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Karie Hillery

// singer-songwriter

KARIE HILLERY is a singer-songwriter from Boulder Creek, California. Her albums “Let Down Your Walls” (1986), “Mixed-Up” (1992), “Transitions” (1995), “Bridge The Distance” (1999), “To Your Heart” (2002), “Light The Way” (2007), “Peace Instead” (2007), and “Solstice Peace” (2008) are all available from One World Records. Karie’s original “pozmic” is positive music where smooth-jazz meets spiritual pop-rock. Her songs bring a smile to the face, a tear to the eye, and soulful touch to the heart.

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As a creator of music that has been described as “healing, uplifting, and empowering”, I have come to respect and believe in the powerful medium that is music. Music “speaks” a language all its own. It’s a language of and to the heart, a spiritual connection between heart, mind, and “Spirit”. The spiritual significance of music is the ability it has to reach living things on a level beyond other forms of communication. Music has been shown to soothe and heal the spirit, not only of humans, but of animals. Personally, creating music is a spiritual experience, a connecting with something inside as well as outside of myself. I have often listened to a song I have created and wondered where on earth the music or lyrics came from. The answer is nowhere on earth, but from something deeper than my simple human form, from something greater, something beyond my human existence and experience.

I recognize that although I bring my personal gifts to my songs, they are inspired and come through me as much as from me. Music can move people, bringing up buried emotions, touching the soul. When tears or smiles come up, when one’s skin gets goose bumps or the hair on one’s arm stands up, it illustrates music’s ability to connect at a soul level, to move and to heal. For me, music is pure joy, the outward expression of Spirit within me. My path is to use this gift to help heal myself, my listeners, and to inspire us all to live a more peaceful life.

“Music ‘speaks’ a language all its own. It’s a language of and to the heart, a spiritual connection between heart, mind, and ‘Spirit’.”
– Karie Hillery, singer-songwriter

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