the orbital systems resonating "Music Of The Spheres". Websites: and
Interview: July 18th 2008 Peterborough, England, United Kingdom

“I believe music is strong evidence in support
of an entirely naturalistic worldview.”

- Greg Fox, composer


HEATHER FRAHN is an instrument inventor, multi-instrumentalist, musician, music teacher, singer-songwriter, and workshop facilitator from Adelaide, Australia. "Debut [EP]" (1998), "Heather Frahn (Self-Titled)" (1999), "Solo & Live [EP]" (2001), "Earthen Heart" (2002), "Acoustic Energy [EP]" (2004), "Acoustic Groove Live [EP]" (2005), "We Are One" (2006), Heather Frahn Trio's "Synergy [EP]" (2007), "Elements In Rhythm" (2008), and "Harmonic Rainbow" (2008) are all independently released and available from Heather has pursued several creative outlets including performing solo and with her trio, sound design for theatre and film, ambient music for healing, leading workshops in singing, percussion, songwriting, recording, sound healing, and playing unusual instruments like the "steel drum harp" and the "hybrid guitar bass". Website:
Interview: June 8th 2009 Adelaide, Australia
Photo: Vassi / digiTAL EARTH

“All music and sound is made up of countless harmonics. It's an array of infinite combinations of sound and silence, which are always absolutely unique.”
- Heather Frahn, singer-songwriter


MICHAEL FRANTI is a composer, musician, and poet from San Francisco, California, United States. He is the creator and founder of Michael Franti & Spearhead. “Stay Human” (2001) is available from Six Degrees Records, “Everyone Deserves Music” (2003) is available from Boo Boo Wax Records, “Yell Fire!” (2006) is available from ANTI- Records. Michael Franti is also recognized as an outspoken supporter for social justice and world peace. Website:
Interview: December 23rd 2006 San Francisco, California, United States
Interview arranged by Jill Brogan, Guerrilla Management
Photo: Michael Franti / ANTI- Records

“Music is at its best when it inspires love...
What is it that each of us is going to sing to the world?”

- Michael Franti, composer, musician, and poet

MING FREEMAN is a composer, multi-keyboardist, music producer, musical director, and pianist living in Los Angeles, California. “Kuan Yin: Healing Music For The 7th Golden Age, A New Millenium” (1997), and “Light Language: Soundscapes For Meditation And Resonant Healing” (1999) are both available from Mountain Castle Music, and “Angularity” (2008) is available from CGM Records and iTunes. His stage and recording credits include Paula Abdul, Sheena Easton, Gladys Knight, Joni Mitchell, Jeffrey Osborne, and Yanni. Ming Freeman has featured on many CD and DVD releases from Yanni, including “Yanni: Live At The Royal Albert Hall In London” (1996), “Tribute” (2001), and “Yanni: The Live Concert Event” (2006). Ming also manages a synchronized prayer and meditation website known as “A Prayer For Our Planet”, and produces his own “Resonant Healing Music” used in healing and therapeutic centers worldwide. Websites:,,, and
Interview: June 1st 2008 Los Angeles, California, United States
Photo: Ming Freeman / Ming Productions

“Significance of music in spirituality is that
it helps us to realize the vibrations of God.”

- Ming Freeman, multi-keyboardist and pianist

JORDAN GALLAND is a guitarist and vocalist from rock band Dopo Yume based in New York City. “Yumania [EP]” (2001), “In The Bedroom” (2002), “True Romance” (2003) and “The Secret Show” (2006) are all independently released and available from Dopo Yume. “Dopo” is Italian for “after”, and “Yume” is Japanese for “dream”, so a transliteration of Dopo Yume would be “After Dream”. Jordan Galland has also directed a feature film entitled “Rosencrantz And Guildenstern Are Undead”, including a soundtrack by Sean Lennon. Websites:,, and
Interview: November 13th 2007 New York, New York, United States
Photo: Kristina Saurus /

“A person’s spirituality runs deeper than their emotions, but the more consistently music influences our emotions, the more we have a chance of stirring our spirituality.”
- Jordan Galland, guitarist and vocalist in Dopo Yume


GANDALF is a composer and multi-instrumentalist from Pressbaum, Austria. "Journey To An Imaginary Land" (1981), "Visions" (1982), "To Another Horizon" (1983), "More Than Just A Seagull" (1983), "Magic Theatre" (1984), "Tale From A Long Forgotten Kingdom" (1985), "The Universal Play" (1987), "From Source To Sea" (1987), "Fantasia: The Best Of" (1987), "Invisible Power" (1989), "Labyrinth" (1990), "Symphonic Landscapes" (1990), "Reflection: 1986-1990" (1991), "Gallery Of Dreams" (1992), "The Stones Of Wisdom" (1992), "To Our Children's Children" (1994), "Colours Of The Earth" (1994), "Echoes From Ancient Dreams" (1995), "The Shining" (1996), "Gates To Secret Realities" (1996), "Barakaya: Trees Water Life" (1997), "Into The Light" (1999), "Samsara" (1999), "Visions 2001" (2000), "The Fountain Of Secrets" (2002), "Between Earth And Sky" (2003), "Colors Of A New Dawn" (2004), "Der Prophet" (2005), "Sacred River" (2006), "Lotus Land" (2007), and "Live In Vienna [CD & DVD]" (2008) are all available from Gandalf's website. He plays a wide variety of musical instruments including acoustic and electric guitars, balaphon, bouzuki, charango, piano, saz, sitar, sample-based keyboards, several synthesizers, and percussion instruments. Gandalf has become one of Austria's most accomplished and successful international musicians. Website:
Interview: February 10th 2009 Pressbaum, Austria
Photo: Gandalf /

“True music can be a messenger of pure divine love, transferring beams of the ever-shining light within all of us into the world, from one heart to many others.”
- Gandalf, composer and multi-instrumentalist


ANTHONY GARCIA is a singer-songwriter from Toronto, Canada. His debut album "Surrender" (2009) is available from,, and His music provides an eclectic mix of Bossa Nova, Folk, Jazz, Pop, and Samba all in a Big Band context. Anthony Garcia's inspiration is sourced from musical icons such as Carlos Jobim and Bob Marley; legendary crooners Frank Sinatra and Tony Bennet, and folk rocker Cat Stevens. Website:
Interview: March 11th 2009 Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Photo: Anthony Garcia /

“Music and artists will always reflect what is to come for humanity. Artists are always a little ahead of their time.”
- Anthony Garcia, singer-songwriter


MICHAEL GARFIELD is an integral theorist, essayist, performance painter, and singer-songwriter from the United States. "Get Used To Being Everything" (2006), "Double-Edged Sword [EP]" (2008), "Scapegoat: Live Loopscapes [Live]" (2008), "Radio Free Laughing Goat [Live]" (2009), and "Live At The Grizzly Room [Live]" (2009) are all independently released and freely available from Michael Garfield's MySpace. He currently writes for H+ Magazine, Reality Sandwich, Fretbase, and Cause & Effect Magazine. He also keeps a Visionary Music Blog at the Colorado Music Board and a live painting blog at Painting While Dancing, and moderates the Visionary Music Group for the Community. MySpace:
Interview: March 17th 2009 Phoenix, Arizona, United States
Photo: Nicole Taylor

“From an "integral" perspective, we can find the spiritual dimensions of music through methods as diverse as empiricism, psychology, hermeneutics, introspection, sociology, systems theory, art, and anthropology.”
- Michael Garfield, singer-songwriter


MATHIAS GRASSOW is a composer, multi-instrumentalist, music producer, and vocalist from Wiesbaden, Germany. "Psychic Dome" (1993) is available from Aquarius International Music, "Ambience" (1995) is available from Divine Frequency Records, "Lifecycle" (1996), and "Prophecy" (1998) are both available from Aquarius International Music, "Deeper Purity [CD-R]" (2006), "Elixir [CD-R]" (2006), "Clear Light Of Death [CD-R]" (2007), "Calibration [CD-R]" (2009), "Dissolution [Re-Released CD-R]" (2009), "Transpersonal [CD-R]" (2009) are all independently released and are available from Practising Nature, "Himavat [Re-Released]" (2009), and "The Fragrance Of Eternal Roses [Re-Released]" (2009) will both be available from Musical Philosophy. Mathias Grassow creates music on flutes, guitars, singing bowls, tambouras, zithers, and some home-built instruments. Website: and
Interview: April 17th 2009 Wiesbaden, Germany
Photo: Mathias Grassow /

“The best teaching is "charisma" in music, to develop your own mind by feeling and practicing rituals and meditation.”
- Mathias Grassow, composer, multi-instrumentalist, and vocalist


BOB GRAWI is a composer, musician, performer, and inventor of the Gravikord® from Florida, New York. Bob Grawi's Gravikord Ensemble's "Rising Tide" (1991), and "Cherries & Stars" (1996) are both available from and Bob Grawi plays a lyrical double-harp called the Gravikord®, creating a new high-energy polyrhythmic harp tradition in America. His fascination with polyrhythmic music and African instruments inspired him to invent the Gravikord, which is named after himself and the kora. The Gravikord has been featured at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and in Bart Hopkin's "Gravikords, Whirlies & Pyrophones: Experimental Musical Instruments [Book & CD]" (1996) previously available from Ellipsis Arts, featuring a forward written by Tom Waits. Bob Grawi's production company White Bear Enterprises has also pioneered the Whale Bone Bass™, the Gravi-kora™, Bob's Endless Seltzer™, and a new game Chess In The Round™. Website:
Interview: April 20th 2009 Florida, New York, United States
Photo: Bob Grawi /

“Music is perhaps the most universal and transcendent form of longing and spiritual expression that exists.”
- Bob Grawi, inventor of the Gravikord®


GREGORIAN MASTERS OF CHANT are a neo-Gregorian chant act from Hamburg, Germany. The group perform covers of modern pop and rock songs in the vocal style of Gregorian chant, conceived and created by Enigma producer Frank Peterson. “Sadisfaction” (1991) was available from Metronome Musik GmbH, “Masters Of Chant” (2000), “Masters Of Chant Chapter II” (2001), “Masters Of Chant Chapter III” (2002), “Masters Of Chant Chapter IV” (2003), “The Dark Side” (2004), “Masters Of Chant Chapter V” (2005), “The Masterpieces [CD & DVD]” (2006), and “Masters Of Chant Chapter VI” (2008) are all available from Edel Germany. Toni Young’s company, Rogue Artists Entertainment, is the U.S. representation for Gregorian Masters Of Chant. Websites: and
Interview (Toni Young): April 16th 2008 Las Vegas, Nevada, United States
Photo: Gregorian Masters Of Chant / Rogue Artists Entertainment

“What a barren world this would be without music to accompany us in our journey through life!”
- Toni Young, on behalf of Gregorian Masters Of Chant


JIM GREINER is an internationally acclaimed percussionist, drum circle facilitator, educator and inspirational speaker who lives in the Monterey Bay Area of California. He conducts drum circles and interactive rhythm-based programs worldwide for corporate team building, conference and meeting ice breaking, communities, schools, and private groups through his company, Hands-On! Drumming® Events. His Rhythm Power® Personal Enrichment Workshops and instructional/inspirational DVD's use drumming as a playful vehicle to reinforce purposeful, positive Life Rhythms. He is also a Latin Percussion® Endorser/Clinician, and is Head Artist of Latin Percussion’s Recreational and Community Drumming Program. Jim Greiner's many accolades include being is a multiple winner of Drum! Magazines' Annual Readers Poll Awards for: Percussion Clinician of the Year, Drum Circle Facilitator of the Year, and Percussion Instructional Video of the Year for his workshops and for his DVD, “Community Drumming: For Health And Happiness” (2004) available from Alfred Publishing. Website: and
Interview: March 29th 2008 Soquel, California, United States
Photo: Jim Greiner / Hands-On! Drumming®

“Music is one of the ways we humans have found to open ourselves up to awareness of Spirit, and of course, Spirit probably gifted us with Music!”
- Jim Greiner, drum circle facilitator and percussion educator


HARALD GROSSKOPF is a drummer from Hildesheim, Germany. He has featured on over one-hundred records, performing with Ashra, Klaus Schulze, Sunya Beat, The Cosmic Couriers, Wallenstein, and Welttransporter. “Synthesist” (1980), “Oceanheart” (1986), “World Of Quetzel” (1992), “Sprach Platz Sprache” (1999), “Digital Nomad” (2002), and “Yeti Society” (2004) are all independently released and available from Harald Grosskopf. Website:
Interview: November 22nd 2007 Solingen, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany
Photo: Harald Grosskopf /

“From my point of view, all religion, philosophy, and “spirits” are wishful thinking, and only man-made because we are scared to die.”
- Harald Grosskopf, drummer


GUNS N' ROSES is a hard-rock band from Los Angeles, California. Co-founder, pianist, singer-songwriter, and vocalist Axl Rose has led the band to release six studio albums, three EPs, and one live album during their career. Guns N' Roses has sold an estimated one-hundred million albums worldwide, with the most recent release being "Chinese Democracy" (2008) available from Geffen Records. Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal is a guitarist, producer, and songwriter from New York City. Ron Thal's "The Adventures Of Bumblefoot" (1995) was available from Shrapnel Records, "Wild Woody" (1995) video game soundtrack was available on Sega CD, and "Hermit" (1997) was available from Interference Records. Bumblefoot's "Hands" (1998), "Uncool (French Version)" (2000), "911" (2001), "Uncool (American Version)" (2002), "Forgotten Anthology" (2003), "Normal" (2005), "Abnormal" (2008) and "Barefoot: The Acoustic EP" (2008) are all available from Bumblefoot Music LLC and Hermit, Inc. Bumblefoot features on every song for "Chinese Democracy", and has toured Europe, North and Central America, Oceania, and Japan on Guns N' Roses' Chinese Democracy World Tour. Websites: and
Interview arranged by Alex D., Hermit, Inc.
Interview: June 4th 2009 New Brunswick, New Jersey, United States
Photo: Chad Batka /

“What is music’s spiritual significance? It’s the ingredient that lifts us to a higher place... it connects us to each other and creates a collective euphoria.”
- Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal, guitarist in Guns N' Roses

URI GURVICH is a composer and saxophonist living in New York City. His debut album "The Storyteller" (2009) is available from Tzadik Records. Uri Gurvich's progressive-jazz is a cross-cultural expression of Eastern European, Israeli, North African, and Yemenite music. He has toured the United States, Europe and Japan, where he performed in such places as Vien Jazz Festival, Copenhagen Jazz Festival, The Red Sea Jazz Festival and many music festivals worldwide. Website:
Interview: January 5th 2009 New York, New York, United States
Photo: Scott Irvine

“Musicians engage in a life-long journey to find a sound which will act as a window to their soul.”
- Uri Gurvich, composer and saxophonist


GYPSY SOUL is an acoustic-soul and roots-rock duo based in Jacksonville, Oregon. "Test Of Time" (1997), "Sanctuary" (1998), "Sacred" (1998), "Superstition Highway" (2001), "The Journey" (2003), "Amazing Grace" (2003), "One Beautiful Night [Live]" (2004), "Beneath The Covers: A Rediscovery" (2007), "Distant Early Warning" (2008), "Wanderlust" (2009), "Gypsy Soul Live At Triple Door [DVD]" (2010), and "Grace And Tranquility" (2010) were all independently released and are available from and Off The Beaten Track Recordings. Singer-songwriter and vocalist Cilette Swann (US/Canada) was named after St. Cecilia, the Patron Saint of Music, and always knew that music would be her life. Musician, songwriter, and co-producer Roman Morykit (UK) has co-written and produced a total of eighteen CDs for numerous artists around the world. Gypsy Soul have sold over 110,000 CDs on their own, utilizing the internet and touring to develop their global fanbase. The duo/group consistently sell-out theaters and have a grown a devoted and international following via their unforgettable shows, extraordinary songwriting, and performing excellence. In 2009, Gypsy Soul's album "Beneath The Covers: A Rediscovery" (2007) won the "Best Cover Song CD” by Just Plain Folks, the world's largest independent music awards. Facebook:, MySpace:, and Website:
Interview (Cilette Swann): September 14th 2009 Jacksonville, Oregon, United States
Interview (Roman Morykit): September 15th 2009 Jacksonville, Oregon, United States
Photo: Shane O'Donnell /

“Music is my meditation and prayer. I know that I have tapped into my deepest self when I give my heart up to the music and am no longer simply singing, but have become the music.”
- Cilette Swann, singer-songwriter and vocalist in Gypsy Soul


HAALE are a psychedelic Sufi trance-rock band from New York City. “Morning [EP]” (2007), and “Paratrooper [EP]” (2007) are both available from Darya Records. Haale’s music includes lyrical interpretations of mystical writings by Persian poets Farid ad-Din Attar, H_fez, and Mevlana Jalaluddin Rumi. Website:
Interview (Haale Gafori): December 6th 2007 New York, New York, United States
Interview arranged by Stephen Cohen, Music and Art Management, Inc.
Photo: Levi Pervin /

“This is a spiritual practice, surrendering to something inexplicable, and letting it take you.”
- Haale Gafori, guitarist and vocalist in Haale


HARMONIA are a Krautrock band from Forst, Germany. “Musik Von Harmonia” (1974), and “Deluxe” (1975) were both available from Brain Records, “Tracks And Traces” (1997) was available from Rykodisc, and “Live 1974 [Live]” (2007) is available from Gronland Records. Hans-Joachim Roedelius’ solo album “Bastionen Der Liebe / Fortress Of Love” (1989) was available from Venture Records, Lunz’s “Lunz Reinterpretations [2CD]” (2005), and “Works 1968-2005 [2CD]” (2006) are both available from Gronland Records, “Snapshots/Sidesteps” (2007) is available from Psychonavigation Records, and “Back Soon” (2008) is available from Barking Green Music and Nepenthe Music. Hans-Joachim Roedelius has collaborated with many artists, composers, and musicians including Brian Eno, Morgan Fisher, Globe Trotters Project, Conrad Schnitzler, and Tim Story. Website:
Interview: June 23rd 2008 Baden, Germany
Photo: Hans-Joachim Roedelius /

“The spiritual significance of a piece of music, and what music has from its inner sense to tell the listener, is in my opinion related to the composers way of life.”
- Hans-Joachim Roedelius, co-Founder and musician
in Harmonia


FIONA JOY HAWKINS is a composer and pianist from Newcastle, Australia. "Portrait Of A Waterfall" (2005), "Angel Above My Piano" (2006), "ICE: Piano Slightly Chilled" (2008), and "Blue Dream" (2008) are all available from Little Hartley Music. Fiona Joy Hawkins has achieved international acclaim and awards worldwide have included No. 1 on the World New Age Radio Charts across nine countries, Best Piano Album 2006 and Best Dance/Club/Dub Album 2008 in the NAR Lifestyle Music Awards, winner of the Classical/Jazz category in the MusicOZ Awards 2008, and successful holder of a Piano Heaven Award. Website:
Interview: April 10th 2009 Newcastle, Australia
Photo: Fiona Joy Hawkins /

“Music is a gift that can heighten the spiritual awareness of both ourselves and the world around us... if we let it!”
- Fiona Joy Hawkins, composer and pianist


HEALING WITH HARMONY is a music-based, non-profit organization located in Crown Point, Indiana. Healing With Harmony provides health care facilities and professional caregivers with free "harmony kits" that consist of comforting and uplifting music together with inspiring and motivational spoken word CDs and CD players. Harmony Kits include five components: approximately 50 compact discs, vinyl category albums, personal CD players or boom boxes, accessories, and a storage container. Harmony Kits are custom designed to match each health care facility based on the needs assessment of their patients together with service support and are provided at no cost. Many musicians have freely contributed their music to Healing With Harmony, including Dr. Daniel Kobialka, Marc Enfroy, Kathryn Toyama, Bradley Joseph, and Joe Bongiorno. Healing With Harmony was founded by Mark Lindemer, and is directed by Wendy Bartlett. Website:
Interview (Wendy Bartlett & Mark Lindemer): May 23rd 2009 Crown Point, Indiana, United States
Photo: Healing With Harmony /

“Music must be the divine breath of God within each of us being exhaled into the world to provide a source of love, hope, inspiration, and healing.”
- Wendy Bartlett, Director of Healing With Harmony

GERRY HEMINGWAY is a composer and percussionist currently living in Plainsboro, New Jersey. "Chamber Works" (1999) is available from Tzadik Records, "Songs" (2002) is available from Between The Lines Records, Gerry Hemingway Quartet's "The Whimbler" (2005) is available from Clean Feed Records, and Gerry Hemingway Quintet's "Double Blues Crossing" (2005) is available from Between The Lines Records. Gerry Hemingway has appeared on over one-hundred recordings, and collaborated with many musicians including Anthony Braxton, Marilyn Crispell, Mark Dresser, Ned Rothenberg, and John Zorn. Gerry Hemingway's music essay "Awake At The Wheel: Observations In Overdrive" appears in John Zorn's "Arcana: Musicians On Music" (2000) available from Granary Books, Inc. He also is the recipient of a Guggenheim Fellowship for his work in music composition. Website:
Interview: July 25th 2008 Plainsboro, New Jersey, United States
Photo: Ken van Sickle /

“Music is a kind of vehicle in life,
we use it to what degree we need to get around.”

- Gerry Hemingway, composer and percussionist


BARRY "WHITE CROW" HIGGINS is a composer, flautist, and flute artisan from Greenfield, Massachusetts. Barry Higgins' White Crow Flutes are used in performance or featured on hundreds of commercial and independent recordings, including artists; Joseph FireCrow,  R. Carlos Nakai, Jeff Ball, Peter Phippen, Werner John, Gary Cope, Al Jewer, and composers Jim Cockey and Peter Kater. Barry Higgins is an anglo-native from Abenaki/Pennacook heritage with a background in healthcare provision, information technology, consultancy, carpentry, and also in ministry. Barry now focuses on audio engineering, instrument making, lecturing, and performing. He is involved in his Native community by supporting an Abenaki language restoration program, indigenous seed preservation, and co-created the Nolumbeka Project for cultural exchange between the Native community and the Dominate culture. His music brings together the harmonic nature of the Native American Flute with modern instrumentation and composition. Website:
Interview: July 27th 2009 Greenfield, Massachusetts, United States
Photo: Stephen Schaub /

“It is music that creates vibration, the body senses that vibration, we identify and align with it, this process alters our states of being and our consciousness, our spirit.”
- Barry Higgins, composer and flautist


KARIE HILLERY is a singer-songwriter from Boulder Creek, California. Her albums "Let Down Your Walls" (1986), "Mixed-Up" (1992), "Transitions" (1995), "Bridge The Distance" (1999), "To Your Heart" (2002), "Light The Way" (2007), "Peace Instead" (2007), and "Solstice Peace" (2008) are all available from One World Records. Karie's original "pozmic" is positive music where smooth-jazz meets spiritual pop-rock. Her songs bring a smile to the face, a tear to the eye, and soulful touch to the heart. Website:
Interview: December 1st 2009 Boulder Creek, California, United States
Photo: Karie Hillery /

“Music 'speaks' a language all its own. It’s a language of and to the heart, a spiritual connection between heart, mind, and 'Spirit'.”
- Karie Hillery, singer-songwriter


MIRA HUNTER is a Sufi Mevlevi Whirling Dervish and visual artist from Vancouver, Canada. She graduated from NSCAD University, the Yale University Summer School of Art, and was awarded the Ellen Battell Stoeckel Fellowship. Mira Hunter has toured internationally with DJ Mercan Dede, and has collaborated with photographer and sculptor Mary Mattingly. She lives and works in Istanbul and Vancouver. Her creative and innovative designs, drawings, and paintings are all available online. Website:
Interview: January 5th 2008 Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Photo: Greg Liburd / Evil Genius Creative Inc.

“Faith and music are both invisible.
It is difficult to imagine two more potent influences.”

- Mira Hunter, Sufi Mevlevi Whirling Dervish and visual artist


I/O\I are an experimental Pop-Rock act from Aurora, Colorado. “I/O\I (Self-Titled)” (2007) was independently released and is available from I/O\I. Website:
Interview (Stafford Davis): May 14th 2008 Aurora, Colorado, United States
Photo: Stafford Davis /

“Part of what propels me to make music... is an indescribable feeling that brings happiness, and sometimes a satisfaction to myself when I have finished a song.”
- Stafford Davis, multi-instrumentalist in I/O\I


DJ LENNY IBIZARRE is a music producer from Copenhagen, Denmark, and Founder of Ibizarre Records, now living in Ibiza, Balearic Islands, Spain. “Just Musik” (2005), and “Ambient Collection Vol. 1 – 5” (1997 – 2001) are all available from Ibizarre Records. Website:
Interview: February 14th 2007 Ibiza, Balearic Islands, Spain
Photo: Lisa Stone /

“When you give yourself up to the music and dance, you have the option to become one with the music and the universe.”
- DJ Lenny Ibizarre, music producer

JOSEPH ISRAEL is a reggae musician and vocalist from Fayetteville, Arkansas. His debut album “Gone Are The Days” (2007) is available from New Door Records. Website:
Interview: September 12th 2007 Fayetteville, Arkansas, United States
Interview arranged by Mark Goldstein, Zoom Management
Photo: Joseph Israel /

“I see music as the spiritual force that can help bring our divided war-torn human race to peace and unity.”
- Joseph Israel, reggae musician and vocalist

KENJI ITO is a pianist and video game composer from Tokyo, Japan. He has arranged, composed, and performed several video games soundtracks including “Final Fantasy Adventure: Seiken Densetsu” (1991, Game Boy), “SaGa Frontier” (1997, PlayStation), “Chocobo Racing” (1999, PlayStation), “Shadow Hearts II” (2004, PlayStation 2), and “Concerto Gate” (2007, Windows). Kenji Ito’s soundtrack compilation “Kenji Ito Piano Works Collection: Everlasting Memories” (2006) is available from Scitron Digital Contents., Inc and VGM Website:
Interview: May 30th 2008 Tokyo, Japan
Interview arranged by Koji Suga, Harmonics International Co., Ltd.
Photo: Koji Suga, Harmonics International Co., Ltd.

“In Japanese, we call music “ongaku”,
and the word “ongaku” means enjoying sound.”

- Kenji Ito, pianist and video game composer


JEFFERSON STARSHIP was a psychedelic folk-rock band from San Francisco, California. "Dragon Fly" (1974), "Red Octopus" (1975), "Spitfire" (1976), "Flight Log" (1977), "Earth" (1978), "Gold" (1979), "Freedom At Point Zero" (1979), "Modern Times" (1981), "Winds Of Change" (1982), "Nuclear Furniture" (1984), and Starship's "Knee Deep In The Hoopla" (1985), "No Protection" (1987), and "Love Among The Cannibals" (1989) were all available from Grunt Records and RCA Records. Craig Chaquico is a composer, guitarist, multi-instrumentalist, and producer living in Ashland, Oregon. He has sold over 1 million records worldwide, was former lead guitarist, principal songwriter, and founding member of Jefferson Starship. Websites: and
Interview (Craig Chaquico): January 30th 2009 Ashland, Oregon, United States
Photo: Craig Chaquico /

“Somewhere between the algorithms and arithmetic, angels and auras, science and spirituality, math and magic, mind and medicine, there is the light and shadow of music.”
- Craig Chaquico, former lead guitarist in Jefferson Starship

SCOTT JOHNSON is a composer and guitarist from New York City. His music has been influential in bringing the sounds and rhythms of rock into the scored compositions of the contemporary classical world. Performers and commissioners range from the Kronos Quartet and the Bang On A Can All-Stars to the Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center. “John Somebody” and “Patty Hearst” are both available from Tzadik Records. Scott Johnson’s music essay “The Counterpoint Of Species” appears in John Zorn’s “Arcana: Musicians On Music” (2000) available from Granary Books, Inc. Website:
Interview: June 18th 2008 New York, New York, United States
Photo: Scott Johnson /

“Music is one of humanity’s greatest sources of profound emotional experience, along with our ties to each other, and the intricate wonders of the world revealed by our senses, and by science.”
- Scott Johnson, composer and guitarist


BRADLEY JOSEPH is a composer and producer based in Vadnais Heights, Minnesota. "Hear The Masses" (1995) is available from Robbins Island Music, "Rapture: The Music Of Bradley Joseph" (1997) is available from Narada Records, "Solo Journey: Piano Pieces To Relax, Reflect, And Heal" (1999), "Christmas Around The World" (2000), "One Deep Breath: Moods, Memories, Dreams" (2002), "The Journey Continues" (2003), and "While You Are Gone [CD Series]" (2004-2008) are all available from Robbins Island Music, "The Road Ahead" (2004), and "In The Heart Of Everyone" (2004) are both available from Orange Music, "For The Love Of It" (2005), "Piano Love Songs" (2006), "Hymns And Spiritual Songs" (2007), and "Classic Christmas: Solo Piano" (2008) are all available from Robbins Island Music. Bradley Joseph was a featured concert keyboardist with Yanni through six major tours, and appears in the multi-platinum live album and video "Yanni: Live At The Acropolis" (1994) available from Private Music. He also spent four years as musical director and lead keyboardist for Sheena Easton, and has achieved a successful career arranging, composing, and producing contemporary instrumental and smooth jazz music for orchestra, quartet, and solo piano. Website:
Interview: February 24th 2009 Vadnais Heights, Minnesota, United States
Photo: Bradley Joseph /

“Your spiritual self cannot be copied and that’s why it’s so significant in life and music.”
- Bradley Joseph, composer and producer


PREM JOSHUA is a German-born flautist, sitarist, and vocalist based in Goa, India. "Hamsafar" (1994), "Desert Visions" (1995), "Secret Of The Wind" (1996), "Mudra" (1998), "Sky Kisses Earth" (1999), "Dance Of Shakti" (2001), "Dakini Lounge: Prem Joshua Remixed" (2003), "Taranga" (2006), Prem Joshua and Manish Vyas' "Water Down The Ganges" (2001), "Shiva Moon: Prem Joshua Remixed By Maneesh De Moor" (2003), "Yatri" (2004), Prem Joshua and Chintan's "Ahir" (2006), and "Prem Joshua & Band In Concert" (2008) are all available in the U.S.A. from White Swan Records, in Europe from Silenzio Records and Medial Music, and in India from Music Today. Prem Joshua is a versatile multi-instrumentalist who also plays dilruba, santoor, and saxophone. Website:
Interview: February 3rd 2009 Goa, India
Photo: Prem Joshua /

“Music is spirituality. Music becomes sacred if you practice or perform with dedication, devotion, and love.”
- Prem Joshua, flautist, sitarist, and vocalist

ARIA JOY is a Sound Healing Minister with Universal Ministries, Trance Dance Facilitator, and Transformational Facilitator from Minneapolis, Minnesota. Aria Joy attended and completed Jonathan Goldman's Healing Sounds Intensive in 2006. While there she learned overtoning healing techniques, sacred geometry and sound, shifting frequencies, sonic shamanism, sonic yoga of listening, therapeutic uses of music, vocal harmonics, and about vowels as a sacred language. Website:
Interview: April 14th 2008 Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States
Photo Credit: Angela Stott Photography /

“We are the musician and the music. There is no separation.”
- Aria Joy, Sound Healing Minister


MOHAMED KABBAJ is the President of The Festival Of World Sacred Music in Fès, Morocco. Also known as Festival des Musiques Sacrées du Monde or simply the Fès Festival, celebrates art, culture, and music of the human spirit by bringing together international artists from an eclectic variety of ethnicities and spiritual traditions. This festival has inspired many more inter-faith arts festivals worldwide including The World Festival of Sacred Music - Los Angeles, a sixteen-day citywide festival that takes place in California once every three years, and The World Sacred Music Festival, an annual one-day event in Olympia, Washington. The Festival Of World Sacred Music's intention is to "represent the spiritual heart of Islam – peaceful, pluralistic, generous and cheerful, honouring all the world's spiritual traditions and dissolving musical boundaries". Website:
Interview arranged by Laila Sebbane, Communication and Press Relations Manager, The Festival Of World Sacred Music
Interview: January 13th 2009 Fès, Morocco
Photo: Mohamed Kabbaj / Fondation Esprit de Fès

“By establishing an instant connection with the human body, music creates an attuned state that orients human consciousness to the inner self.”
- Mohamed Kabbaj, President of The Festival Of World Sacred Music

KARSH KALE (pronounced "Kursh Kah-lay") is a composer, percussionist, and producer living in New York City. "Distance Remixes [EP]" (2000), "Realize" (2001), "Redesign: Realize Remixed" (2002), "Liberation" (2003), "Manifest Remixes [EP]" (2006), and "Broken English" (2006), and "Beautiful Remixes [EP]" (2007) are all available from Six Degrees Records, Anoushka Shankar and Karsh Kale's "Breathing Under Water" (2007) is available from Blue Note Label Group. Karsh Kale is known as one of the founding forces driving the "Asian Massive" club music scene as a sub-genre of Electronica. He has remixed music by Anoushka Shankar, Cheb i Sabbah, MIDIval Punditz, Paula Cole, Prem Joshua, Rohan, and Sting. Karsh Kale is also a prolific collaborator who has worked with Bill Laswell, DJ Spooky, and Herbie Hancock, among many others. Website:
Interview: January 3rd 2009 New York, New York, United States
Photo: Karsh Kale /

“Music is the sound of the spirit that dwells in all of us.”
- Karsh Kale, composer, percussionist, and remix producer


SCOTT KALECHSTEIN is a singer-songwriter and song portrait artist from Fairfax, California. Many of his songs are created spontaneously based on topics suggested by an audience, an individual, or a business. Scott turns the topics discussed and presented into songs before the astounded ears of participants. His intention in his singing is to offer both entertainment and education, upliftment and enlightement. He uses his music as a vehicle to inspire transformation, to fuel dreams, and to encourage self-esteem. Scott has also performed on stage at the events of Jack Canfield, Deepak Chopra, Alan Cohen, John Gray, and Marianne Williamson among many others. Website:
Interview: May 19th 2009 Fairfax, California, United States
Photo: Scott Kalechstein /

“Music is a gift from the angels. All of us have had our moods transformed, our defenses softened, and our hearts stirred by the power of music.”
- Scott Kalechstein, singer-songwriter


PETER KATER is a multi-platinum selling composer, pianist, and producer based in Laguna Beach, California. "Pursuit Of Happiness" (1994), "The Season" (1995), "Coming Home" (1995), "The Fool & The Hummingbird" (1995), "Birds Of Prey" (1997), "Homage" (1997), "Two Hearts" (1997), "Essence" (1997), "Gateway" (1998), "Music From Discovery Channel: Eco-Challenge" (1998), "Compassion" (1998), "Rooftops" (1999), "Soul Nature" (2000), "Heart's Desire" (2001), "Inner Works" (2002), "Piano" (2004), "Ambrosia" (2008), "Cloud Hands" (2008), "For Christmas" (2008), "Walk In Beauty" (2008) are all available from Point Of Light Records. Peter Kater has also been nominated for five Grammy Awards, has scored over one-hundred television and film programs, eleven on and off broadway dramatic productions, and was honored with the Environmental Leadership Award by the United Nations in 1995 for his commitment to the environment and humanitarian causes. Website:
Interview: January 21st 2009 Laguna Beach, California, United States
Photo: Peter Kater /

“Music is a divine gift, given and shared so that we may truly know and love ourselves, and each other.”
- Peter Kater, composer, pianist, and producer


JOY KATZEN-GUTHRIE is a cantorial soloist, concert artist, educator, keynote speaker, pianist, and singer-songwriter from Tampa, Florida. "Passages" (1999), "How Good And How Pleasant" (2000), "Seasons Of Joy: The Jewish Year In Song" (2000), "The Heart Of Ancient Promise" (2000), "SoulStream: Stream Of Consciousness, Music For Healing Meditations" (2003), "A Steadfast Bridge: A Special Commemorative Limited Edition Pre-Release CD" (2005), "Favorite Melody, Vol. 1" (2005), and "Favorite Melody, Vol. 2" (2006) are all available from Tune-Of-The-Century Music. Joy Katzen-Guthrie also serves as Leader and Scholar-In-Residence on world heritage tours, working with Regent China Travel, Travel Harmony, and EMCO tours among others. Website:
Interview: May 28th 2009 Tampa, Florida, United States
Photo: Joy Katzen-Guthrie /

“As a composer, lyricist, pianist and vocalist, I see music as a spiritual synthesis. My own music is devoted to a message of well-being and self-discovery.”
- Joy Katzen-Guthrie, composer, pianist, and singer-songwriter


AL GROMER KHAN is a composer and sitarist from Munich, Germany. Al Gromer Khan and Amelia Cuni's "Monsoon Point" (1995), Al Gromer Khan's "Space Hotel" (1997), "Tantra Drums" (1998), "Kamasutra Experience" (1999), "Sufi" (2000), "Future Lounge" (2002), Al Gromer Khan and Emin Corrado's "Tantra Electronica" (2004), and Al Gromer Khan's "Sitar Secrets" (2009) are all available from New Earth Records, Al Gromer Khan's "Indian Music" (2002), "Chai & Roses" (2004), "Tibetan Sound Bowls - Arcana" (2004), Al Gromer Khan, Kai Taschner, and Raed Khoshaba's "Savoy Tea Time" (2005), Al Gromer Khan and Klaus Wiese's "The Alchemy Of Happiness" (2006), Al Gromer Khan's "Turya" (2006), "Radio Yoga" (2007), "Another Kind Of Silence" (2007), "Indian Music II: Tea Time Ragas" (2008), "Negus" (2008), and "Lanoiah" (2008) are all available from RasaMusic. Al Gromer Khan has released around forty albums, and has been engaged in a number of experimental projects, and pioneering a new proto-electronic music together with Amon Düül and Popol Vuh. Websites: and
Interview: February 3rd 2009 Munich, Germany
Photo: Al Gromer Khan /

“Only one in love should sing a love song.”
- Al Gromer Khan, composer and sitarist


SHUJAAT HUSAIN KHAN is a world-renowned sitarist and singer from Northern India. “Waiting For Love” (1999) is available from India Archives, “Legacy” (2000) is available from UCLA Ethnomusicology Publications, “Hawa Hawa” (2003) is available from World Village USA, “Raastey” (2005) is available from Pacific Options, “The Stillness Of Sound” (2006) is available from Navras Records, and “Gayaki Ang” (2006) is available from Dunya Records. Website:
Interview: October 9th 2006 New Delhi, India
Photo: Shujaat Husain Khan /

“For me, Indian classical music is tradition, culture, and spirituality all put together. It is an extension of our language, song, thoughts, feelings, and emotions.”
- Shujaat Husain Khan, sitarist


THE KLF are a techno-house duo from London, England, United Kingdom. “The “What Time Is Love?” Story” (1989), “Chill Out” (1990), and “The White Room” (1991) are all available from KLF Communications. “The Black Room” was a never-completed album originally intended to compliment The KLF’s earlier release “The White Room”. The K Foundation established by Bill Drummond and Jimmy Cauty gained notoriety for burning one million pounds in cash and documenting it in their film “K Foundation Burn A Million Quid” (1995). Website:
Interview (Bill Drummond): September 13th 2006 London, England, United Kingdom
Photo: The KLF / The K Foundation

“For me all music is spiritual,
there has never been any question about it.”

- Bill Drummond, co-founder of The KLF


SHARON KNIGHT is a multi-instrumentalist and vocalist from Oakland, California. "Incantation" (1997) is available from Trance Jam Records, First Of May's "For Earth And Her People" (2001) is available from Flowinglass Music, Pandemonaeon's "Pandemonaeon (Self-Titled)" (2001), Sharon Knight and Pandemonaeon's "Temple Of Dreams - Live!" (2003), "Song Of The Sea" (2004) , Sharon Knight and T. Thorn Coyle's "Songs For The Waning Year" (2008), and "Songs For The Strengthening Sun" (2009) are all available from Trance Jam Records. Her main influences are Celtic, Middle Eastern, and Scandinavian traditional music. Sharon Knight's music embraces Pagan spirituality with songs that are "tales of myth and magick, fierce passion and epic love, and are characterized by rich poetic imagery". She is a founding member of the band Pandemonaeon, the alternative record label Trance Jam Records, and production company El Mundo Bueno Studios. Websites: and
Interview: April 13th 2009 Oakland, California, United States
Photo: Paul Nordin /

“We yearn to evolve into our full potential, and both music and spirituality help us to expand into these places.”
- Sharon Knight, multi-instrumentalist and vocalist


MAYA & SAGE KNOWLES are award-winning multi-instrumentalists, international recording artists, music producers, vocalists, and co-founders of Spirit Singer Productions based in Los Gatos, California. Sage Knowles and Amrita Cottrell’s “Entering Devachan: Heavenly Music For Healing And Meditation” (2001), Maya’s “Comin’ Home” (2003), Maya & Sage’s “Spirit Of Love: Devotional Chanting And Spiritual Love Songs” (2004), The Mystic JAMMS Band’s “Om Mama Blessing Mantra” (2005), and Devotees of Sri Sai Kaleshwar’s “At Baba’s Feet” (2008) are all available from Spirit Singer Productions and Maya and Sage Knowles write and perform spirit healing music at New Thought churches and create devotional singing events worldwide. Website:
Interview: June 16th 2008 Los Gatos, California, United States
Photo: Maya & Sage Knowles /

“Music is both sound and silence in a divine dance that makes it ancient and new. Music is always spiritual.”
- Maya & Sage Knowles, Spirit Singer Productions


DANIEL KOBIALKA is a world-renowned violinist, composer, lecturer, performer, and Principal Second Violinist with the San Francisco Symphony. His albums “Oh What A Beautiful Morning” (1991), “Timeless Motion” (1991), “Fragrances Of A Dream” (1992), “Rainbows” (1992), “When You Wish Upon A Star” (1992), “Celtic Fantasy” (1995), “Dreams Beyond The Twilight” (1996), “Celtic Quilt” (1997), “Velvet Dreams” (1998), and “Pathless Journey: A Tribute To Toru Takemitsu” (2004) are all available from LiSem Records. Daniel Kobialka’s own record label has sold over a million albums since 1981. Websites: and
Interview: April 21st 2008 San Francisco, California, United States
Photo: Daniel Kobialka / LiSem Enterprises, Inc.

“Music and spirituality, if allowed, can provide a gentle guide through life, with its movement, flow, and endless cadence to a seeking of truth.”
- Daniel Kobialka, composer and violinist

KONZAROSS is a one-man project (Bass and Vocals) producing psychedelic and dark melodic music from Egypt. Khaled Sallam founded Konzaross in February 1997, and has developed his own style that he refers to as "state of Mind Music". His albums "The End Is The Beginning Of Pain" (1999), "Konzaross (Self-Titled)" (1999), "When The Dawnlight Break [EP]" (2005), "The Depression Of The Untitled Part" (2007), and DVD photo clip "Vision Of The Buried Sorrow" (2009), and DVD video clip and short documentary movie "The Deep Secret Of The Forgotten Mind" (2010) are all independently released and available from Konzaross. Website:
Interview (Khaled Sallam): April 21st 2010 Egypt
Photo: Khaled Sallam /

“Music is the feeding of spiritual feelings from the musician to the listener.”
- Khaled Sallam, bassist and vocalist in Konzaross


JOHN KULIAS is a composer, flautist, and flute artisan from Lakewood, Colorado. He first heard the sound of the Native American Style Flute in Canyon De Chelly, Arizona, and was drawn to the voice and spirit of that first flute song. John is a ceramic flute specialist who creates both Woodlands and Plains style flutes, and tunes them to the pentatonic scale, Mode 1 and 4. He is one of the few Native American Style flute makers who creates from clay using an ancient technique called pit firing, which gives each flute it's own coloring pattern and unique voice. Website:
Interview: April 11th 2009 Lakewood, Colorado, United States
Photo: John Kulias /

“Happiness, joy, love: they all come out of my spirit as music.”
- John Kulias, composer and flautist


GILLES LAHEURTE is an architect, artist, photographer, poet, and soprano saxophonist from New York City. His albums “Jump & Flee! Improvised Music - A Retrospective 1979-1986” (1998), “Short Cuts - Improvised Music 1998-2004” (2004), and “Dreams - A Humble Tribute To Steve Lacy” (2005) are all available from Selfgratifying Productions. His book “Let’s Call This… The Bath: Steve Lacy On Tour 1995-2000” (2001) was self-published and will be reprinted in a new edition available through, and Gilles Laheurte’s “The Servant Of The Light” (2003), an English translation of “L’Initiateur” by French humanist author Serge Marjollet, is available from Websites:,, and
Interview: December 12th 2007 New York, New York, United States
Interview arranged by Vincent Lainé,
Photo: Gilles Laheurte /

“The universe is an immense symphony... Music that breathes takes you right into cosmic harmony, and makes you understand the concept of God.”
- Gilles Laheurte, soprano saxophonist

KATHRYN LAMBERG is a composer, massage therapist, meditation instructor, music for healing practitioner, performer of healing music for piano, published poet, sound healer, and workshop facilitator from Port Jefferson, New York. She is the Director of Tadasan Center For Natural Healing offering meditation classes, one-on-one yoga, therapeutic massages, and is a NY State Licensed Massage Therapist for over twenty-three years. Kathryn Lamberg also offers monthly healing retreats, poetry gatherings, and sound healing workshops under her spirit name Rosha-Kate. Blog:
Interview: January 7th 2010 Port Jefferson, New York, United States
Photo: Kathryn Lamberg

“Music is, and will always be a continual source of spiritual sustenance for me.”
- Kathryn Lamberg, Director of Tadasan Center For Natural Healing


DAVID LANZ is a Grammy-nominated pianist from Seattle, Washington. "Cristofori's Dream [Re-Released]" (1999), "East Of The Moon" (2000), "Love Songs" (2001), "Romantic: The Ultimate David Lanz Collection [2CD]" (2002), "Finding Paradise" (2002), "Heartsounds/Nightfall [2CD Re-Released]" (2003), "The Symphonic Sessions" (2003), "The Good Life" (2004), "The Best Of David Lanz" (2005), "Spirit Romance" (2005), with Gary Stroutsos, "Sacred Road Revisited" (2006), "A Cup Of Moonlight [Re-Released]" (2007), "Living Temples" (2008), and "Painting The Sun" (2008) are all available from Website:
Interview: October 30th 2008 Seattle, Washington, United States
Photo: Bill Hagstotz /

“Music, like spirit, is invisible. Yet it moves us to sing, dance, laugh, cry, even march to war, to heal, and pray.”
- David Lanz, pianist


MARS LASAR is a composer, music producer, and sound designer from Montrose, California. "Olympus" (1993), "The Eleventh Hour" (1994), "Escape" (1995), "BabyScapes: Safe In Sound/New Born" (1996), "The Music Of Olympic National Park" (1996), "Sapphire Dreams: A Romantic Interlude" (1998), "Song Of The Manatee" (1998), "11.02" (1998), "When World Collide" (2000), "Karma" (2003), "Panorama 11.04" (2004), "Yosemite: Valley Of The Giants" (2006), "11.22 Arrival" (2007), "A Star Is Born" (2007), "Christmas From Mars" (2007), "Nocturnal Diaries" (2007), "Final Frontier" (2007), "Baby Escapes: Vol. 5-8" (2007), "MindScapes Vol. 1: Fields Of Gold [Re-Released]" (2007), "MindScapes Vol. 2: Moonlight [Re-Released]" (2007), "MindScapes Vol. 3: Satin Skies [Re-Released]" (2007), "Vertical Velocity [Re-Released]" (2007), "Blue Maze" (2007), "Big Box [Re-Released]" (2007), "Baby Escapes: Vol. 1-4" (2008), "11.05 Revival" (2008), "At The End Of The Day" (2008), "MindScapes Vol. 4: Divine Spark" (2008), "MindScapes Vol. 5: Eterna" (2008), "MindScapes Vol. 6: Presence" (2008), "MindScapes Vol. 7: Transformation" (2008), "MindScapes Vol. 8: Inner Purpose" (2009), and Cadence Spalding's "Save The World [CD & DVD]" (2009) produced by Mars Lasar are all independently released and available from Sound Manipulations Inc. Website:
Interview: February 9th 2009 Montrose, California, United States
Photo: Mars Lasar /

“Music provides a significant portal into the conscious and subconscious mind. It has the ability instantly re-wire your emotions and bring to the surface hidden wellness.”
- Mars Lasar, composer, music producer, and sound designer


THE LAST DANCE are a darkwave-rock band from Fountain Valley, California. “Tragedy [EP]” (1995), “Fairytales” (1996), “Perfect” (2002), and “Now And Forever” (2002) are all available from Apollyon Records, “Whispers In Rage” (2003), “Reflections Of Rage” (2004), and “Once Beautiful” (2005) are all available from Dancing Ferret Discs. Website:
Interview (Jeff Diehm): December 16th 2007 Fountain Valley, California, United States
Photo: Chad Michael Ward / Digital Apocalypse Studios

“As we walk through life, we collect our own personal soundtrack of songs that we have given meaning to.”
- Jeff Diehm, vocalist in The Last Dance


RICHARD LEE is the Director of Sound Vitality, a division of CHI Institute in San Juan Capistrano, California. CHI Institute is a leading manufacturer of Infratonic Therapy massagers and accessories that relieve pain, reduce inflammation, and accelerate the body's natural healing process. CHI Institute has been researching the nature of human vitality for over twenty years, and is dedicated to the study of pain relief through Infratonic Therapy. Website:
Interview: April 13th 2008 San Juan Capistrano, California, United States
Photo: Richard Lee / Sound Vitality

“Earth is our life. We live as a vibration on earth, our nervous system resonating with Earth’s electrical body, and our emotional bodies resonating with Earth’s magnetic field.”
- Richard Lee, Director of Sound Vitality


MICHAEL LEVINE is a film and television composer, music producer, and violinist living in Topanga, California. He scores the Jerry Bruckheimer-produced police drama “Cold Case” (2003 – 2008), and has also written additional music and arrangements for “Wicker Park” (2004), “Bee Movie” (2007), and “The Simpsons Movie” (2007). Michael Levine and Michael Wolff produce music for “The Naked Brothers Band” (2007 – 2008), both for the albums and the TV show on Nickelodeon. His recording credits include Carla Bley, Marianne Faithfull, John Greaves, Dave Grusin, and Lenny Kravitz. Michael Levine has a cameo appearance as a pirate fiddler in “Pirates Of The Caribbean II: Dead Man's Chest” (2006). Website:
Interview: May 15th 2008 Topanga, California, United States
Photo: Michael Buckner / Getty Images

“At its core, the subjective experience of music is to be in contact with something greater than oneself.”
- Michael Levine, film and television composer


ADAM LEVY is a jazz guitarist from New York City. His albums “Buttermilk Channel” (2001), “With My Guitar And You” (2001), “Get Your Glow On” (2003), “Loose Rhymes: Live On Ludlow Street” (2006), and “Washing Day” (2007) are all available from Lost Wax Records. Tracy Chapman’s “New Beginning” (1995) is available from Elektra Records, Sex Mob’s “Din Of Inequity” (1998) is available from Columbia Records, Trevor Dunn's Trio Convulsant’s “Debutantes & Centipedes” (1999) is available from Buzz Records, Joey Baron’s “Killer Joey” (2000) was independently released, and Norah Jones’ “Come Away With Me” (2002), “Feels Like Home” (2004), and “Not Too Late” (2007) are all available from Blue Note Records. Adam Levy has also recorded and toured with Norah Jones, Sex Mob, and Tracy Chapman among many others. Website:
Interview: December 24th 2007 New York, New York, United States
Photo: Clay Patrick McBride /

“What are we talking about here? Communicating in a telepathic language; writing music and poetry from divine inspiration; finding healing and rejuvenating energies... Is this the stuff of spirituality?”
- Adam Levy, guitarist


ANN LICATER is an international recording artist, Flute for the Soul workshop facilitator, and world flutist from the San Francisco Bay area. Her debut album "Following The Call" (2007) was nominated for Best Native American Album and Top Twelve Best Contemporary Instrumental Album at the New Age Reporter Lifestyle Music Awards 2007, and her latest album "Doorway To A Dream" (2010) is available from Cul de Sac Mystic Productions. Ann’s music can be heard on National Public Radio stations in the United States, on "Hearts Of Space", and on cable and radio stations worldwide. During her live concerts and workshops, booked through her Cul de Sac Mystic Productions, Ann performs on a dozen or more hand-crafted, indigenous Native American and world flutes made of wood and clay. She holds a Bachelor of Arts from the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, Minnesota and a Master of Liberal Arts degree in Creation Spirituality from Naropa University in Boulder, Colorado. Ann’s music is available for purchase at New Age music and book retailers, as well as online at,, and Facebook:, MySpace:, and Websites: and
Interview: March 16th 2010 San Francisco, California, United States
Photo: Greg Crowder /

“Music is a taste of the infinite cosmos and a whisper of the ever evolving Universe. Ultimately, it awakens our connection to each other and to the divine.”
- Ann Licater, world flutist


JOHANNES LINSTEAD, also known as Sevara, is an author, composer, guitarist, instrumentalist, and yogi from Toronto, Canada. "Sol Luna Tierra" (1999), "Kiss The Earth" (2000), "Guitarra Del Fuego" (2002), "Zabuca" (2003), "Mediterranea" (2004), "Cafe Tropical" (2006), "Encanto" (2007), and "Mistico" (2009) are all available from Earthscape Media Inc. Johannes Linstead's music beautifully blends virtuoso Spanish-style guitar with Afro-Cuban, Middle Eastern, and Latin American percussion. Johannes Linstead is also Founder of the Divine Earth Organization, an online humanitarian community where forum members post information about health, spirituality, and world politics. MySpace:, and Websites: and
Interview: March 9th 2010 Toronto, Canada
Photo: Johannes Linstead / Earthscape Media Inc.

“Music is as mysterious as life itself. Life flows through myriad emotions and music flows along as a companion.”
- Johannes Linstead, composer and guitarist


LLEWELLYN & JULIANA are New Age composers and multi-instrumentalists from Tring, England. Llewellyn's "Ghosts" (1999), "Celtic Legend" (1999), "Shiatsu" (2000), "Reiki" (2000), "Crystals" (2000), "Aromatherapy" (2000), "Healing Massage" (2000), "Indian Head Massage" (2000), "Tai Chi, Vol. 2" (2000), "Tantric Sexuality" (2000), "Body Control Pilates" (2001), "Colour Healing" (2001), "Pure Peace" (2001), "Pure Relaxation" (2001), "Moonlore" (2001), "Reiki Healing Journey, Vol.1" (2002), "Journey To The Angels" (2003), "Journey To The Faeries" (2003), "Journey To The Temple" (2003), Llewellyn and Juliana's "Earth Angel" (2004), "Mysts Of Avalon" (2004), "Crystal Angels" (2005), Llewellyn and Juliana's "Crystal Child" (2005), "Reiki Gold" (2005), "FaerieLore" (2006), "Music For Reiki Attunement" (2006), "Natural Sounds Gold" (2006), "Shiatsu Gold" (2006), "Sleep Gold" (2006), Llewellyn and Chris Conway's "Celtic Reiki" (2008), "Reiki Sleep" (2008), and "Sacred Circles" (2008) are all available from New World Music and Paradise Music. Llewellyn and Juliana's award-winning spiritually-themed relaxation albums have sold over one million copies worldwide. Website:
Interview: April 15th 2009 Tring, England, United Kingdom
Photo: Llewellyn & Juliana /

“Music connects us with people all over the world with a same passion and belief. It can bring joy, pain, sorrow or peace. Music is a vibration that is more than just sound.”
- Llewellyn & Juliana, composers and multi-instrumentalists


DEAN MAGRAW is an arranger, composer, guitarist, and music producer from St. Paul, Minnesota. "Broken Silence" (1994), and "Seventh One" (1998) are both available from Red House Records, "Heavy Meadow" (2004) is available from Acoustic Music, Lifescapes' "Murphy's Irish Pub" (2005), "Dreaming Of Ireland" (2005), "Celtic Hymns" (2006), and "Celtic Passion" (2006) are all available from the Target Lifescapes Series, Dean Magraw and John Williams' "Raven" (2006) is available from Compass Records, Dean Magraw Trio's "Unseen Rain" (2007) is available from Candyrat Records, Silver's "Boiled In Lead" (2008) is available from Omnium, Lifescapes' "Music For Healing" (2008) is available from the Target Lifescapes Series, Francois Corneloup's "NExT" (2008) is available from Hope Street, and Dean Magraw's "Foxfire" (2008) is available from Candyrat Records. Dean Magraw has collaborated with many musicians including Japanese shamisen prodigy Nitta Masahiro, classical violinist Nigel Kennedy, South Indian vocalist and vina virtuoso Nirmala Rajasheker, epic songstress and storyteller Ruth MacKenzie, Irish supergroup Altan, jazz bassist Anthony Cox, among many others. Website:
Interview: June 18th 2009 St. Paul, Minnesota, United States
Photo: Manfred Pollert /

“Vibrations connect us all. When we gather, in whatever shape or form, to immerse ourselves in music, we feel our souls unfold and our emotions melt together.”
- Dean Magraw, composer and guitarist


MAKANA is a Slack Key guitarist and singer-songwriter from Honolulu, Hawaii. “Makana (Self-Titled)” (1999), “Koi Au” (2002), “Ki Ho’alu: Journey Of Hawaiian Slack Key” (2003), and “Different Game” (2008) are all available from Makana Music. Makana is considered the world’s youngest slack key guitar master, and was featured on the Grammy-nominated album “Hawaiian Slack Key Kings” (2006) available from Rhythm And Roots Records. Website:
Interview: July 3rd 2008 Honolulu, Hawaii, United States
Interview arranged by Lydia Sherwood, Presto Public Relations
Photo: Christopher Voelker /

“A beloved song is heard, and immediately the Spirit I am begins rummaging through an old suitcase stuffed with emotions and memories... Music magnifies our Being.”
- Makana, musician from Hawai’i


DJ MALTE is a music producer from Ibiza, Balearic Islands, Spain. His music projects include Real XS, Morphogenetix, and Human Spirit Interface, with CD releases on Movin Sounds Ibiza, Sony, Warner, and Ibizarre Records. DJ Malte has residency on Global Radio Ibiza 97.6 FM, and Radio Sonica 95.2 FM, and Café Del Mar. MySpace:
Interview: October 22nd 2006 Ibiza, Balearic Islands, Spain
Photo: DJ Malte

“Music can reinforce or diminish your emotions
and give a nutritive soil for reflections.”

- DJ Malte, DJ and music producer


CHRIS MANCINI is a music producer from Los Angeles, California. He was the West Coast Director of Creative Affairs for Arista in Los Angeles. Chris Mancini is the son of the famous film composer Henry Mancini. “Pink Panther’s Penthouse Party” (2004) is available from Virgin Records, and “Pink Panther Lounge” (2007) is available from BMG Music and the iTunes Music Store. MySpace:
Interview: October 18th 2006 Los Angeles, California, United States
Interview arranged by Jennifer Taylor Scott, Henry Mancini Enterprises, Inc.
Photo: Jill E. Packard / Henry Mancini Enterprises, Inc.

“Music is the soundtrack for the journey of life.”
- Chris Mancini, music producer and son of Henry Mancini


MICHAEL MANRING is a bassist and composer from Oakland, California. "The Book Of Flame" (1998) is available from Alchemy Records, Attention Deficit's "The Idiot King" (2001) is available from Magna Carta Records, David Cullen and Michael Manring's "Equilibré" (2001) is available from Solid Air Records, Scott McGill, Michael Manring, and Vic Steven's "Addition By Subtraction" (2001), and "What We Do" (2006) are both available from Free Electric Sound, Michael Manring's "Soliloquy" (2005) is available from Manthing Music, Don Ross and Michael Manring's "Live In Toronto [DVD]" (2008) is available from Candyrat Records. Michael Manring has collaborated with many musicians including Thomas Dolby, John Gorka, Michael Hedges, Henry Kaiser, and Patti Larkin among many others. Website:
Interview: June 18th 2009 Oakland, California, United States
Photo: Philippe Lissart /

“The more I work with music, the more I feel it has an extremely central place in human experience. I find that music touches all aspects of my life.”
- Michael Manring, bassist and composer


MARCOMÉ (pronounced Mar-ko-may) is a singer-songwriter from Montreal, Canada. "Seven Seas" (1995/2006), "River Of Soul" (2006), "Remixes" (2009), and "Twitter Me Some Love" (2010) are all independently released and are available from Marco Productions Inc. and Marcomé is gifted with a pure voice, blending lyrics with a unique wordless language that brings listeners into an atmospheric universe. Marcomé carefully fuses different world music influences with jazz style and classical vocals creating a new world music genre. Marcomé produces, arranges, and engineers her musical work. She is also a keyboardist, programmer, and sound engineer as well as a proficient percussionist. Marcomé's music industry collaborations include work with Cecilia Bartoli, Diana Krall, Daniel Lanois, Le Cirque du Soleil, Branford Marsalis, Sir George Martin, Pat Metheny, Tom Waits, and Yes. Her music achieves extensive airplay on radio, satellite, Internet, music television, and video websites around the world. MySpace: and Website:
Interview: March 31st 2010 Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Photo: Marcomé /

“Spiritual music helps you tap into the 'true you', allowing for a peaceful feeling of integrity: of being whole.”
- Marcomé, singer-songwriter


EDUARDO MARTINEZ is an artist, composer, and musician from Nashua, New Hampshire. Eduardo was born in Lima, Peru, and brought up in San Juan, Puerto Rico. A multi-instrumentalist who plays acoustic guitars, archtop guitars, classical guitars, crystal bowls, acoustic and electronic percussion, shakers, and synthesizers. His music features ambient, classical, electronic, and world music styles, and musical influences include Deuter, Kitaro, Pink Floyd, Robert Rich, Steve Roach, Carlos Santana, Anoushka Shankar, and Ravi Shankar. Eduardo Martinez's blog The Sound Gathering discusses thoughts on music, sound, creativity, and social wellness. MySpace: and Website:
Interview: June 11th 2009 Nashua, New Hampshire, United States
Photo: Eduardo Martinez /

“Music IS my meditation, a mirror reflecting my connection to myself, to others, and to the Universe.”
- Eduardo Martinez, composer and musician


MARTYRS OF SOUND are a New Age music duo from Salem, Oregon. "Mantra Chill" (2007), "Uncoiled" (2008), and "Songs For Loving And Dying" (2009) will be available from Steve Koc is a chiropractor and healer who has worked with The Eagles, The Grateful Dead, Michael Jackson, and many more musicians. Sara Wiseman is an author, musician, singer, and songwriter. Martyrs Of Sound's "Ananda" was a Finalist for the Best New Age Song Of The Year in The Independent Music Awards 2008. Websites: and
Interview: April 15th 2009 Salem, Oregon, United States
Photo: Martyrs Of Sound /

“With music, the Divine speaks directly to what we need to hear, right at that very moment.”
- Steve Koc & Sara Wiseman, musicians in Martyrs Of Sound


MICHAEL MAULDIN is a composer, conductor, educator, performer, and public speaker from Albuquerque, New Mexico. The Albuquerque Boy Choir's "Songs From Our Sixtieth [Live]" (1997), and "Tomorrow Shall Be... [Live]" (1999) were both independently released and available from the Albuquerque Boy Choir, Michael Mauldin's "Love Without A Name: Music I Wrote For My Students" (1997), Michael Mauldin and The New Mexico Symphony Orchestra's "Enchanted Land: Five Orchestral Works Inspired By New Mexico" (2001), "Earth Spirit: Chamber Music By Michael Mauldin" (2004), and "Enchantment: Music By Michael Mauldin" (2007) are all independently released and are available from Michael Mauldin. He has composed and conducted music works for chamber orchestra, chorus, children’s choir, instrumental solos with piano, pipe organ, and classical guitar. Michael Mauldin completed a Master of Music in composition at the Univerisity of New Mexico, served as President of the New Mexico Music Teachers Association and the New Mexico Composers Guild, Student Composition Chair of the Music Teachers National Association, and he actively promotes private and public arts-education throughout the United States. Website:
Interview: May 6th 2009 Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States
Photo: Michael Mauldin /

“Music is temporal, like peak experiences themselves. It stimulates aural memories, the frequencies of which were felt inside ourselves...”
- Michael Mauldin, composer, conductor, and educator


MARTIN MAYER is a composer, pianist, and producer from Vancouver, Canada. "City Of Prague" (1996), "Destinations" (1998), "Live In Concert" (2000), and "This Is Who I Am" (2003) are all independently released and are available from Martin Mayer's instrumental smooth-jazz-fusion albums feature piano, guitar, orchestra, and world instruments. His albums "Live In Concert" and "This Is Who I Am" both received nominations in the "Outstanding Instrumental Album" category at the Western Canadian Music Awards, and helped propel him to international tours in China, Taiwan, and the Czech Republic. He has also just recently finished scoring a thirteen-part documentary on one of Canada’s most prominent honours, and will soon be releasing his new album "Alone" (2009). Website:
Interview: May 11th 2009 Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Photo: Martin Mayer /

“Music has the power to cross any and all barriers of time, race, religion, location, and dig deep into our soul, down to the very fundamental spirit of our being...”
- Martin Mayer, composer and pianist


KATE MCGARRY is a singer-songwriter from Tarrytown, New York. "Show Me" (2003), The Fred Hersch Ensemble's "Leaves Of Grass" (2005), "Mercy Streets" (2005), "The Target" (2007) are all available from Palmetto Records, Moss' "Moss (Self-Titled)" (2008) is available from Sunnyside Records, and "If Less Is More... Nothing Is Everything" (2008) is available from Palmetto Records, and was nominated for a 2009 Grammy Award in the Best Jazz Vocal Album category. Kate McGarry has collaborated with Theo Bleckmann, Kurt Elling, Hank Jones, Maria Schneider, and Luciana Souza among many others. Website:
Interview: March 1st 2009 Tarrytown, New York, United States
Photo: Lourdes Delgado /

“Music, specifically singing, has been central to my life since I was born, and has been my way of expressing and sharing the most personal and universal feelings I have.”
- Kate McGarry, singer-songwriter


ROGER MCGEE is a composer, flautist, and flute artisan from Enterprise, Oregon. "The Storyteller" (2005), and "Echoes Of Joseph Canyon" (2008) are both independently released and available from Wind Dancer Flutes. Roger shares his knowledge of the Native American flute by giving talks at schools, social events, and provides annual performances for the World Music Class at Walla Walla University, and flute-making workshops at the Grand Ronde Reservation in Grand Ronde, Oregon. Website:
Interview: April 3rd 2009 Enterprise, Oregon, United States
Photo: Roger McGee /

“We all begin life listening to the rhythm of the heart beat, the ebb and flow of life's blood, the song of our mother's womb.”
- Roger McGee, composer and flautist


MONTANA SKIES are an acoustic guitar and acoustic/electric cello duo whose music fuses elements of classical, rock, and world music. "Montana Skies (Self-Titled)" (2002), "Chasing The Sun" (2004), "Lift" (2006), and "Live From The Mable Barnes Amphitheater [DVD]" (2009) are all independently released and available from Montana Skies. Website:
Interview: February 24th 2009 United States
Photo: Montana Skies /

“As a composer, music is a personal revelation. A revelation of choice, and love and something in the universe greater than self.”
- Jonathan Adams, guitarist in Montana Skies


BUTCH MORRIS is recognized internationally as the principal theorist and practitioner in the evolution of Conduction®, living in New York City. “Testament: A Conduction Collection [10CD]” (1995), and “Dust To Dust” (1999) are both available from New World Records, “Burning Cloud” (1996), and “Berlin Skyscraper [2CD]” (1998) are both available from FMP Records, “Tit For Tat” (1998) is available from For 4 Ears Records, “Holy Sea [2CD]” (1999) is available from Splasc(h) Records, “Conduction®/Induction” (2007) is available from RAI Trade Records, “Laboratorio Novamusica” (2007) is available from Galatina Records, and “NuBlu Orchestra Conducted By Butch Morris” (2007) is available from NuBlu Records. Website:
Interview: April 3rd 2008 New York, New York, United States
Photo: Luciano Rossetti / Phocus Agency

“There can only be one MUSIC. The music in YOU. MUSIC as something you GIVE. MUSIC, GOD, LOVE, PEACE, LIFE… We can only be students of.”
- Butch Morris, cornetist, composer, and conductor


ULTRA NATÉ is a DJ, producer, and singer-songwriter from Baltimore, Maryland. "Blue Notes In The Basement" (1991), and "One Woman's Insanity" (1993) were both available from Warner Bros. Records, "Situation: Critical" (1998) is available from Strictly Rhythm, "The Best Remixes, Vol. 1" (1998), and "The Best Remixes, Vol. 2" (1999) are both available from Warner Bros. Records and Import Records, "Stranger Than Fiction" (2001) is available from Strictly Rhythm, "Grime, Silk, Thunder" (2007), and "Alchemy: G.S.T. Reloaded" (2008) are both available from Tommy Boy Entertainment. Ultra Naté has achieved success on club, dance, and pop music charts with her house music and R&B songs. Top-selling singles include "Show Me", "Free", "Desire", "Get It Up (The Feeling)", "Love's The Only Drug", "If You Could Read My Mind" as part of Stars On 54, number-one hits "Automatic" and "Give it All You Got" featuring Chris Willis. Website:
Interview: July 14th 2009 Baltimore, Maryland, United States
Interview arranged by Bill Coleman, Manager, Peace Bisquit
Photo: Ultra Naté /

“Music allows the spirit to soar beyond the physical realm of our bodies and enables the soul to reconnect. Music can dictate the mood of a moment.”
- Ultra Naté, DJ, producer, and singer-songwriter

SKY NELSON is a guitarist, pianist, singer-songwriter, and physicist based in Santa Rosa, California. "Try Again [EP]" (2002) was independently released, and "I Forgot I Was Alive [EP]" (2007) is available from the iTunes Music Store, and his singles "Always Lose to You", "We Are the Ones (We've Been Waiting For)", "A Peaceful Solution", "Higher Ground", and "Tied Up Tied Down" are freely available from He is the music director for Global Heart Center for Spiritual Living, where he leads the congregation in a weekly service of original music, and performs regularly at New Thought celebration services and spiritual centers throughout the West Coast. Sky Nelson’s main passion is transforming his own consciousness to empower himself and others to create a more sustainable and loving world. The primary tool for this is his discovery of the science behind synchronicity. He has been published in Science of Mind magazine, and earned music excellence awards from the West Coast Songwriter’s Association and the Indie International Song Contest, and personally given his music to Barack Obama. Sky believes that living in synchronicity as much as possible will transform the world. Websites: and
Interview: May 16th 2009 Santa Rosa, California, United States
Photo: Sky Nelson /

“Synchronicity in life happens just as it does in music, in those profound moments when all of the disparate threads merge into a pattern...”
- Sky Nelson, singer-songwriter


MAGGIE NICOLS is an activist, actor, composer, dancer, improviser, musician, performer, teacher, and vocalist from Edinburgh, Scotland. Cats Cradle's "Cats Cradle (Gift Of Time)" (1997) was available from 33 Records, Mike Figgis' "One Night Stand" (1997), and "Loss Of Sexual Innocence" (1999) were both available from Polygram Records, Ken Hyder, Dave Brooks, and Maggie Nicols' "In The Stone" (1998) was available from Impetus Records, Loverly's "Life" (1999) was available from 33 Records, Les Diaboliques' "Live At The Rinefalls" (2000) was available from Intakt Records, Maggie Nicols, Caroline Kraabel, and Charlotte Hug's "Transitions" (2002), and The Gathering's "For John Stevens" (2003) are both available from Emanem Records. Maggie Nicols has also been an active participant in the European improvisational community since joining the Spontaneous Music Ensemble in the late 1960's. She is a co-founder of the Feminist Improvising Group, working to further women in improvised music and in the creative arts through collaborations and workshops. Website:
Interview: December 2nd 2009 London, England, United Kingdom
Photo: Maggie Nicols /

“Listening and dancing to music, as a young woman, often profoundly affected me in ways in which even time seemed to stand still.”
- Maggie Nicols, vocalist


DR. ZOLTAN ØBELISK is Hollywood’s Premiere Anti-Motivational Speaker from Los Angeles, California. Sir Millard Mulch is the previous incarnation of Dr. Zoltan Øbelisk. His album and book “How To Sell The Whole F#@!ing Universe To Everybody… Once And For All!” (2006) is available from Mimicry Records and Websites: and
Interview: December 19th 2007 Los Angeles, California, United States
Photo: Dr. Zoltan Øbelisk /

“The essence of music and spirituality is a relationship with the mysterious. Those who embrace it will change the world.”
- Dr. Zoltan Øbelisk
Hollywood’s Premiere Anti-Motivational Speaker


THE ORACLE are an ambient progressive-metal band from Georgetown, Ontario, Canada. Their debut album “Tragedy In Twilight: The Apotheosis Of The Mad” (2007) was independently released and is available from The Oracle. MySpace:
Interview (Dan Attrell): August 5th 2007 Georgetown, Ontario, Canada

“A piece of music can change you for a day, but a piece of divine art can change you for eternity.”
- Dan Attrell, guitarist, keyboards, and vocalist in The Oracle


REBECCA OSWALD is a composer and pianist from Eugene, Oregon. "October Wind" (2005) was independently released and is available from CD Baby and iTunes. Rebecca Oswald is an award-winning composer of chamber music, choral and vocal works, music for media, orchestral works, pop music recordings, and solo-instrument compositions. Rebecca also wrote and produced the music for two CD-ROM strategy games, "Heroes In The Time Of The Three Kingdoms (I & II)" (1997/1998) for OdinSoft Co., Ltd., and the soundtrack for a video-documentary series "A History Of The University Of Oregon" (2001, 2007). Website:
Interview: April 10th 2009 Eugene, Oregon, United States
Photo: Rebecca Oswald /

“Beautiful music is a temporal fragment of the orderly universe in which we live; it is a resonant fractal of eternity.”
- Rebecca Oswald, composer and pianist


DR. ANTHONY PALMER is Professor of Music Education at Boston University in Boston, Massachusetts. He has taught Music Education at the University of Tennessee, University of California, Los Angeles, and the University of Hawai'i at Manoa. Dr. Palmer's specialist topics include choral conducting, world musics in music education, practical and philosophical courses, aesthetics and philosophy of music. He has published several articles in major national and international journals, including a chapter on "Music" in "Multicultural Hawai'i: The Fabric Of A Multiethnic Society", and "World Musics And Music Education: Facing The Issues". Anthony Palmer has produced thirty choral compositions, arrangements, and editions published by Boosey & Hawkes, Mark Foster Music, and National Music Publisher. Dr. Palmer is also one of the founding members of the International Society for the Philosophy of Music Education. Website:
Interview: February 17th 2009 Boston, Massachusetts, United States
Photo: Dr. Anthony Palmer

“Music, as a material aural phenomenon... serves superbly as the bridge between the outer and inner worlds.”
- Dr. Anthony Palmer, Professor of Music Education at Boston University


MILICA PARANOSIC is a composer, conceptual artist, multimedia artist, music educator, sound designer, and vocalist based in New York City. Her composition "ComeCryWithMe" was released on Mari Kimura's "Polytopia: Music For Violin & Electronics" (2007) available from Bridge Records, "Kad Ja Podjoh" (2008) is available from BrukaProduction, and Milica has created compositions for concert pieces, mixed media, and interactive works, as well as music for dance, stage, and film. Milica is manager of the Music Technology Center, Associate Director of the Mentoring Program and holds a Master Degree of composition from the Juilliard School, also co-founder and producer of the Electronic and Interactive Music Festival "Beyond The Machine". Milica Paranosic intends to "create new worlds in which contrasting concepts vividly coexist in unique textures". Website:
Interview: January 1st 2009 New York, New York, United States
Photo: Jill Steinberg

“As a musician, composer, and performing artist, I find it my responsibility to keep searching for spirituality, and to find a way to spread it and teach it.”
- Milica Paranosic, composer, conceptual artist, and vocalist


PAUL PENNELL is a composer and pianist from Santa Fe, New Mexico. "Fearless" (2001), and "The Velveteen Boy" (2007) are both available from Amazon, CDBaby, and the iTunes Music Store. In 2007, Paul and his music was featured on a compilation with Bill Douglas, David Lanz, David Darling, and Kurt Bestor, among several others. For many years, Paul has written wedding processionals for Brides and Grooms for their weddings. Paul Pennell's music has been featured on "Coach On Call" with host Cheryl Richardson on Hay House Radio and SIRIUS Satellite Radio, and his music has featured in many radio and television spots. Paul loves listening to Rickie Byars Beckwith, The Carters, Shawn Colvin, The Hopper Brothers & Connie, David Lanz, Deva Premal, Kelly Willard, and Chris Williamson. Websites: and
Interview: May 5th 2009 Santa Fe, New Mexico, United States
Photo: Paul Pennell /

“Music just might be the most universal, collected image of God that exists... the most powerful spiritual significance of music is the power to Connect to Source.”
- Paul Pennell, composer and pianist


LEO PEREZ is a composer, multi-instrumentalist, and pianist from Coral Springs, Florida. "Infinite Horizon" (1998), "Heaven's Folklore Chronicles" (2003), "Piano Pictures" (2005), "An Earth Thought" (2007), and "Dreams Of Wonder" (2008) are all available from Bluedream Music. Leo Perez is a Colombian - American composer who combines ambient, classical, electronic, and ethnic sounds with solo performances, symphonic arrangements, and world music ensembles. Website:
Interview: February 15th 2009 Coral Springs, Florida, United States
Photo: Leo Perez / Bluedream Music

“When composers write, and when listeners experience music, we are all listening to a portion of our souls, as most belief systems understand it.”
- Leo Perez, composer, multi-instrumentalist, and pianist


CAROL PEREZ PETERSEN is a musician, percussionist, storyteller, visionary, and vocalist based in Joshua Tree, California. Carol is a bi-cultural woman of Nicaraguan and Danish heritage. She is a celestial shaman, traditional elder, Founder of the Rainbow Medicine Blanket, member of the Confederations of Councils of Wise Elders of Abya Yala, Buenos Aires, Argentina and the Council of Knowledge, Tiwanacu, Bolivia. Carol was also the Worldwide Event Co-ordinator for The Harmonic Concordance, is a student of consciousness, and believes that genetics exhibit the key to divinity. Carol is a celestial navigator from the Bee Hive Cluster with the ancient temples of the Yucatan Maya, the Bolivian Aymara, and the native peoples of Argentina Amazonia. She has become their voice as a creation singer. Websites:,, and
Interview: April 9th 2010 Joshua Tree, California, United States
Photo: Carol Perez Petersen

“A drum in communion with the handler becomes a dimensional gate way vibrating the bones, tissues, and organs to produce a neural resonance.”
- Carol Perez Petersen, percussionist and vocalist


THE PHILOSOPHY OF SONGWRITING is a one-man soulful folk-pop project from Jerusalem, Israel. “The Philosophy Of Songwriting (Self-Titled)” (2007) was independently released and is available from The Philosophy Of Songwriting. Website:
Interview (Itzik Daniel Admon): December 21st 2007 Jerusalem, Israel
Photo: Itzik Daniel Admon /

“Music is a catalyst of our creation process... Music can make you feel, music can provoke emotions, and music can make you think.”
- Itzik Daniel Admon singer-songwriter
in The Philosophy Of Songwriting


PETER PHIPPEN is a world flutist from Eau Claire, Wisconsin, United States. “Book Of Dreams” (1996), “Echoes Of The Past” (1999), “Night Song” (2003), “Shadows Of Dawn” (2005), and “Grasslands” (2007) are all available from Canyon Records. Website:
Interview: May 10th 2007 Eau Claire, Wisconsin, United States
Photo: John Running /

“There is a universal thread of the divine that vibrates in the air all around us every minute.”
- Peter Phippen, flautist

GERALD PRIMEAUX is a Native American musician from Yankton, Dakota. He is a fifth generation member of the highly-respected Primeaux family of Peyote singers and song-makers. “A Tradition Continues: Harmonized Peyote Songs” (2004), and “Voice Of A Dakota: Harmonized Healing Songs” (2006) are both available from Canyon Records. MySpace:
Interview: May 22nd 2007 Yankton, Dakota, United States
Photo: Gerald Primeaux / Canyon Records

“My music, and my songs come through the mind, and through my heart to express ourselves to the Great Spirit.”
- Gerald Primeaux, multi-instrumentalist


PROCOL HARUM are a progressive rock band from London, England. "Procol Harum (Self-Titled)" (1967) was available from Regal Zonophone Records and Deram Records, "Shine On Brightly" (1968), "A Salty Dog" (1969), "Home" (1970) were all available from Regal Zonophone Records and A&M Records, "Broken Barricades" (1971), and "Procol Harum Live With The Edmonton Symphony Orchestra [Live]" (1972) were both available from Chrysalis Records and A&M Records, "Grand Hotel" (1973), "Exotic Birds And Fruit" (1974), "Procol's Ninth" (1975), and "Something Magic" (1977) were all available from Chrysalis Records, "The Prodigal Stranger" (1991) was available from Zoo Entertainment, "The Long Goodbye" (1996) was available from RCA Records, "The Well's On Fire" (2003) is available from Eagle Records, "Secrets Of The Hive: The Best Of Procol Harum [2CD]" (2007) is available from Salvo Records, and "One Eye To The Future: Recorded Live In Italy 2007 [Live]" (2008) is available from Strongman Productions. Chris Copping was bassist and organist in Procol Harum, recording seven albums with the group and touring extensively between 1969 and 1977. He is an accomplished musician and singer-songwriter who has also composed music for film and television. Websites: and
Interview (Chris Copping): October 30th 2008 Melbourne, Australia
Photo: Chris Copping /

“The artistic process is a direct communication from the inner soul, the very essence of ourselves that is beyond body, mind, or time.”
- Chris Copping, bassist and organist in Procol Harum


JESSE QUATTRO is a vocalist from Oakland, California. She performs with Hammers Of Misfortune and Secret Chiefs 3. “Book M” (2001), “Book Of Horizons” (2004), and “Path Of Most Resistance” (2007) are all available from Mimicry Records. MySpace:
Interview: November 11th 2006 Oakland, California, United States
Photo: Joe Niem /

“Music is beyond significance;
it is in the fabric of our multi-dimensional existence.”

- Jesse Quattro, vocalist


QUEM QUAERITIS are an art-techno jazz-fusion band from Riverside, California, United States. “National Geographic [EP CD-R]”, and “TV TV Happy [CD-R]” were both available on Nightpass Handmade Records. Quem Quaeritis also feature on several compilations, including “String Of Artifacts [2CD]” (2005) on Fish Pies Records, “Siked Psych: NNF Gold” (2006) on Not Not Fun Records, “Ravesploitation” (2008) on DeathbombArc Records, and “Halloween” (2008) on Sour Cream & Velvet Records. Website:
Interview (John Thill): August 31st 2006 Riverside, California, United States
Photo: John Thill /

“In Quem Quaeritis, we try our best to take the ideology of laughter as religion and push it even further. When playing live, our goal is to create an atmosphere of ecstatic glee and community.”
- John Thill, musician in Quem Quaeritis


RAGANI is an award-winning kirtan recording artist and sacred chant vocalist from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Her albums "Best Of Both Worlds" (2003), "Turn The World To Love [India Only]" (2006), and "Ancient Spirit" (2006) are available from Amazon, iTunes, and Music Design. Ragani's music is focused on sacred chants called kirtan, with the intention of sending vibrations of love into the universe, and encouraging listeners to Turn the World to Love®. Ragani also arranges India Sacred Retreat Tours traveling to northern India, the abode of the mystics and the majestic Himalayas. Website:
Interview: March 7th 2010 Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States
Photo: Dale Buegel

“Music and sound are like electricity... music can transport us to places of spirit, to places in the heart.”
- Ragani, musician and producer


FREDDIE RAVEL is a keynote speaker, musician, and pianist from Los Angeles, California. His debut album "Sol To Soul" (2005) is available from Ravelation Productions. Freddie Ravel is a Grammy-nominated pianist and Founder of Tune Up To Success®, a company that presents keynote concerts and interactive performance programs where audiences ranging from teens to Fortune 500 companies learn how music connects and empowers personal and professional success in business, corporate, and family life. Freddie Ravel has also collaborated with Marc Anthony, Earth, Wind & Fire, Al Jarreau, Quincy Jones, Jennifer Lopez, Madonna, Ricky Martin, Bobby McFerrin, Sting, Kanye West, and performed live with Herbie Hancock, Prince, and Carlos Santana. Website:
Interview: May 18th 2009 Los Angeles, California, United States
Interview arranged by Paul Rodriguez, Director, Tune Up To Success
Photo: Freddie Ravel /

“Music is the essence of spirit. Performed and composed with the right intention, the world's undisputed international language, traveling to us and through us...”
- Freddie Ravel, keynote speaker, musician, and pianist


ROBERT RICH is a composer and musician from Mountain View, California. "Inner Landscapes [Live]" (1987), "Numena" (1987), "Rainforest" (1989), "Gaudi" (1991), "Geometry" (1991), "Propagation" (1994), "A Troubled Resting Place" (1996), "Below Zero" (1998), "Seven Veils" (1998), "Humidity [3CD Live]" (2000), "Somnium [DVD]" (2001), "Bestiary" (2001), "Temple Of The Invisible" (2003), "Calling Down The Sky" (2003), "Open Window" (2004), "Echo Of Small Things" (2005), "Electric Ladder" (2006), "Music From Atlas Dei" (2007), and "Illumination" (2007). Robert Rich's discography spans over twenty years, and his music serves as a important influence on today's ambient, electronica, and intelligent dance music. Robert Rich also maintains, an online archive and directory for recipes and restaurants. Website: and
Interview: April 17th 2009 Mountain View, California, United States
Photo: Dixie Chan /

“Music can directly evoke ecstatic experience, hypnotic trance, and dissolution of ego.”
- Robert Rich, composer and musician


DR. CHRIS ROBINSON is a music therapist, pianist, Founder and President of the Foundation for Music and Healing, Inc. based in South Bend, Indiana. Music and Healing, Inc. is a non-profit charitable corporation that seeks to serve an instructional music program to exceptional people with special needs. Dr. Robinson is a member of the American Music Therapy Association, National Association of Music Teachers, the Indiana Association of Music Teachers, and the South Bend Area Association of Music Teachers. He delights in helping people enjoy music and the arts to the fullest. Website:
Interview: April 23rd 2008 South Bend, Indiana, United States
Photo: Dr. Chris Robinson / Foundation for Music and Healing, Inc.

“The magic of music enables us to sing with our fingers and voices, to engage in the dance of life with new movements, to express ourselves creatively, and to participate in the world in a fresh, new way.”
- Dr. Chris Robinson, Founder and President of the
Foundation for Music and Healing, Inc.


MARILYN ROSE is an inspirational speaker, singer-songwriter, and storyteller from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Her debut album "Spirit Whispers" (2004) was independently released and is available from Marilyn Rose's music combines a variety of musical styles from traditional and uptempo country to traditional and contemporary spiritual music. She has performed at aboriginal gatherings, concerts, festivals, and spiritual centres throughout Canada. Marilyn hopes to inspire others to explore their roots and discover their gifts and talents. She believes we are all blessed with special gifts and that it is our purpose in life to discover those gifts, and to share them with others. Marilyn is committed to doing her part, by sharing her music with as many people as she possibly can. Website:
Interview: June 28th 2009 Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Photo: Marilyn Rose /

“Music is the language of angels and one of God's ways to communicate with us and us with each other.”
- Marilyn Rose, singer-songwriter


HAROLD ROSENBAUM is the Music Director of the Society For Universal Sacred Music based in Mount Kisco, New York. The New York Virtuoso Singers' "To Orpheus" (1994), Leo Kraft's "Spring In The Harbor" (1999), and Eleanor Cory's "Of Mere Being" (2001) were all available from Composers Recordings, Allen Brings' "Music For Voices" (2004) is available from Capstone Records, Thea Musgrave's "Choral Works" (2004), and "George Perle: A Retrospective [2CD]" (2006) are both available from Bridge Records, Inc. Harold Rosenbaum is also the Artistic Director for The Canticum Novum Singers and The New York Virtuoso Singers, Consultant to the Hal Leonard Corp. and G. Schirmer, Inc., Associate Professor at the University at Buffalo, Guest Conductor for Westchester Chorale, on the faculty for the Northern Lights Festival and Kingsway International, and Music Director at St. Luke's Episcopal Church in Katonah, New York. Websites:,, and
Interview arranged by: Susannah Ruditsky, Program Coordinator, Society For Universal Sacred Music
Interview: January 21st 2009 South Salem, New York, United States
Photo: Harold Rosenbaum / Society For Universal Sacred Music

“Music becomes a spiritual force, a healer, a motivator, and a chariot in which one soars to higher places.”
- Harold Rosenbaum, Music Director, Society For Universal Sacred Music


MARINA ROSENFELD is a composer and turntablist from New York City. “A Water’s Wake” (2003), with Tim Barnes and Toshio Kajiwara, is available from Quakebasket Records, and “Mono – New York Soundtracks” (2004) is available from Human Highway Records. Marina Rosenfeld’s music is also referenced in Thomas Holmes’ book “Electronic And Experimental Music: Pioneers In Technology And Composition” (2002) available from Routledge, and in Andy Hamilton’s book “Aesthetics And Music” (2007) available from Continuum International Publishing Group. An imaginary interview between John Cage and Marina Rosenfeld called “Glitch” appears in John Zorn’s “Arcana II: Musicians On Music” (2007) available from Hips Road. Website:
Interview: April 3rd 2008 New York, New York, United States
Photo: Stefano Giovannini /

“We can be ecstatic in our response to music, and we can be reminded of that capacity simply by putting the metaphorical needle on the record.”
- Marina Rosenfeld, composer and turntablist


DAPHNA SADEH is a composer and double-bass player currently living in London, England. "Out Of Border [Live]" (2002) was independently released and is available from, Daphna Sadeh & The Voyagers' "Walking The Thin Line" (2007) is available from 33 Records, and "Reconciliation" (2009) is available from Tzadik Records. Daphna has also performed at many international music festivals showcasing her distinctive boundary-breaking sound of Mediterranean Sephardic music with Eastern European Ashkenazi. Website:
Interview: January 5th 2009 London, England, United Kingdom
Photo: Claire Borley /

“Music exists in the universe and we are the people that bring it into shape.”
- Daphna Sadeh, composer and double-bass player


BRUNO SANFILIPPO is an arranger, composer, performer, and producer from Barcelona, Spain. "Sons Of The Light" (1991), "The New Kingdom" (1995), "Solemnis" (1998), and "Suite Patagonia" (2000) are all available from ad21music, "Visualia" (2003) is available from Neuronium Records, "Indalo" (2004), and "Ad Libitum" (2004) are both available from ad21music, "Anthology 91-04" (2005) is available from Neuronium Records, "InTRO" (2006), "Piano Textures" (2007), "Ambessence Piano & Drones" (2008), and "Auralspace" (2009) are all available from ad21music. Bruno Sanfilippo has contributed to several compilations, and collaborated on music projects with Max Corbacho, Mathias Grassow, Byron Metcalf, and Stefano Musso. Bruno's music has also been broadcast on radio shows such as Hearts of Space, Star's End, Echoes, Soma, Ultima Thule Ambient Music, and StillStream. Website:
Interview: April 20th 2009 Barcelona, Spain
Photo: Bruno Sanfilippo / ad21music

“I believe that music can lead the soul into a state of sacred intimacy... Music has physical, mental, and spiritual reach.”
- Bruno Sanfilippo, composer, performer, and producer


THE SCALLIONS are an avant-power-pop band from Windsor Locks, Connecticut, United States. “Mud Pie” (2000) is available from Wally Records, and “Agony Through Ceremony” (2006) is available from Slam Jamz Records. MySpace:
Interview (Shawn Franklin): September 17th 2006 Windsor Locks, Connecticut, United States
Photo: Pat Bukowski / The Scallions

“Speaking personally, there are songs that can almost reduce me to tears. It’s almost like for some, music is their religion.”
- Shawn Franklin, guitarist in The Scallions


JON SCHMIDT is a composer and pianist from Salt Lake City, Utah. "August End" (1991), "Walk In The Woods" (1993), and "Day In The Sunset" (1994) are all available from Aubergine Records, "Jon Schmidt Christmas" (1997) is available from Shadow Mountain, "To The Summit" (2000), "Winter Serenade" (2004), and "Hymns Without Words" (2006) are all available from JSP Productions. He has also released seven piano books containing transcriptions of original arrangements. Jon Schmidt is a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (Mormon), and describes his style of music as "New Age Classical", influenced by Beethoven, Chopin, Mozart, Mannheim Steamroller, and Billy Joel. Website:
Interview: February 24th 2009 Salt Lake City, Utah, United States
Photo: Jon Schmidt / JSP Productions

“Music can remind and teach us much about the character traits of God. Music can be a very effective vehicle to spread His influence throughout the world.”
- Jon Schmidt, composer and pianist


JONN SERRIE is a composer and keyboardist living in Lawrenceville, Georgia. "And The Stars Go With You" (1987), "Flightpath" (1989), "Tingri" (1990), "Planetary Chronicles: Volume 1" (1992), "Midsummer Century" (1993) "Planetary Chronicles: Volume 2" (1994), "Ixlandia" (1995), "Upon A Midnight Clear" (1997), "Spirit Keepers" (1998), "Dream Journeys" (1998), "Century Seasons" (2000), "Hidden World" (2000), "Yuletides" (2001), "Lumia Nights" (2002), "The Stargazer's Journey" (2003), "Merrily On High" (2004) "Epiphany" (2005), "Sunday Morning" (2006), "Star Chronicles I: Journeys In Imagination [DVD]" (2007), and "Star Chronicles II - Lumia Night: Out Of The Blue [DVD]" (2007) are all available from New World Music. Jonn Serrie has created music for Hollywood film scores, IMAX, Lucasfilm, NASA, Queen Mary 2, World's Fair, and also works as a search and rescue pilot for the U.S. Air Force auxiliary. Website:
Interview: February 17th 2009 Lawrenceville, Georgia, United States
Photo: Jonn Serrie

“[Music] reaches into the deepest part of us and can transform our consciousness from suffering to the highest states of spiritual knowledge and love.”
- Jonn Serrie, composer and keyboardist


VIDYA SHAH is a composer, musician, and writer from New Delhi, India. "Hum Sab: Celebrating Cultures Of Resistance" (2008) is available from Underscore Records, and her international collaborations feature on Karsh Kale's "Realize" (2001), and MIDIval PunditZ's "MIDIval PunditZ (Self-Titled)" (2002) both available from Six Degrees Records. Vidya Shah was initially trained in Carnatic music, and later received guidance in Hindustani classical music from Shubha Mudgal and Thumri Dadra, and Ghazal from Shanti Hiranand. She has performed at national and international forums, including the Asia Society in New York and the Women's Initiative for Peace in South Asia. Vidya Shah is currently writing on North Indian art music for a forthcoming anthology of Indian traditions. Website:
Interview: July 15th 2008 New Delhi, India
Photo: Parthiv Shah /

“Music is in the metaphysical space, in an aura that has the strength and potential to transport one into another sphere of existence – one that is definitely spiritual!”
- Vidya Shah, composer, musician, and writer


RAVI SHANKAR is a legendary virtuoso sitarist, composer, teacher, and writer. He is India’s most esteemed musical ambassador and a singular phenomenon whose artistry crosses all cultural and musical boundaries. Ravi Shankar’s extensive discography of more than sixty albums includes “In Celebration” (1996) available from Angel Records; a lavishly documented four-CD retrospective of his greatest recordings issued in honor of his 75th birthday. He is the author of three books, “Rag Anurag [In Bengali]” (1979), “Raga Mala: The Autobiography Of Ravi Shankar” (2001), and “My Music, My Life” (2007) available from Mandala Publishing. Website:
Interview: February 12th 2008 Encinitas, California, United States
Interview arranged by Jennifer Braxmeyer and Sukanya Shankar
Photo: Vincent Limongelli /

“Music transcends all languages and barriers and is the most beautiful communicative skill one can have.”
- Ravi Shankar, composer and sitarist

SHANTI SHANTI are a Sanskrit-rock band from Sparks, Nevada. “Shanti Shanti (Self-Titled)” (1997), “Walkin’ With The Devas” (2000), “Three” (2002), “Dreaming In Real Time” (2003), “Boys From The City Of Angels [EP]” (2004), and “East Meets South” (2006) are all available from Blue Halo Productions. Linda Forman’s band biography “Dreaming In Real Time: The Shanti Shanti Story” (2003) is available from North Atlantic Books. Website:
Interview (Andrea Forman): January 31st 2008 Sparks, Nevada, United States
Photo: Shanti Shanti /

“Most religious and spiritual practices use music in their services. It inspires us and helps us connect with the field of consciousness, with spirit, and with God.”
- Andrea Forman, vocalist and violinist in Shanti Shanti


SHIRIM are a classical-Klezmer group from Boston, Massachusetts. Shirim Klezmer Orchestra's "Of Angels And Horseradish" (1990), and "Naftule's Dream" (1993) were both available from Northeastern Records, "Klezmer Nutcracker" (1998) was available from Newport Classic, "The Golden Dreydle " (2001) is available from Rykodisc, "Mayse/Tales" (2003) is available from Naftule's Dream Recordings, and "Pincus And The Pig: A Klezmer Tale" (2004) is available from Tzadik Records. Shirim Klezmer Orchestra perform klezmerized arrangements of classical compositions. Eric Rosenthal has collaborated with many jazz and blues musicians including Anthony Braxton, David Maxwell, Bhob Rainey, Roswell Rudd, John Voigt, and Jack Wright among others. He is also a band member in the Charlie Kolhase Quintet, the Dave Bryant Quartet, and avant-klezmer groups Naftule's Dream and Paul Brody's Sadawi. Website:
Interview: April 22nd 2009 Boston, Massachusetts, United States
Photo: Eric Rosenthal /

“Simply put, "You play what you live"... I like music because, as an observer, you can tell a lot about a person just by watching him or her play their instrument.”
- Eric Rosenthal, drummer in Shirim


JEFFREY SILVERMAN is a composer, music producer, and orchestrator from Los Angeles, California. He has three platinum-selling records as music orchestrator with contemporary-classical composer Yanni. Jeffrey Silverman has presented four musicals on the New York stage, including Andrew Lloyd Webber’s “Song And Dance”, and the original Broadway production of Les Misérables. He has also composed music for many movies and television projects featured on several cable and network channels, including A&E, Biography, Bravo, Fox, MTV, and The History Channel. Jeffery Silverman has produced over twenty-five CD releases, and composed music for commercials commissioned by Mercedes, Nike, and Perrier. Website:
Interview: October 25th 2006 Los Angeles, California, United States
Photo: Jeffrey Silverman /

“[Music] reminds a person that there is a world beyond that of their senses, a world from which the soul has its Divine origin.”
- Jeffrey Silverman, composer and music producer


BOB SINCLAR is a House music DJ, record producer, and remixer from Paris, France. "Paradise" (1998), "Champs Elysées" (2000), "III" (2003), "Enjoy" (2004), "In The House" (2005), "Western Dream" (2006), "Soundz Of Freedom" (2007), "Bob Sinclar: Live At The Playboy Mansion" (2007), "Dancefloor FG Winter 2008)" (2008), "DJ Bob Sinclar 08" (2008), and "Born In 69" (2009) are all available from Yellow Productions. Many of his dancefloor hits have received phenomenal success worldwide, including "I Feel For You", "Love Generation", "World, Hold On (Children Of The Sky)", "Rock This Party (Everybody Dance Now)", "Sound Of Freedom", "W.W.W. (What A Wonderful World)", and "Lala Song". Bob Sinclar is also a Grammy Award-nominated record producer, owner of the music label Yellow Productions, and formed music groups Africanism, Reminiscence Quartet, and The Mighty Bop. Websites:,, and
Interview: July 18th 2009 Paris, France
Interview arranged by Marie Lerycke, Manager,
Photo: Bob Sinclar /

“Music is definitely spiritual. Music plays a moral and spiritual role in our life, it ennobles our lives and feelings, it can even embellish our existence.”
- Bob Sinclar, DJ and producer

SONS OF MAXWELL are an acoustic-folk and celtic-pop duo from Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. "Sons Of Maxwell (Self-Titled)" (1993), "Bold Frontier" (1994), "Live At Tim's House" (1998), "The Neighbourhood" (1998), "Sailor's Story" (2000), "Among The Living" (2001), "Instant Christmas" (2001), and "Sunday Morning" (2004) were all independently released and are available from The band is a collaborative duo between brothers Dave Carroll and Don Carroll, having toured extensively both in Canada and internationally, and have been nominated for five East Coast Music Awards. In 2002, the band won the ECMA Roots Traditional Group of the Year with "Among The Living", and in 2006 the duo won the ECMA Vibe Marketing Country Recording of the Year with "Sunday Morning". Dave Carroll is a guitarist, musician, performer, and singer-songwriter whose debut solo recording "Perfect Blue" (2008) was independently released and is available from Dave Carroll Music. Dave Carroll and Sons Of Maxwell became an international media sensation and YouTube phenomenon with their country comedy hit music video "United Breaks Guitars", explaining how United Airlines personnel poorly handled and damaged their luggage and then refused to take responsibility during the band's touring schedule. Websites: and
Interview: July 19th 2009 Waverley, Nova Scotia, Canada
Photo: Dave Carroll /

“I believe that playing or listening to high vibrational music puts you in line with Spirit and all the power that it holds.”
- Dave Carroll, singer-songwriter in Sons Of Maxwell


SORA is a composer, pianist, singer-songwriter, violinist, and mezzo-soprano vocalist from Calgary, Canada. Her albums "Winds Of Change" (2003), "Light [EP]" (2008), and "Heartwood" (2009) are all available from Corvid Media. Sora's music embraces an affinity for ancient myths and mystic memories creating a richly sonic world that combines Celtic music with Neo-Classical sensibilities. Sora's greatest musical influences are Loreena McKennitt, Enya, Sarah Brightman, Tori Amos, Sarah McLachlan, and the Indigo Girls. MySpace:, and Website:
Interview: March 12th 2010 Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Photo: Sora /

“Music as spirituality is the search for essence, for truth, and for meaning. It is the journey of interconnection and of finding our place within the vast universe.”
- Sora, singer-songwriter


SOUNDS OF BLACKNESS are a Grammy Award-winning vocal and instrumental ensemble from Minneapolis, Minnesota. "The Evolution Of Gospel" (1991), "The Night Before Christmas: A Musical Fantasy" (1992), and "Africa To America: The Journey Of The Drum" (1994) are all available from Perspective Records, "Journey Of The Drum: Remix Collection" (1995) is available from Polygram Records, "Time For Healing" (1997) is available from Perspective Records, "Reconciliation" (1999) is available from Zinc Records, "Very Best Of Sounds Of Blackness" (2001) is available from A&M Records, "Soul Symphony" (2002) is available from Sounds Of Blackness Records, "The Night Before Christmas, Vol. 2" (2004) is available from Atomic K Records, "Unity" (2005) is available from Lightyear Records, "Kings And Queens: Message Music From The Movement" (2007) is available from Atomic K Records, and "The 3rd Gift: Story, Song & Spirit" (2009) will be available from Sounds Of Blackness Records. Gary Hines is Music Director and Producer for Sounds Of Blackness having arranged, composed, recorded, and performed music for the group. Gary has also conducted countless music workshops, seminars, lecture demonstrations, and master classes across the United States and internationally about the history, impact, and evolution of African-American music and culture. Website:
Interview: April 22nd 2009 Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States
Photo: Gary Hines /

“Music exists throughout the entire Universe and in all Creation... music is clearly a Spiritual entity.”
- Gary Hines, music director and producer for Sounds Of Blackness


ROBIN SPIELBERG is a composer and pianist from New Freedom, Pennsylvania. She has released fifteen CDs, sold recordings in the hundreds of thousands, and been a member of the prestigious Steinway Artist Roster since 1996. Her albums include several recordings for original solo piano; “Heal Of The Hand” (1994), “Songs Of The Spirit” (1996), “Memories Of Utopia” (2004), and her latest endeavor, “A New Kind Of Love” (2008), several releases for the holidays, recordings of standards and showtunes, a lullaby CD, and a few recordings for piano and ensemble, all available from and her website. Robin Spielberg’s upcoming memoir is entitled “Cowboys Of The Sky And Other Stories About Playing The Piano”, planned for publication in 2009. Website:
Interview: January 18th 2008 New Freedom, Pennsylvania, United States
Photo: Larry Kosson / Spobs Management Group, LLC

“I am the piano and the piano is me... The act of playing the piano is my own special spiritual practice.”
- Robin Spielberg, composer and pianist


STATE OF MAN are an alternative-rock band from Atlanta, Georgia, United States. “Lose Your Mind” (2002), and “More Than Coincidence [EP]” (2004) were both independently released, and “Both Sides Of The Story” (2006) is available from PolyPlat Records. Website:
Interview (John Stringer): October 24th 2007 Atlanta, Georgia, United States
Photo: Brian Partain /

“Music is a form of spiritual expression to empower, encourage, enlighten, and entertain; a means to create spiritual enjoyment for everyone.”
- John Stringer, vocalist and acoustic guitarist
in State Of Man


MICHAEL STEARNS is a composer, sound designer, and soundtrack producer based in Santa Fe, New Mexico. "Desert Moon Walk" (1977), "Ancient Leaves" (1978), "Sustaining Cylinders" (1978), "Morning Jewel" (1979), "Planetary Unfolding" (1981), "Light Play" (1983), and "Lyra Sound Constellation" (1983) were all available from Continuum Montage, "M'ocean ["Light Play" Re-Released]" (1984), "Chronos" (1984), "Plunge" (1986), and "Floating Whispers" (1987) were all available from Sonic Atmospheres, "Encounter" (1988), "Sacred Site" (1993), and "The Lost World" (1995) were all available from Hearts Of Space, "The Light In The Trees" (1996) was available from Amplexus, "Collected Ambient And Textural Works 1977-1987" (1996), and "Collected Thematic Works 1977-1987" (1996) were both available from Hearts Of Space, "Within: The Nine Dimensions" (1998), "Spirits Of The Voyage" (2000), and "The Middle Of Time" (2000) are all available from Earth Turtle, and "The Storm" (2001) is available from Spotted Peccary. Michael Stearns is a pioneering composer of ambient music, and soundtrack producer for Ron Fricke's IMAX film presentations "Chronos" (1985), Sacred Site (1986), and "Baraka" (1992), many large format films, theatrical films, documentaries, commercials, and themed attractions. Website:
Interview: February 26th 2009 Santa Fe, New Mexico, United States
Photo: Michael Stearns /

“Music can open doorways into what it means to be human beyond the limited definitions that have been repeated, perpetuated, and handed down through the generations.”
- Michael Stearns, composer, sound designer, and soundtrack producer

DYLAN STOREY is a singer-songwriter from Auckland, New Zealand. The Dylan Storey Band's "Up In The Rough" (2005), and "Bones" (2006) were both independently released, and "Out Of The Soup" (2009) is available from Border Music. Dylan's music is a cross-pollination of psychedelic-blues and country-rock. Dylan has recently played support for The Mountain Goats and his fluctuating live band line-up, called The Maxwell Division, often features the musical talents of Bond Street Bridge and Reb Fountain. Website:
Interview: May 10th 2010 Auckland, New Zealand
Photo: Dylan Storey /

“Music could facilitate access to a more primal state of being, with rhythmic and melodic patterns inducing certain emotional states.”
- Dylan Storey, singer-songwriter


GARY STROUTSOS is a composer, world flute master, and cultural storyteller from Seattle, Washington. "Distant Shores" (1996), "Winds Of Honor" (1996), and "The Native Heart" (1997) are all available from Makoche Records, "Hidden World" (2000), with Jonn Serrie, is available from Narada Records, "Pacific Moon" (2001) is available from Four Winds, "Oru: The Natural Order" (2002) is available from Paras Recording, "Spirit Of Place: Napa Valley" (2003) is available from Earthwalk Music, "Quiet Fire: Zen Moods For The Spa Experience" (2004), with Will Clipman and William Eaton, is available from White Swan Records, "Spirit Romance" (2005), with David Lanz, is available from Narada Records, "Sacred Clay" (2006), with Will Clipman, is available from Ko Ko Arts, and "Living Temples" (2008), with David Lanz, is available from Moon Boy Music. Website:
Interview: November 11th 2008 Seattle, Washington, United States
Photo: Gary Stroutsos /

“We need more artists to step back and have a better understanding of what the spirit of music really means and how to share it with the world.”
- Gary Stroutsos, composer, flutist, and cultural storyteller

SURROGATE are a minimalist indie-pop band from Chico, California. Their debut album “Love Is For The Rich” (2007) is available from Tooth & Nail Records. MySpace:
Interview (Christopher Keene): June 22nd 2008 Chico, California, United States
Photo: Angele Dayer /

“The closest thing to a connection between
music and spirituality is found in emotion.”

- Christopher Keene, guitarist and vocalist in Surrogate


TANTRIC are a hard-rock post-grunge band from Louisville, Kentucky. "Tantric (Self-Titled)" (2001), and "After We Go" (2004) are both available from Maverick Records, "The End Begins" (2008), and "Mind Control" (2009) are both available from Silent Majority Group. MySpace:
Interview: April 7th 2009 Louisville, Kentucky, United States
Photo: Tantric / Silent Majority Group

“Music in my opinion has a direct connection to our spiritual life. It has been used by all cultures in some way to connect to God.”
- Hugo Ferreira, vocalist in Tantric


KRIS THAYER is the Founder of based in Cazadero, California. is "an online music services company that specializes in helping music buyers find music for specific uses. Every song, CD, and artist is categorized by Audience, Energy Level, Language, Mood, Theme, Tempo, Possible Use, Instrument, Vocal Feature, Ensemble Type, and Special Categories". Kris Thayer has been instrumental in the creative direction and implementation of the music discovery system that is unique to She also has over twenty years experience in education, information technology, multimedia, and music. Website:
Interview: April 17th 2008 Cazadero, California, United States
Photo: Kris Thayer / Global Peddler

“All music is inherently spiritual in nature as it encourages the listener to expand awareness and reach beyond the self in the moment.”
- Kris Thayer, Founder of


JENNIFER THOMAS is a composer, pianist, and violinist from Seattle, Washington. "Key Of Sea" (2006) was independently released and is available from Tickled Ivory Music, "Best Of The Swan Lake: Moving Image & Music Award" (2007), and "Music In Motion: Best Of The Swan Lake: Moving Image & Music Award" (2008) are both available from, Carolyn Southworth & Jennifer Thomas' "The Lullaby Album" (2009), and "Portraits" (2010) will be available from Tickled Ivory Music. Jennifer Thomas' music has been featured in several independent films, and her live tours have included performing with award-winning artist Jace Vek, and composer and pianist Michele McLaughlin. Website:
Interview: April 6th 2009 Seattle, Washington, United States
Photo: Jen Nance /

“Music touches our soul, it penetrates deep under our exteriors and speaks a language that our spirits recognize.”
- Jennifer Thomas, composer, pianist, and violinist


DR. BILLIE THOMPSON is President of the Sound Listening Corporation and an international leader in the field of listening training, based in Phoenix, Arizona. Between 1986 and 2003, she founded and directed five Sound Listening and Learning Centers, and produced Outreach programs in thirty cities to provide Listening Programs to over six thousand families. Together with Don Campbell, Dr. Billie Thompson co-facilitated Power of Sound workshops for six years, and she is certified in EnListen®, Rubenfeld Synergy Method®, NLP, and Structure of Intellect. Dr. Thompson also trained with Dr. Tomatis, and now provides EnListen® programs and professional training to further expand the field of sound stimulation. Website:
Interview: April 14th 2008 Phoenix, Arizona, United States
Photo: Dr. Billie Thompson / Sound Listening Corporation

“The spiritual significance of music is as profound and individual as each person who listens. Music connects us with a universal language to ourselves and each other.”
- Dr. Billie Thompson, President of the Sound Listening Corporation


DANNY THOMPSON was double-bassist in the folk-rock band Pentangle from London, England. “The Pentangle [LP]” (1968), “Sweet Child [2LP]” (1968), “Basket Of Light [LP]” (1969), “Cruel Sister [LP]” (1970), and “Reflection [LP]” (1971) were all available from Transatlantic Records, and “Solomon’s Seal [LP]” (1972) was available from Reprise Records. Danny Thompson’s solo album “Whatever” (1987) is available from Hannibal Records, “Whatever Next” (1989), “Elemental” (1990), and “Whatever’s Best” (1995) are all available from Antilles Records. He has played double-bass with Alexis Korner’s Blues Incorporated, Donovan, Kate Bush, Ronnie Scott, and Roy Orbison, among many others. Danny Thompson received a Lifetime Achievement Award at the BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards 2007. Website:
Interview: December 17th 2007 London, England, United Kingdom
Photo: Peter Sanders /

“Our emotions are ignited with the fire of music…
every emotion stirred by rhythm and melody.”

- Danny Thompson, double-bassist


KATHRYN TOYAMA is a composer and pianist from Los Angeles, California. Her debut album "Hope For Harmony" (2007) was independently released and is available from Hope For Harmony Music. Proceeds from her album sales are donated to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence. "Hope For Harmony" debuted at No. 5 on the NAR World Radio Chart in May 2007, and many of her compositions have been selected for regular rotation on internet radio stations including XM Satellite Radio. Website:
Interview: March 27th 2009 Los Angeles, California, United States
Photo: Amy Shiotani /

“Music is a wondrous art form whose invisible sound waves mystically travel through the air, carrying the intent and emotion of the artist.”
- Kathryn Toyama, composer and pianist

TUB RING are a space-punk-rock band from Chicago, Illinois, United States. “Stupid Pet Tricks” (1992), “Music For The Bathroom” (1993), “…And The Mashed Potato Mountain Etiquette” (1995), “Super Sci-Fi Samurai Rockstar Ultra Turbo II (Ver. 3.6)” (1997) were all independently released, “Drake Equation” (2001) is available from Invisible Records, “Book Of Water” (2001) is available from Bad News Records, “Fermi Paradox” (2002) is available from Invisible Records, “Zoo Hypothesis” (2004) is available from Underground Inc. Records, and “The Great Filter” (2007) is available from The End Records. Website:
Interview (Kevin Gibson): April 3rd 2007 Chicago, Illinois, United States
Interview (Rob Kleiner): March 23rd 2007 Chicago, Illinois, United States
Photo: Jason Madden / Paranoid Nervosa Photography

“Every piece of art created captures
the essence and spirituality of the artist.”

- Kevin Gibson, vocalist in Tub Ring


TURNTABLIST DISK is a world-renowned DJ and music producer from San Francisco, California. He is involved with over seventy recordings, including collaborations with Bill Laswell, Buckethead, Buena Vista Social Club, Herbie Hancock, Karsh Kale, Les Claypool, and Mike Patton among many others. Turntablist Disk appears on Cobra Strike’s “The 13th Scroll” (1999) available from Ion Records, Material’s “Intonarumori” (1999) available from Palm Pictures, DJ Quest’s “Questside (Untold Tales)” (2001) available from Hip Hop Slam Records, Tabla Beat Science’s “Talamanam Sound Clash [2DVD]” (2003) available from Palm Pictures, and Peeping Tom’s “Peeping Tom (Self-Titled)” (2006) available from Ipecac Recordings. MySpace:
Interview: January 30th 2008 San Francisco, California, United States
Photo: Claude Shade

“Music is pure, beautiful, and healthy for the soul.”
- Turntablist Disk, DJ and music producer


VALARIEN is a visionary composer, guitarist, multi-instrumentalist, performer and producer based in Pacific Palisades, California. "In Paradise" (2002), "Live At Joshua Tree [2CD]" (2008), "WaveSpell" (2009), and "The Voyage Of Earendil" (2009) are all available from Valarien Productions. Valarien specializes in high vibrational music that transcends boundaries, inspires the universal, and evokes the spiritual. VALARIEN’s music is available in meditation, yoga, spa and healing centers throughout the world and has contributed to the seminars and retreats of leading luminaries including internationally acclaimed Wealth and Success Strategist Christopher Howard, Shaktipat Meditation Master Steven Sadlier, and Poet Laureate of the Heart DreamingBear Baraka Kanaan. He is also a founding member of the California based progressive rock and metal power-trio Valarien, Elohymn, and T-Bone; an ecstatic dance DJ; and a music industry expert having worked with multi-million dollar music companies and Grammy nominated artists. Website:
Interview: March 31st 2009 Pacific Palisades, California, United States
Photo: Valarien /

“Music, like a tuning fork, vibrationally tunes us in, harmonizing our inner truth with outer experience.”
- Valarien, composer, guitarist, and producer

PEGGY VAN ZALM is a singer-songwriter from Elands, Australia. Her albums include Martha's Vineyard's "Martha's Vineyard (Self-Titled)" (1988), "I Had A Green Heart But Could Not See ..." (1989), "Soul Magic" (1994), "Revival" (1998), "Different World" (2001), and "Light Diamond" (2006) are all available from Red Dirt Records. Peggy van Zalm plays folk-pop songs that take listeners on a spiritual voyage to discover new world music that is entrancing and enlivening. Website:
Interview: March 8th 2010 Elands, Australia
Photo: Peggy van Zalm /

“Music can heighten celebration, energise and enhance social and humanitarian events, sanctify ritual, uplift and deepen friendships.”
- Peggy van Zalm, singer-songwriter


VANGELIS is a world-renowned composer from Volos, Greece. Performer of contemporary classical, electronic, new age, and soundtrack music. “Chariots Of Fire” (1981) is available from Polydor Records, “Blade Runner” (1982) is available from EMI Records, and “1492: Conquest Of Paradise” (1992) is available from Atlantic Records. Website:
Interview: November 28th 2007 Los Angeles, California, United States
Interview arranged by Cherry Vanilla, Europa Entertainment Inc.
Photo: Stathis Zalidis /

“Music is communicated directly to the soul.
Therefore, it affects the soul.”

- Vangelis, world-renowned composer


CHERRY VANILLA is an actress, author, poet, and singer-songwriter from New York City. “Bad Girl” (1978), and “Venus d’Vinyl” (1979) recorded for RCA UK Records, and are now packaged together as one complete CD and available at Cherry Vanilla worked as David Bowie’s publicist, performed the title role in Andy Warhol’s stage play “Pork”, and had members of The Police in her backing band on her 1977 European and U.K. tour, and at the legendary Roxy in London. Cherry Vanilla now runs the U.S. business office for Vangelis, Europa Entertainment Inc. in Los Angeles, California. Website:
Interview: December 18th 2007 Los Angeles, California, United States
Photo: Arlene Pachasa /

“All of man’s attempts to create beauty with music are simply reflections, homages, acknowledgements and adorations of the higher power that expresses itself so eloquently and so effortlessly in these sounds of the universe.”
- Cherry Vanilla, actress, author, poet, and singer-songwriter


MATT VENUTI is a composer, multi-instrumentalist, and sound-innovator from San Francisco, California. His albums "Hangisphere", "Dance Of The Helix", and The Venusians “Hot Planet” are all available on CD Baby and through his website. Matt's music displays diverse energy and stylistic innovation, and has lately been exploring the extraordinary world of the PanArt Hang, the world's latest and greatest acoustic instrument for the 21st Century. Website:
Interview: January 24th 2010 San Francisco, California, United States
Photo: Matt Venuti / Media Owls

“Music can be expressed in infinite ways to offer inspiration, comfort, and introspection to accepting ears, hearts, and minds.”
- Matt Venuti, composer and multi-instrumentalist


VERPLANKEN is an avant-ambient experimental-electronica composer from Courbevoie, France. “Autopsy Of A Dream” (2005), and “The Missing Tracks” (2005) are both available from Marie-Line T Discovery. Website:
Interview: October 23rd 2006 Courbevoie, France
Interview arranged by Marylin Trouille, Marie-Line T Discovery
Photo: Tom Kronheim /

“[For example], Carlos Santana & Alice Coltrane – “Bliss: The Eternal Now” (Illuminations)”
- Verplanken, musician and vocalist


DAVID S. WARE is a jazz composer and saxophonist from Plainfield, New Jersey. David S. Ware Quartet’s album “Cryptology” (1994) is available from Homestead Records, “Wisdom Of Uncertainty” (1997), and “Corridors & Parallels” (2001) are both available from Aum Fidelity, “Go See The World” (1998), and “Surrendered” (2000) are both available from Sony Music, “Renunciation” (2007) is available from Aum Fidelity, and the David S. Ware String Ensemble’s “Threads” (2003) is available from Thirsty Ear Recordings. He has also recorded albums with Andrew Cyrille and Cecil Taylor, and the David S. Ware Quartet has featured guitarist Joe Morris, pianist Matthew Shipp, double bassist William Parker, and drummers Guillermo E. Brown, Marc Edwards, Susie Ibarra, Warren Smith, and Whit Dickey. Website:
Interview: January 26th 2008 Scotch Plains, New Jersey, United States
Interview arranged by Anne Dumas, Musique en Jeu
Photo: David Katzenstein /

“Music has its own realm, and its own reality.”
- David S. Ware, composer and saxophonist


TIM WHEATER is a composer, flautist, performer, public speaker, and vocalist from Midhurst, England. "Heart Land" (1995) is available from Almo Sounds, "A Calmer Panorama" (1996), "Eclipse" (1996), "Green Dream: Before The Rains" (1996), "Timeless" (1996), and "Whalesong" (1996) are all available from Audio Alternatives, "Fish Nite Moon" (1996) is available from MG Records, Michael Hoppe and Tim Wheater's "The Yearning: Romances For Alto Flute" (1996) is available from Teldec Records, Julia Cameron and Tim Wheater's "This Earth" (1997) is available from Sounds True Direct, "Incantation" (1999) is available from Real Music, Michael Hoppe, Martin Tillman, and Tim Wheater's "Afterglow" (1999) is available from Hearts Of Space Records, Michael Hoppe and Tim Wheater's "Wing Songs [Live]" (2001) is available from Spring Hill Records, "Into The Healing" (2004) is available from Gemini Sun Records, "Peace Of Mind 1: Calling Wisdom" (2004) is available from Real Music, "Sound Medicine Man" (2005) is available from New World Music, Tim Wheater and David Lord's "In Unity" (2007), Tim Wheater, Natalie Shaw, and David Lord's "Invisible Journeys" (2008), Tim Wheater and David Lord's "SoulStorm" (2008) are all available from Gemini Sun Records. Tim Wheater has co-presented alongside many of the world's finest authors, healers, and musicians including Deepak Chopra, Donovan, Eurythmics, The Grateful Dead, and Neale Donald Walsch. He has performed for Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip, The King and Queen of Sweden, and most recently His Holiness the Dalai Lama. Website:
Interview: April 17th 2009 Midhurst, England, United Kingdom
Photo: Tim Wheater /

“Music conveys itself through the ethers, sculpting the airwaves. It's rather like hand delivering a letter to the ears.”
- Tim Wheater, composer, flautist, and vocalist


WHITE ROSE are a Christian punk-rock band from Pukalani, Hawaii. Their debut album “War Machine” (2006) is available from Unitree Recordings and White Rose. Website:
Interview (Steve Hart): August 27th 2006 Pukalani, Hawaii, United States
Photo: Steve Hart /

“Our reactions to music, whether they make us sad or angry, testify that music touches our soul.”
- Steve Hart, guitarist and vocalist in White Rose


THE WITCHES are a Rock band from Detroit, Michigan. “Everything Changes Reality” (1996) was independently released, “Let’s Go To The No Go Zone” (1998) is available from Pushover Records, “Universal Mall” (2001), and “On Parade” (2002) are both available from Fall Of Rome Records, and “Thriller!” (2006) is available from Music For Cats Records. MySpace:
Interview (Troy Gregory): December 10th 2007 Detroit, Michigan, United States
Photo: The Witches / Music For Cats Records

“The spiritual significance of music is best answered from me if we were sitting together at the bar. I have dozens of gestures and air illustrations, plus we would get interruptions and beer.”
- Troy Gregory, bassist in The Witches


XBXRX are a punk band from Mobile, Alabama, United States. “Greatest [CD-R]” (1998) is available from ODM Records, “Love Songs For The Blind” (1999) is available from Anal Log Records, “Gop Ist Minee” (2001) is available from 5RC Records, “Sixth In Sixes” (2005), and “Wars” are both available from Polyvinyl Records, and “Sounds” (2007) is available from Important Records. XBXRX have toured extensively throughout North America, and have opened for Holy Molar, Peaches, and Sonic Youth. Weasel Walter is a drummer and relentless collaborator from Oakland, California, United States. He has worked with Erase Errata, Jim O'Rourke, Ken Vandermark, Mick Barr, William Winant, among many others. MySpace:
Interview (Weasel Walter): August 25th 2006 San Francisco, California, United States
Photo: Maria Fischinger

“I have found music to be a very useful structure in which to explore and realize many aspects of my psyche.”
- Weasel Walter, drummer in XBXRX


BRIAN YOUNG is Founder and President of Parallel Voice Productions, LLC, based in New York City. Brian and his producing partner, Jonathan Secor, direct and co-produce the interfaith and intercultural concert series, "Songs of the Spirit," celebrating the musical and spiritual connections among diverse faiths and cultures. Featured artists have included Hugh Masekela, Odetta, Patti Smith, Salman Ahmad, Meshell Ndegeocello, Gary Lucas, Sekou Sundiata, Craig Harris, Haale, The Klezmatics, Ollabelle, Tracy Grammer, DJ Spooky, Sussan Deyhim, The Tibetan monks of the Drepung Loseling Monastery, and the Shangilia Youth Choir of Nairobi, Kenya. Brian's career as a producer, artistic director, recording engineer, and sound designer (and musician/songwriter on the side) spans more than thirty years and includes projects and events with artists such as Ray Charles, Yoko Ono, Tito Puente, Vernon Reid, Bill Frisell, Joan Osborne, Richie Havens, Lucinda Williams, Kool Moe Dee, Judy Collins, Kenny Rogers, and Jerry Lee Lewis. Website:
Interview: December 21st 2007 New York, New York, United States

“[My goal] is to unite diverse audiences in a common experience through music that is inspired and informed by the shared spiritual ideals of diverse faiths and cultures.”
- Brian Young, Songs Of The Spirit Founder and President


REYNALDO YOUNG is a composer, arranger, guitarist, teacher, and workshop leader based in London, England. He has written several music pieces for concert, dance, theatre, and video with many of them performed worldwide. Reynaldo Young's main field of expertise is writing, directing, and performing contemporary and improvisatory music with mixed ensembles of professional and non-professional musicians. His music activities include performing with electro-acoustic trio "lrs", and algorithmic-junkestra "Halal Kebab Hut". Reynaldo Young is also the Founder and Director of The Cardboard Citizens New Music Ensemble, the only homeless people's professional avant-garde and experimental music group in the United Kingdom. MySpace: and Website:
Interview: May 7th 2009 London, England, United Kingdom
Photo: Reynaldo Young /

“Participants of a music-making ritual can reconnect, both individually and interpersonally, with the continuous flux of time-space.”
- Reynaldo Young, composer, arranger, guitarist, and teacher


SUE YOUNG is an artist, guitarist, singer-songwriter, and storyteller from Austin, Texas. "Canta Conmigo: Spanish Language Songs For Play And Learning" (1990), "El Gusanito - The Little Worm: Spanish Language Songs For Play And Learning [Cassette]" (1991), and "Sue Young: Live At The Outpost [Cassette]" (1992) were all available from Pájaro Libre Music, "From The Mother: Songs Of The Sacred Feminine" (1997), "River Of Life" (2003), and "The Legend Of The Quetzal: Tales And Tunes Of Latin America" (2007) are all available from Motherlotus Records. Sue Young's music is contemporary folk and folk-rock with songs to heal, inspire, and uplift. Sue has opened shows for Jimmie Dale Gilmore, Lyle Lovett, Kenny Rankin, and Jesse Winchester. She also continues to perform and sing in churches throughout Texas, and in recent years Sue's music has been inspired by the spiritual influences in her life. Website:
Interview: May 17th 2009 Austin, Texas, United States
Photo: Sue Young /

“The musician is like a minister, priest, or shaman who helps people explore other worlds and dimensions inside their selves and beyond their selves.”
- Sue Young, singer-songwriter


XAVIER QUIJAS YXAYOTL is a Native American flautist from Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico. “America Indigena – Fuertes Ancestros: Music Of Ancient Mexico” (1994) was independently released, “Codex: Music Of Ancient Mexico” (1997), and “Crossroads” (2000) are both available from Canyon Records, “Pearl Moon: Music For The Inner Spirit” (1999) is available from Drumbeat Indian Arts, “Singing Earth” (2002), and “Aztec Dances” (2003) are all available from Canyon Records, and “Mayan Ancestral Music” (2006) is available from Mystical Music Offerings. Xavier Quijas Yxayotl presents ancient cultural performances of ancestral music from the Aztec, Maya, Tarahumara, Tepehuane, Yaqui, and other indigenous music from Meso-America. Website:
Interview: April 27th 2007 Buffalo, New York, United States
Interview arranged by Candace Pittson
Photo: Candace Pittson

“With music you can feel everything... through your soul to get to the highest levels of spirituality.”
- Xavier Quijas Yxayotl, flautist


DANIEL ZAMIR is a Klezmer-Jazz saxophone player and vocalist from Petah Tikva, Israel. His band Satlah’s “Satlah (Self-Titled)” (2000), “Exodus [Live]” (2001), “Children Of Israel” (2002), and recording of Masada’s “Nevalah” appears on John Zorn’s “Masada Anniversary Edition Vol. 2: Voices In The Wilderness [2CD]” (2003) all available from Tzadik Records. Daniel Zamir’s “Amen” (2006) is available from Hatav Hashmini, and “I Believe” (2008) will be available from Tzadik Records. MySpace:
Interview: May 11th 2008 Petah Tikva, Israel
Photo: Peter Gannushkin /

“I feel that music is a channel for me to reach high spiritual places that are impossible for me to reach otherwise.”
- Daniel Zamir, saxophonist and vocalist


ZU are an avant-garde drone-jazzcore band from Rome, Italy. “Bromio” (1999) is available from Southern Records, “The Zu Side Of The Chadbourne” (2000) is available from New Tone Records, “Motorhellington” (2001) is available from Felmay Records, “Igneo” (2002) is available from Amanita Records, Frenetic Records USA, Red Note Records Holland, and “Igneo [Vinyl]” (2002) is available from Wallace Records, “Radiale” (2004) is available from Atavistic Records, “The Way Of The Animal Powers” (2005) is available from Xeng Records, “How To Raise An Ox” (2005) is available from Atavistic Records, “Rai Sanawachi Koe Wo Hassu” (2006) is available from Macaroni Records, “Identification With The Enemy: A Key To The Underworld” (2007) is available from Atavistic Records and Headz Records Japan, “Zu & Iceburn [10” Vinyl]” (2007) is available from Wallace Records and Phonometak Records, “Intermediate Spirit Receiver” (2008) is available from Homeopathic Records and Public Guilt Records. “Zu & Damo Suzuki [10” Vinyl]” (2008) is available from Wallace Records and Phonometak Records. Website:
Interview (Massimo Pupillo): December 21st 2007 Rome, Italy
Photo: Massimo Pupillo /

“Truly spiritual music probably holds together
all the contradictions of our human existence.”

- Massimo Pupillo, bassist in Zu

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